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Conscious Water Review: Does It Really Work?

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Read on for my review of Conscious Water!

Read on for my review of Conscious Water!

What Exactly Is ''Conscious Water''?

Some of you may be wondering what on earth "conscious water" actually is and how it differs from other types of water that we consume (hopefully) on a regular basis.

Let me start off by saying, it is NOT water that thinks for itself, as the name may suggest, nor does it share any of our other abilities as living beings. Instead, it is described as being a 100% natural flower-essence water-enhancer and claims to provide a variety of benefits. Overall, the main aim of conscious water is to enrich our lives by allowing us to become more connected with ourselves, our goals, and our creativity. As the alcohol levels contained are so minute (less than one-hundredth of one percent as stated by the website), it is completely safe for consumption by both recovering alcoholics and pregnant women.

In my honest opinion, it all sounds a little bit on the whimsical side of things, but I am going to give the product a chance in the hopes that I will be pleasantly surprised.


6 Types of Conscious Water

There are six different kinds and flavours of conscious water and they each come packaged in singular sachets and have different flower essences giving them different purposes.

The types are as follows:

  1. Serenity: For a peaceful state of mind
  2. Love: For being more open to giving and receiving love
  3. Happiness: For reminding you to appreciate who you are on the inside and outside.
  4. Rejuvenation: For when you need more stamina, energy and creativity.
  5. Clarity: When you need to pay close attention to what's happening around you
  6. Sweet Dreams: When you need help falling asleep

I will be trying and reviewing Sweet Dreams, Love, and Happiness.

Sweet Dreams

I always have difficulty getting a good night's sleep, so for me ''Sweet Dreams'' was the most important water enhancer of the three and therefore where I wanted to begin my review. This sachet is flavoured with a ''hint of pink lady and lavender'' and aims to help the consumer drift into a peaceful sleep where they will wake up feeling refreshed. It also claims to chase away overthinking and worry (definitely something I need).

I started my nightly ritual as normal, this time adding in ''Sweet Dreams''. I found the sachets really easy to use. There was no need for running around trying to find scissors or hopelessly trying to tear at the top corner to find it won't budge until suddenly there is one huge split down the middle and the contents are everywhere—I'm sure we have all been there. The packaging has been ideally designed; simply fold the packet in half and squeeze it into a glass of water.

Surprisingly the substance was clear and like that of almost set jelly, but it smelled amazing and the scent was pungent, I'm happy to say that the flavour was very subtle, and I didn't find it a hard task to drink the full glass.

After around half an hour, I started noticing the effects of the drink taking place, I began to get drowsy and managed to sleep through the whole night without waking up. For this reason, I believe Sweet Dreams is a great product because despite failing to chase away my anxieties, I did manage to get a good sleep for once.



The second water enhancer I decided to try was the ''Happiness'' sachet, designed to help to express feelings of joy and delight.

Being infused with dragon fruit and strawberries, I found the flavour of this sachet much more appealing than the last. Disappointingly, I don't feel like it brightened my mood in any way but perhaps using these types of products is more of a placebo effect than anything else.



Finally, I tried Love which aspires to do exactly as its name would suggest, to make us feel more open to both giving and receiving love.

''The flower essences used in Love include Snowberry for feeling present in the moment, Easter Lily for nurturing the heart and Lily of the Valley for feelings of simplicity and innocence''

I found the fragrance and flavour of love to be the most subtle of the three and for this reason, it was probably my least favourite. Again I felt no burst of emotion from drinking the water and flower essence blend and definitely no sense of ''spiritual awakening''.


Sadly I felt nothing more than underwhelmed by these products so won't be making a future purchase especially as they are fairly costly at £39.00 for a 30-sachet carton.

This review is nothing more than my personal opinion based on my own experience so I don't want to deter anyone who was previously excited by Conscious Water from buying just because it didn't work for me.

Even though they didn't have the intended effect on me, I still had a lot of fun learning about the company and the various enhancers they have on offer.

I hope you have found this review helpful and if you have any of your own experiences with Conscious Water or a similar product, then please feel free to share them in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and don't forget to take part in the polls!

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