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How to Make Sweet Trees

Emma enjoys making party favours and giving advice on how to make them.

Sweet trees

Sweet trees

What Are Sweet Trees?

Sweet (or candy) trees are a unique centrepiece for any party. They are unusual, interesting, and fun to make.

Sweet topiary trees can be made in any design depending on the occasion. They are simple, handcrafted decorations in the shape of a tree, covered in sweets or lollipops. They look effective on tables at weddings, christenings, or birthday parties. They're also a great activity for children.

As well as looking quite cute in the centre of your table, guests can also eat the sweets! There are many people who make these and sell them. They can have any sweet you wish such as lollies in the colour of your choice, marshmallows, luxury chocolates, or smarties. To make them more elegant, add ribbons, bows, or paper flowers. Put them in a nice base such as a glass vase or coloured pot and decorate the stems.

For children’s parties make them bright and fun and even make the tree into the shape of the child’s initial.

There are so many different ways to make sweet trees. Let's explore!


  • A pot or vase. This will be the base so choose the colour and style according to the celebration. You can use a new flower pot and decorate it or buy coloured buckets.
  • Plaster of Paris or Concrete. This will hold everything in place.
  • Sticks or Doweling. This is the tree trunk.
  • Polystyrene balls or Flower Oasis. Choose the shape you want.
  • Sweets of your choice.
  • Ribbon, tissue paper, or anything else you wish to decorate your tree.


  • Prepare your pot by filling halfway with plaster of Paris or concrete. It may not look very attractive but you can cover it over later on. Place your stick into the pot and let it set. Ensure the stick is straight!
  • If you have a wooden stick you can always paint it if you prefer.
  • Leave them for a couple of days to set properly.
  • Next, decorate your polystyrene or oasis ball. Cover it with tissue paper if you are worried about gaps, glue the tissue paper with a glue stick.
  • If you are using sweets such as mini packets of Love Hearts or Liquorice Allsorts you can use a cocktail stick to secure them. But be careful if small children are eating the sweets (as they are sharp).
  • Alternatively use edible sugar glue (or craft glue if they are in wrappers).
  • If you use lollipops just poke them straight into the ball. They will remain secure.
  • If you choose to cover the whole of the polystyrene with lollies or sweets you will need a lot if you don’t want gaps. You can use less if you put tissue paper flowers or bows in between the sweets. You can also make petals with tissue paper and put the sweets in the centre to look like flowers.
  • Use different sweets if you want it more decorative or make flower shapes using coloured sugar-coated chocolates.
  • Once you have finished the top, poke it into the stick making sure it is secured. Decorate the stem with ribbon and cover the plaster of Paris or concrete with more sweets, confetti, or shredded tissue.
  • They are then ready to go on the tables! Make a few for a nice effect either all the same or different.
  • For a wedding, go with your colour scheme. They make a nice alternative to flowers and can be made in advance. If your sweets are not in wrappers, just cover them over in cellophane until the big day.
  • Then wait and see what the guests think!

© 2012 Emma Kisby