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HH Harwood

In my home "nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven". My family loves to eat and I love to cook for them. It wasn't until my youngest son moved away to college and my oldest son moved back home during covid that I realized my need to modernly document our family recipes.

My youngest moved to college with a meal plan but a few weeks in and I was trying to text cooking lessons and recipes to him. He changed some recipes up to meet his needs and let's be honest survived on takeout. My oldest upon return has taken a real interest in cooking and I enjoy our time in the kitchen together, he is very adventurous and developing his own cooking style.

I personally have been cooking for over 40 years. My first cookbook as a child featured things as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich. Before I married I bought a cookbook with servings for just two people. I have a handwritten notebook of recipes passed down from different branches of our family tree. I enjoy cooking shows, blogs, and so on. I've cooked for myself alone, I've cooked for large gathering and everywhere in between. Cooking is second nature to me now, I rarely use my own written recipes, I wing it and sling it.

I am excited to have this platform to modernly document for myself, my sons and you all our favorite family recipes. I've tweak them to be as quick and easy as possible. Simple yet delicious, that's what keeps this hash-slinger happy! I hope you try and enjoy these recipes and remember don't be afraid to adjust them to suit you and your family. In cooking like in art there are no mistakes, tweak it, wing it, have fun with it, and most importantly sling it happily!!