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Hi, we're Rob & Marissa! Rob is a fantasy sports enthusiast, enjoys weight-lifting, and dreams of having a big lawn to mow someday. Marissa enjoys planning enrichment activities for kiddos, cooking new recipes, and doing artsy projects. We're both teachers, Christ-followers, and enjoy sharing the everyday little things that make life rich together! Our hubs focus on sharing things we've learned and enjoy doing--from writing our wedding vows and playing with kids to making homemade carrot cake and living joyfully.

The Best of Thefedorows:

:: Three Yummy 100% Whole Wheat Chocolate Desserts
(Hub of the Day 4-4-15)

:: 15 Minute No Bake German Chocolate Cream Pie (Hub of the Day 7-21-14)

:: How To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo (Rising Star 6-18-14)

:: Easy Buns Recipe: Breadmaker (No-Knead) Hamburger Buns (Hub of the Day 6-6-14)

:: Grandma's Carrot Cake With Orange Cream Cheese Frosting (Rising Star 5-28-14)

:: How To Write Meaningful Wedding Vows (Rising Star 4-30-14)