How to Host a Virtual Wine Tasting Party

While attending a live wine tasting party may not be possible at the moment, you can certainly still host a virtual tasting party. Here’s how to make it a hit.


How to Make a Healthy Smoothie at Home

Healthy smoothies are my chosen post-workout drink. This homemade recipe is one of my favorites; it's packed with vitamin C and essential minerals for your body. Let me show you how to make it!


Wine Gifting Guide: How to Choose the Right Wine for Anyone

With the holiday season fast approaching, thoughts of gift-giving are on the minds of many. If you are thinking of generously giving wine to friends, family, co-workers, staff, or clients, the following helpful tips will help ensure that your thoughtful gift brings joy and warmth to their holiday.


How Long Does Wine Last After You Open It?

How long wine lasts after you open it relies on a few main factors. The type of wine it is, the amount of residual sugar in it, and how it was stored. Sugar plays a huge role in keeping wine fresh because it acts as a natural preservative.


Food and Wine Pairing Chart: Find the Perfect Wine for Your Meal

At a fine restaurant, the sommelier selects the perfect wine to enhance your dining experience. At home, all you need is this handy chart.


Dragon Fruit and Lime Virgin Cocktail

Try this simple and refreshing virgin cocktail made with dragon fruit and lime. Enjoy!


Homebrewing Red Wine: Enhanced Grape Juice

Oh, how generations of wine growers weep in agony over the sins of homebrewers who make wine from a carton grape juice.


Homebrewed CinnaMead: A Dessert Mead With Cinnamon

Mead is inherently simple. If you give it time, this three-ingredient recipe may well become your go-to mead recipe.


How to Prolong the Life of Your AeroPress Coffee Maker Plunger Seal

One of the parts that will need replacement in your AeroPress Coffee Maker is the rubber seal (also called the plunger). When taken care of, this part should last two to three years. To prevent premature wear and tear of this plunger, follow these tips.


Exploring Red Wine (Plus How to Use It in Cooking and Baking)

Learn the origin of red wine and how to use it in sweet and savory cooking and baking.


How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Summer is the perfect time to make cold brew coffee at home. You can save a lot of money by enjoying iced coffee in your comfortable living room or on the porch. Let me show you the best method I've found to make cold brew coffee. You'll love it!


Which Countries Drink the Most Alcohol?

Alcohol consumption varies from country to country. Have you ever wondered which countries consume the highest amounts of pure alcohol? This article takes a peek at the world's heaviest-drinking countries, according to OECD's data.


Homemade Gingerade Concentrate Recipe

Try this healthy and refreshing gingerade concentrate recipe. A recipe video is also included.


58 Cocktail Recipes You Need to Try

From tequila-based drinks to straight-up shooters and from fruity to spicy, this list is guaranteed to have something on it that you haven't yet tried. They're all very unique and will bring something special to the table each time. I dare you to try them all.


How to Make a Caramel Iced Latte at Home

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy an iced coffee, and caramel iced lattes are a decadently delicious coffee treat.


The Orange Crush: A Beach Classic

Here's everything you need to know to make your own variation of the famous orange crush at home.


Exploring Brandy: Brief History and Recipes

Brandy has the punch of whiskey but the softness of sweet wine. This mellow, oaky beverage is more than an after-dinner drink. Learn how to use it in baking and cooking.


How to Make Elderflower Cordial: A Refreshing Summer Drink

Making your own fresh cordial from wild hedgerow elderflowers is one of the joys of early summer. Learn how to pick, prepare, bottle and use this delicious homemade drink


Homemade Pineapple and Mango Smoothie

When the weather gets warmer, nothing beats healthy homemade fruit smoothies. This recipe is super easy, and it only requires five ingredients.


Watermelon Cooler Recipe

Watermelon is the perfect fruit to beat the summer heat. Try this delicious watermelon cooler drink today! Recipe video included.


Refreshing Cucumber Cooler Recipe

This refreshing cucumber cooler is prepared with cucumber, mint and lemon—perfect for summer! Recipe video included.


Virgin Watermelon Mojito Recipe

This is a cool and refreshing watermelon mojito mocktail, perfect for a hot, sultry day. Recipe video included.


Exploring Sherry: History and How to Use It in Your Cooking

Explore the story of sherry, a fortified wine of a unique region in Spain. Along the way we’ll find recipes for dinners, desserts, and appetizers.


Top 5 Affordable Rye Whiskeys (Under $50)

Are you looking for a high-quality yet affordable rye whiskey for less than $50? Here's a list of my top five.


Berry and Yogurt Smoothie Bowl: A Morning Burst of Nutrients

I recommend this dish to anyone who would like to try something new. It will keep you full for hours and is packed with the nutrients you need in order to maintain a healthy diet.


Is Flaviar Spirits Club Legit or a Scam? An Unbiased Review

How does the popular new Flaviar spirits membership club work? Is it legit?Is it a scam? Can it save you any money on alcohol? I tried it out so you don't have to!


Immunity-Boosting Chai Masala (Tea Spice Powder) Recipe

Prepare this immunity-boosting tea masala to help promote health. Recipe video included.


How to Make Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee is a viral coffee trend that originated in South Korea. Let me show you how to make this foamy and sweet iced coffee at home!


Immunity-Boosting Kiwi Milkshake Recipe

This kiwi milkshake is an immunity-boosting treat that takes just a few minutes to make. In addition to the recipe, I have also included a video.


Exploring Irish Whiskey: History Plus 8 Recipes for Dinner or Dessert

Learn the origin of Irish Whiskey and how to use it in sweet and savory cooking and baking.


Exploring Tequila and Mezcal: History and Fun Recipes

In this article, we'll look at facts, fiction, folklore, and fun recipes—with agave nectar spirits as the central characters.


How to Make Christmas Spiced Cider

When you live in a dry country, knowing how to brew at home is a must! This Christmas cider is delicious. It's sweet and warm, has a bit of spice, and reminds you of all things winter. It's so good I've made it several times over.


How to Make Mead: Mead the Fourth Be With You

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from honey and water. Often it can be flavored with fruit, spices, herbs grains, and hops. Its ABV can range from 3.5% to more than 20%. This particular recipe will yield around a 15% ABV.


Review of the Oster Prima Latte, Espresso, and Cappuccino Maker

I was searching for an easy-to-use coffee maker that could brew a decent cut of Cappuccino. Oster’s BVSTEM6601SS-033, which is also marketed by Mr. Coffee, appears to be a good choice. This is my review.


Exploring Beer: History and How to Use It in Your Cooking

The original recipe for beer was never recorded; its advent precedes the written word. Want to learn the history of beer and how to use it in cooking and baking? Keep reading.


How to Make a Liquid Marijuana Cocktail

This drink is always a winner with anyone who has tried it and likes fruity drinks. Disclaimer: It does NOT contain any marijuana.


Review of the Oster Coffee Burr Mill

I was searching for an inexpensive burr mill that would consistently grind coffee beans to a size suitable for use in an espresso machine. Oster’s BVSTBMH23-033 coffee mill appeared to be a good option. This is my review.


Strawberry Banana Chocolate Smoothie (Like Ice Cream!)

Craving something sweet but healthy? On a diet and don't want too many calories? Maybe you're on a liquid fast, like me? Or do you just like smoothies? Well, this smoothie has a consistency of soft-serve ice cream and tastes like chocolatey-velvety heaven.


How to Make Bart Simpson’s Squishee (Crushed Ice Drink)

On a hot day, do you long for a squishee drink like Bart's? I do. A crushed ice drink is a great cooler in the summer. Here’s how to make one of your own.


Two Masala Chai Recipes: Concentrate and Dry Mix

Fill your home with delicious fragrances and your belly with healthful herbs and spices with these two winter chai recipes.


Distillery Disasters

Making liquor is a sometimes hazardous business that involves working with highly flammable liquids.


Berry Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Delicious bananas, berries, and ice are blended together to make this delicious breakfast smoothie, which can be enjoyed any time of the day.


How to Make Juice Using a Steam Juicer

A steam juicer makes juicing fruit easy. Learn about the parts of this kitchen tool and see how it works.


Your Guide to Microbrewery Equipment

Who doesn’t always want a cold beer on tap? That is why many people have begun taking on a new hobby: microbrewing. This art has been around since the Sumerians fermented the first hops and found that it kind of tasted good.


Red Wine Benefits: It's Sexy, Irresistible, and Good for You

Red wine is sultry and captivating. From the curvy glass, the delicious aroma, and the alluring color, red wine is the ultimate date beverage that enhances the romantic mood.


Review of Cloudsley Cellars: Niagara Region Wine Country

Advances in viticulture research and technology have revealed the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada, to be an exciting hidden hotbed of great wine. In this article, I review a wonderful new addition: Cloudsley Cellars.


Celery Juice Recipe

Celery juice is a refreshing drink that helps to start the day by hydrating your body with healthy nutrients.


Types of Coffee: Finding Your Flavor

There are countless varieties of coffee and coffee-based beverages out there. Even ordering a simple drink at your local cafe can feel overwhelming when you're presented with so many options. Learn the coffee drink basics here.


How Long Does It Take to Make Beer at Home? (Less Than You Might Think!)

If you’re a beer aficionado, you’ve probably wondered what it takes to make your own beer. Not that much actually. To make a small batch, you’ll need a brewing kit consisting of some essential items for beer making—and a little patience.


The 3 Best Electric Wheatgrass Juicers

Buying the best electric wheatgrass juicer within your budget can be a balancing act. In this article, you'll find some of the best options on the market.