Drink Like a Disney Villain: 5 Cocktails Inspired by Classic Movie Villains

Updated on April 8, 2017

Disney movies have given us all unforgettable princesses, heroes and supporting friends over the years but none of these characters would be as memorable without the villain and Disney has created some of the best evil characters.

Disney heroes and princesses get all the attention and all the parties but don't we all secretly wish to be the villain sometimes as well? These drinks included here are inspired by these wonderful evil doers and plotters and you can enjoy these drinks with or without the movie.

Peter Pan - Captain Hook

Let's start our villain cocktail cruise with the great Captain Hook! An early Disney villain that is a great character that really deserves his own drink so here we have The Codfish Cocktail, a great rum drink for any pirate.

The Codfish

3 oz. spiced rum

1 oz. peach liqueur

Orange juice

Coconut milk


Stir rum and liqueur over ice in a lowball glass. Fill rest of glass with orange juice. Add a splash of coconut milk and garnish with an orange slice.

This is a spicy, tangy drink with a hint of sweetness. The combination of spiced rum with peach and coconut is a strange but delicious mix of hard and soft.

The Little Mermaid - Ursula the Sea Witch

Poor naïve little Ariel, the little mermaid, gets taken advantage of by the evil Sea Witch and what a great character is Ursula. She works so hard to make her dream come true but as is the case with all villains she loses in the end but this cocktail will make you a villain winner. This drink is the Sea Witch and it pays tribute to this villainess.

The Sea Witch

2 oz. sour grape pucker vodka

1 oz. Pinnacle fruit cocktail vodka

1 oz. coconut rum

Grape juice

Coconut flakes

Rim a highball glass with coconut flakes. Stir vodka and rum over ice in glass. Fill glass with grape juice.

This is a strong drink that combines sweet and sour fruit flavors with the creamy smooth taste of coconut. The shocking taste along with the dark purple color, conjures a magic drink.

Princess & the Frog - Dr. Facilier

The Princess and the Frog was yet another great movie and along with a beautiful princess Disney gifted us with this fantastic charismatic and colorful villain, Dr. Facilier. There is no doubt that story would not be worth watching without this character and a cocktail in his honor is well deserved so here is the Dr. Voodoo drink!

Dr. Voodoo

2 oz. spiced rum

1 oz. Red Stag cherry flavored bourbon whiskey

1 oz. white chocolate liqueur

Ginger beer or Root Beer

Stir rum, whiskey, and liqueur over ice in a lowball glass. Fill with root beer or ginger beer.

This is a simple drink to make but the taste it’incredibly complex. The rum and ginger beer create a spicy, zesty flavor, and the combination of white chocolate and cherry bourbon make a smooth, dessert-like flavor. All together, this mystifying drink will surprise you in a delicious way.

Alice in Wonderland - Disappearing Purple Cheshire Cat

Is the disappearing purple Cheshire cat a villain? Who really knows since everyone in Wonderland is mad anyway! But this is a great character who is often overshadowed by the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter but we are giving this wonderful feline his due and here is the Purple Cat cocktail for you to enjoy.

The Purple Cat

1 oz. Pinnacle marshmallow flavored vodka

1 oz. mango vodka

1 oz. Absolute Peppar vodka

1 oz. dark chocolate liqueur


Maraschino cherries

Pour vodkas and liqueur over ice in a highball glass. Fill with sprite. Garnish with 3 maraschino cherries.

This drink may not look like a special drink in the glass but like the cat it is named for it is full of surprises with a surprising and intense flavor experience. The insane combination of smooth chocolate, spicy pepper, tangy mango, and creamy marshmallow creates a bizarre combination that is sure to amaze your senses.

Aladdin - Jafar

I saved Aladdin and the great Jafar for my last cocktail because I really love this movie myself and Jafar is one of my favorite villains. Aladdin was such a great movie with Robin Williams as the amazing Genie and Jafar is a strong foil for both Genie and Aladdin. This cocktail is the Snake Charmer.

The Snake Charmer

1 oz. vodka

2 oz. cinnamon liqueur

1 oz. Pernod licorice liqueur

Fireball candy

Shake vodka and liqueur over ice and strain into a martini glass. Add a fireball candy and let it sit until the candy is white.

This drink is incredibly powerful and exotic. The cinnamon and anise flavors create a clash of spice and heat, and the fireball adds a gorgeous red color and an extra burst of cinnamon.

These first 5 Disney villain inspired cocktails should get you going and looking at these classic movies in a whole new way. Check back and see more hubs for more villain inspired drinks from other movie types and maybe some more Disney bad guys as well. Perhaos we will even get those good girl characters and their sidekicks their own hubs and cocktails as well!

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