wabash annie

Let me tell you a bit about myself.  I was actually named after my maternal grandmother but have not cared for it.  Fairly recently, I thought that I might change to my paternal grandmother's name which I do like ... but the paperwork involved!  Maybe one day.

Some of you might guess that I grew up not far from the Wabash River.  We had a productive farm but no utilities until I was in high school.  In later years, I moved to Colorado where I now live.  I love the climate here and, of course, have electricity, running water, a wood-burning kitchen range, a pellet stove and gas heat when needed. 

Despite my one-room school (utilities not included there either) background, I graduated from college and became a teacher.  It was in college that I discovered a love of writing.  I have always enjoyed reading but, now, I love writing as well.  My credentials include a B.A. in Spanish and an M.A. in Special Education, as well as several graduate level creative writing classes.

 During my lifetime, I have been employed as a carhop (I was offered a taste of moonshine from the trunk of a customer's Packard), an indoor waitress, a secretary, an office manager at a dude ranch, and a teacher.  I can operate a ditto machine, a mimeograph, a switchboard, a teletype, and a computer.  I can also text, although laboriously because my texts look like business letters … appropriate spelling, grammar, and punctuation!

Now that you know something about my life, I hope you will read my Hubs.  These should contain experiences and lore from the long ago past, which very much color the present, especially mine.

I have something new to report ... I have self-published a book via Kindle.  This is my first but I am working on another which is more in the genre that I prefer.  My pen name is Anna McNeel.  Hope you check this out!