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6 Ways to Use Leftover Baked Beans

Mrs Frugal is a freelance writer who enjoys making and creating simple and delicious recipes. She can often be found in the kitchen.

These easy and delicious tips and recipes will help you create the best meals from your leftover baked beans.

These easy and delicious tips and recipes will help you create the best meals from your leftover baked beans.

Leftover Baked Beans Can Be Delicious!

If you're looking for some simple and mouth-watering ways to used leftover baked beans, you've come to the right place!

Since legumes are such an affordable and filling dish, it's quite easy to think you've made just enough for a meal, and then wonder why there is so much left over. So before you decide to throw away your leftover baked beans, please check out the delicious and easy recipes I share below. They're so good you'll always be excited to discover that you have leftovers!

6 Ways to Use Leftover Beans

  1. Make chili
  2. Put them in a casserole
  3. Transform them into a dessert
  4. Whip up some shepherd's pie
  5. Cook up soup
  6. Stash them in a burrito

1. Put Baked Beans in a Chili for a Flavorful and Frugal Meal

Not only is chili a simple meal to create, it's also a versatile dish that can be made with your favorite ingredients, making it a great meal in which to put your leftovers. You can use your own favorite chili recipe, and then either switch out the kidney beans for your baked beans, or use a combination of both baked and kidney beans.

Using the leftovers that you already have on hand is a great way to save time and money.

2. Make a Hearty and Delicious Casserole

If you're looking for a stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal, then you've got to try your hand at making a loaded baked potato and baked bean casserole. It's so simple and delicious; who needs to know you used leftovers?

Cheesy biscuit bean and beef casserole is another simple and tasty way to use those remaining legumes. How can you go wrong with fluffy biscuits and melted cheese over hot baked beans? It truly makes a filling and comforting meal that's perfect for crisp fall days or cold winter nights.

3. Make a Delicious Dessert

When I think of ways to use baked beans, a dessert never crossed my mind. Then I found this recipe for apple pumpkin cake and couldn't believe how easy it was to make—and also how delicious it looked! With only five ingredients, it's a straightforward and creative way to use your leftovers.

If you want to try another baked-bean dessert, a bean spice cake is also a quick and unique dessert, with less than ten ingredients.

4. Shepherd's Pie—With a Twist!

When I think of shepherd's pie, I personally think of beef and vegetables in a creamy gravy, with mashed potatoes and possibly cheese on top. But baked beans in shepherd's pie? I was hesitant at first in sharing, then as I looked over the recipe, I became a believer and knew that this was a winning recipe! Check out the picture below to see how delicious this shepherd's pie looks.

5. Soup's On

Soup is a great way to use a variety of leftover foods, like vegetables, meats, spices, and anything else you have on hand. Adding beans to soup not only adds a great dose of protein and fiber, but it also adds a rich flavor and texture as well.

6. Leftover Baked Beans Can Make A Variety of Burritos!

Burritos are a great way to use leftover beans, meats, cheeses, and vegetables to make a delicious lunch or dinner. They can be pan-fried, baked, or simply heated in the microwave. Whatever way you choose, you can easily incorporate your leftover baked beans in your favorite burrito recipe.