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Leanne Mifsud

I am updating my details because I have not written for awhile and look forward to getting my groove back. I have an awesome future hubby who supports my endeavours and we hope to get our "bush block" in the next 4 years or so.

My writings are about my past experiences, I have since moved on from my workplace of 10 years and a releationship with a narcissist for 17 years and look forward to sharing some of those stories.

The other short stories are from a deconstructed book I was once writing. Some of my writing is very loosely based on actual events and I have to say that there is nothing more satisfying than killing off an ex in a story and I look forward to murdering my latest.

I hope to be writing again soon and am thinking my update of details will get my creative juices flowing again.

Wuckingfurries, my Hubpages name, is an abbreviated part of a phrase used in Australian slang that suits my persona.