Hi there!...Wait, no... Hey, my name is Yamit! Ok seriously, I don't know how I'm supposed to start a bio about myself without boring you to death.

It's funny how words come to me so easily when I write about a movie that I watched, good food that I ate, or when I reflect about recent events - yet when it comes to myself, I find it rather hard to create an engagging and interesting read - because, who am I after all? Workwise? An actress and translator. Here? I guess I'm just a cinema nerd and a food lover full of opinions and things to say that no one asked for. But hey, I know I'm not as interenting as a Kardashian, I'm also not a social media celebrity that will share with you exciting step by step videos of "my no-makeup - makeup tutorial" and unfortunately I'm not involved in a shocking hollywood love affair with Leo Dicaprio.
Nevertheless, I will keep on writting. And maybe some of the things I share here will be helpful, interesting or even inspire you.

Well, here we go!