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Pirate Party Food and Recipes for Kids

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Pirate ship subs

Pirate ship subs

Pirate Party Food

Ahoy, there! The pirate theme is a classic for birthday parties. There is something about an eye patch, bandanna, parrot, and pirate lingo (Argh!) that makes a perfect party. Kids love to dress up as pirates, go on treasure hunts, and eat cool pirate food.

These three pirate food ideas will make a well-rounded lunch or dinner for your buccaneer crew. The Pirate Ship Sub makes an awesome main entrée, Melon Cannonballs add a healthy side of fruit, and the Pirate's Gold Snack Mix gives the meal an extra crunch. No matter what age, your pirates will love this swashbuckling line-up.

Ingredients for Pirate Ship Subs

  • Sub rolls, whole
  • Large pretzel sticks
  • Green olives, with pimentos
  • Cream cheese
  • Deli meat, any type
  • Sliced white cheese, such as Baby Swiss or American

How to Make a Pirate Ship Sub

  1. Position sub roll so that the ends are pointing up. Carve out the center of the roll to make a boat.
  2. Insert a pretzel stick in the center of the sub boat and twist into bread bottom so that it stays upright as the boat's mast.
  3. Slice olives to make ship portholes and attach them to the side of the sub using dabs of cream cheese.
  4. Roll up one slice of deli meat and cut in half. Position the rolls to one side of the pretzel to look like cannons.
  5. Make pirates: Roll up another slice of deli meat and cut in half. Position one roll at each end of the boat. Remove the pimientos from two olives and place an olive on top of each deli roll for the head. Place the pimiento on top of the olive for the pirate hat. You may need to secure hat with a dab of cream cheese.
  6. Roll up 1 or 2 more deli meat slices and fill in the boat.
  7. Spread a line of cream cheese down the middle of the cheese slice and attach to pretzel stick to make the sail.
  8. Add pirate flag toothpick between the pretzel and the cheese slice.
  9. Tips: Baby Swiss is a good cheese choice because the holes make the pirate sail look authentic.
  10. Substitutions: Try mayonnaise or mustard instead of cream cheese. Use smaller sub rolls for smaller pirates.
  11. Hotdog recipe: Use a hotdog bun for the boat, the hotdog for the mast, and mustard to attach the cheese sail. Don't forget the toothpick pirate flag!

Melon Cannonballs

This simple recipe is easy enough for even young children to help. You will need a melon ball scooper to make the balls round enough to resemble cannonballs. Watermelon, honeydew melon, and cantaloupe all work well for this project. The cannonball stacks look best if made with one color of melon, though. We tried a multi-colored stack, which was pretty, but it did not really look like a stack of cannonballs. This recipe idea will also work for a pyramid if your theme is Ancient Egypt.

Pirate's Gold Snack Mix

Pirate's Gold Snack Mix

Pirate's Gold Snack Mix

Pirate's Gold is a sweet and salty mix of various yellow or gold colored snacks. It can be served as a snack or alongside the Pirate Ship Subs and Melon Cannonballs. Little plastic or paperboard treasure chests are perfect to hold this treat, but small bowls will work as well. You also can use a large treasure chest lined with a bandanna as shown to the right. Place the treasure chest as a table centerpiece with small paper or plastic cups for serving. Pick four or five of these ingredients to make your own Pirate's Gold.

  • Yellow cereal: Corn Chex, Captain Crunch, Cheerios, or Corn Pops
  • Peanuts, salted or honey roasted
  • Reese's Pieces
  • Teddy Grahams, honey flavored
  • Goldfish, baby or cheddar
  • Cheez-Its, regular or Gripz
  • Banana chips
  • Golden raisins