Minnesota Cooking: Slicing Sausage for Your Meat and Cheese Tray

Updated on December 26, 2016

An Easy Dish to Pass for a Party

I recommend a meat slicer for your next meat and cheese tray. It's easy to set up. Easy to clean. It makes neat, even slices. It slices and accumulates on a plate behind the slicer. After the slicer slices, you simply stack the cut slices together, and slice in half. Perfect size for placing on a cracker.

Simple. Easy. Convenient.

If you do not have a slicer, you simply have to have a sharp knife and slice the pieces one by one, being careful not to include your finger in the slicing. Be careful either way. Safety first!

Others Get Creative - How Inspiring!


Meat Slicer

We received our first meat slicer as a gift. It was made almost entirely of plastic. The motor and the blade were not. The second meat slicer, was entirely made of a stainless metal.

Both worked well, although the metal meat slicer's motor still cuts quietly. The plastic meat slicer motor sounds like it needs a little oil because it sounds like it grinds.

Assembly Required

The meat slicer requires a small amount of assembly each time. You must mount the blade in its spot. After each use, it must be removed, washed, dried and coated with oil. If you do not coat with oil, it may rust while it waits for its next use. You do not want it to rust.

There is a carrier for your sausage that holds it securely so it does not turn as it is being cut. There are teeth on the carrier that grips the end of the sausage. The slicer slices the meat and it falls off on the back. It is best to have a plate to catch the slices.

As it slices, the carrier moves sideways closer to the blade. It ensures that your sausage will cut evenly. It is best to move it slowly and evenly. Keep your fingers away from the blade. Blades are sharp.

Remove Paper and Casing

Stack and Slice

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        Char Milbrett 16 months ago from Minnesota

        Haseena Firdousia: Thank you for your comment, and. you are welcome.

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        Another interesting suggestion. keep sharing.Thank you Char Milbrett.