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Review of GT's Synergy Trilogy Organic Raw Kombucha

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This is my honest and unvarnished review

This is my honest and unvarnished review

What Is Kombucha?

According to the Mayo Clinic, kombucha is "a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast."

Kombucha is typically made from black or green tea, a natural sweetener, a bacteria culture from a previous batch that is usually referred to as a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), and time.

In my mind, this information sounds absolutely terrifying—yet interesting at the same time.

Why I Decided to Try It

I have drug my feet on trying kombucha because food safety regulations that have developed over the past 100 or so years that are meant to prevent us from becoming sick. Anytime I hear the word "raw" or "fermented" without something like pasteurized closely behind it, alarm bells go off in my head. My mind tells me that raw equates to the possibility of becoming violently sick from an overabundance of contaminated, bad bacteria.

Sounds like my corporate food indoctrination runs deep, doesn't it?

Not so fast though.

After over three weeks of taking a strong antibiotic for a medical problem, I felt like I needed to do something to help my body recover. Dairy yogurt was out of the question for me because I completely stopped consuming dairy products months ago. I had been told the majority of my life by older, rural doctors to consume dairy yogurt with antibiotics to help with the possible issue of certain good bacteria being killed off leaving behind the possibility of the bacteria left behind causing issues. That had worked for me in the past but what will work when dairy yogurt is not an option?

I had heard about kombucha over the years but had never tried it—until now.

The Health Benefits of Kombucha?

There are so many claims out there regarding kombucha. Some say that it may help prevent cancer and diabetes. Others say it can help heal digestive issues. Still others point to its antimicrobial properties and ability to detoxify the body.

Those claims are just the tip of the iceberg to what some people say and believe that this drink can do for you. If you believe it then this is the miracle superfood that you have been looking for.

Until more scientific studies are done on kombucha the claims will have to stand unproven.

Synergy GT kombucha that I purchased through Amazon Prime Now grocery delivery.

Synergy GT kombucha that I purchased through Amazon Prime Now grocery delivery.

Label Information

What's actually in the drink? The ingredient list is simple. This is what appears on the ingredient list on the bottle: "GT's kombucha (kombucha culture, black tea, green tea, kiwi juice), raspberry juice, lemon juice, fresh-pressed ginger juice and 100% pure love."

There is also a note on the label that reads, "Kombucha is a fermented tea that has naturally occurring alcohol. Do not consume if you are avoiding alcohol due to pregnancy, allergies, sensitivities or religious beliefs."

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According to the label, each bottle contains Probiotics Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 (1 billion organisms), S. Boulardil (1 billion organisms), Polyphenois (10mg), Glucuronic Acid (10mg), L(+) Lactic Acid (25mg) and Acetic Acid (30mg).

It is gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO. There are two servings per 16-ounce bottle. Each serving is 25 calories and contains 10mg of sodium along with 6g of carbohydrates and 6g of sugar. Everything else nutrition-wise is at zero.

The rest of the label gives the company's mission, contact information, and a lot about the first ingredient being love along with a warning to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers to talk to a physician before consuming their products.

Nutritional information on the bottle.

Nutritional information on the bottle.

My First Impression

I do a weekly grocery delivery through my Amazon Prime account and decided to look at their kombucha options and found GT's Synergy Organic Kombucha Trilogy to be the one that as far as I could tell would be the best one for me to try. I paid $3.49 each for two bottles knowing that I could have probably purchased it a little cheaper at a health food or grocery store if I could find it.

When it arrived, I was excited to try it.

The first thing that I noticed was the stuff floating in the bottom of the bottle. I expected that because of what I had read but I didn't expect there to be as much as there was. It is safe to drink the floaties but I'm just not sure if I want to. The first thing that popped in my mind was the worm at the bottom of a bottle of tequila and if you have ever had a bad experience with the worm, this can be a bit off putting.

The drink color for the one that I selected is a beautiful reddish orange color which is probably caused by the combination of raspberry and lime juice used to make the drink.

Cracking open the lid, there's a slight hiss which means that the drink does have some carbonation to it as a result of the fermentation. There is no carbonation added to kombucha.

I can only describe the flavor as vinegar fruit juice. It has a strong vinegar taste with a bit of a fruit undertone. In this particular flavor, the ginger comes into play as an after taste.

It is a bit bubbly from the carbonation and has a crispness to it.

All in all, I wouldn't say that the flavor and mouth feel is unpleasant but it is different than any other drink I have ever experienced.

Floaties at the bottom of the bottle!

Floaties at the bottom of the bottle!

Will I Continue to Drink It?

On a day-to-day basis the answer would have to be no. I will drink a serving or two for a few days in the future if I need to take another course of antibiotics, but won't be adding it to my regular food and drink consumption.

It's the taste and mouthfeel. While neither are completely unpleasant, they are not pleasant either. Combine that with the cost and I really don't believe that this drink will be on my radar very often. It can be brewed at home to drastically reduce the cost for anyone that has the desire and the time to do it.

Kombucha is just simply not for me—and that's OK. Many people find many benefits inside this vinegary drink and enjoy the taste. I just happen to not be one of them.

Is Kombucha Healthy?


I do think the label is really pretty!

I do think the label is really pretty!

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