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I am a full-time stay at home mom of four kids. I delight in writing about parenting issues and kids in general, seeing as my kids are the central focus of my life. I enjoy writing pregnancy articles, reviews for baby gear and other kid items. Aside from family or parenting hubs, I have also written hubs having to do with teaching or writing here on HubPages (most of my teaching articles can be found on LearnFromMe's page on HubPages).

I also write on my blog Mommy Knows What's Best, a family and parenting blog that features reviews and giveaways.

I have a BA in English, and a BA in Spanish, both with concentrations in Secondary Education. I have an MS in Classroom Technology.

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~Marissa, aka ThePracticalMommy on HubPages

Here is where you can find me sharing information:

· Twitter: mkwbbymarissa

· Google+: Marissa

· Pinterest: mkwbbymarissa

* Mommy Knows What's Best : My blog about parenting, kids, family, and pregnancy, along with product reviews.


For my other teaching hubs, visit: LearnFromMe on HubPages


Hubs that have been Hubs of the Day, HubNugget Winners or Contest Winners:

1. Decluttering Tips for Toys (HOTD)

2. Bringing Kids to Church (HOTD)

3. The Christmas Grab Box (HOTD)

4. Editing Techniques to Use Before Publishing Online (HubNugget)

5. Am I Ready to Have a Baby: When Should I Take a HPT? (Week 1 Winner of March 2012 Contest)

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