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Make Your Own Low-Carb Tortilla Chips!

I’ve hosted hundreds of parties over the years, and I always enjoy preparing food for them.

Make homemade low-carb tortilla chips in many different flavors!

Make homemade low-carb tortilla chips in many different flavors!

I Like Low-Carb Recipes. Do You?

I like low-carb diets, and I make a lot of my own recipes. I really enjoy tortilla chips, but the regular kind are super high in carbs, so I try to avoid them. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find tasty low-carb tortilla chips made commercially, so I decided I’d just have to make my own! I use tortillas that are low in carbs and high in fiber.

What tortilla brand should I use?

I’ve used several different brands of low carb tortillas in my low carb recipes, but be careful when you’re purchasing tortillas that are labeled as “low carb.” Some of the products aren’t very low carb at all!

  • Xtreme Wellness Low-Carb Tortillas (from Walmart): These have five net carbs each.
  • La Tortilla Factory Low-Carb Tortillas (from Amazon): These have three net carbs each.
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Both brands can usually be found in different flavors. I’ve never tried the Tumaro tortillas from Amazon, but I’ve heard good things about them as well. You can easily get eight nice-sized chips from one of the La Tortilla Factory tortillas, which is a good serving size. That means you’ll get a serving of low-carb tortilla chips for just three grams of carbohydrates.

Don't crowd the low carb tortilla chips as they fry.

Don't crowd the low carb tortilla chips as they fry.

What You'll Need

  • Low-carb tortillas
  • Vegetable oil
  • Seasonings, to taste


  1. Use your kitchen scissors to cut the tortillas into triangle shapes—this will help them look more like chips.
  2. Fill a Dutch oven with about two inches of vegetable oil and heat the oil over medium-high heat until it’s good and hot.
  3. When the oil is ready, place a handful of the cut tortillas in the hot oil. I’ve found that the chips will get crisper if I don’t crowd them during the frying process. They take only a few minutes to cook.
  4. When they’re golden brown and crunchy, remove them from the oil and drain them on several layers of paper towels.
  5. While the tortilla chips are still hot, sprinkle them with seasonings. I like to use Lawry’s garlic salt, but you might also like to use spices such as black pepper, red pepper, onion powder, chili powder, paprika, or chipotle powder.

These homemade tortilla chips are great! Believe it or not, when we visit our favorite Mexican restaurant, I take my own low-carb tortilla chips with me!

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