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The Zen Mistress

The Zen Mistress lives in the Washington, DC - Baltimore area with her husband, a million books, a few houseplants, and perpetual plans to make the time adopt a kitty. Periodically, the pair invent silly names for their future cat and imagine the mischief he would get into in their modern loft condo. This usually leads to the conclusion that while a cat would be a nice low-maintenance substitute for a child, he would still be a handful, so he definitely should have a litter-mate buddy to keep him occupied.

The Zen Mistress HubPages eventually will incorporate the myriad eclectic facets of the author, from alternative healing, gourmet and healthy eating, and gluten-free recipes and advice, to her hobbies and obsessions - vintage jewelry and toys, writing, and the art of container gardening on an apartment balcony. When the warmer months are upon us, she hopes to chronicle the progress of her crops, as well as her DIY from-scratch cooking from her own harvest and from local farms and farmers markets.