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Wasteless Project

The Wasteless Project: Need less and have more! Re-use, Re-cycle, Do-it-yourself and share your knowledge and ressources with everybody - for a planet that can provide for us all!

Let us not worry about the foot-prints we leave, but focus on our handprints - the impacts we can leave through our actions in our everyday-life. Let's get started - now!

The author: Hello everybody, my name is Helen and I originally come from Berlin, Germany. My life made me travel and live for many months in different locations in Germany, in the USA, in Israel, in North-West Africa and in India. After I graduated in Environmental sciences and Ecology in Berlin, I permanently emigrated from Germany to India. I am currently living in Bombay and am working as a freelance photographer and writer. Next to photography my interests vary from organic farming, natural health care, environmental issues, painting and recycled crafts to self-development and social issues... I hope you will enjoy my hubs!