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Review of the Coffee-Themed Wired Box From GlobeIn

Emma is a Swedish university student and fiction writer with a particular love for language and the written word.

The Wired Box includes these beautiful coffee-themed items made by global artisans.

The Wired Box includes these beautiful coffee-themed items made by global artisans.

What Is GlobeIn?

GlobeIn is a subscription-box service that delivers carefully curated boxes of fair-trade items bought at fair prices from a range of artisans all around the world to your door monthly.

Originally, they released a new box every month that was delivered to all subscribers. Lately, due I believe to their small-scale artisans having difficulty keeping up with the demands of the GlobeIn customers, they have changed their system up a little. They still release new boxes regularly, but each subscriber gets to make their pick from a range of available boxes, old and new, and specific themes may run out if you are not quick on the draw. Personally, I don't mind this change much; I don't buy boxes monthly but just once in a while anyway, and I like having a wide range of boxes to chose from even if I don't always get the latest one.

Coffee-Themed Wired Box

In October, having not bought a GlobeIn box for quite a while, I purchased the coffee-themed Wired Box. I'm not much of a coffee-drinker outside of the odd latte at a café, so I'll admit I picked it almost entirely because of the pretty purple color of some of the items, which you'll see below.

Handwoven basket from Mexico

Handwoven basket from Mexico

Handwoven Basket From Mexico

I've been wanting a purple palm leaf basket ever since I started my GlobeIn subscription. Through chance, I suppose, I've mainly been getting green and pink baskets in past boxes. Lovely colors to be sure and always high-quality baskets, but purple is my favorite color so I'm absolutely thrilled to finally have one. Such a gorgeous, strong purple, too. The photo doesn't quite do it justice.

Ground coffee from East Timor

Ground coffee from East Timor

Ground Coffee From East Timor

As I said, I don't drink a lot of coffee. But I do drink it occasionally, and I made an exception for this box and made a cup for myself one morning. My amateur opinion is that it was pretty tasty. For a slightly more experienced opinion, I also made sure my much more coffee-smitten partner tasted it. He was very pleased with it and finished the packet quite enthusiastically in the weeks after opening it. He preferred it with a bit of sugar in, which he doesn't always have in his coffee. So overall, it seems the quality was quite good!

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This coffee was produced by Dean's Beans, a small company that sources all its beans from small-time producers, something which I'm always quite happy to see. In this case, the beans were grown in East Timor. The box also came with a small Dean's Beans magnet, which honestly I thought was a bit of a waste because I don't really get GlobeIn boxes for that sort of item.

Ceramic​ sugar bowl and milk pitcher from Morocco

Ceramic​ sugar bowl and milk pitcher from Morocco

Ceramic​ Sugar Bowl and Milk Pitcher from Morocco

I'll admit, these two pieces were the main reason I ordered this box! Aren't they just the prettiest things? I adore that purple color, and the delicate striping. The shapes are so nice too, simple and classy with a side-order of cutesy. I'll admit though, I didn't quite manage to capture the color. I have a new photography setup and am still getting used to it. I think the photo of all the contents at the top of the review does a better job of it.

When I first received the box, the lid of the sugar bowl was chipped. I was a bit heartbroken, but all it took was a simple email with a photo to GlobeIn support and then a couple of weeks of waiting for a replacement, and I had a brand new intact one (hence why there are two in the top photo)!

Olive wood coffee spoon from Kenya

Olive wood coffee spoon from Kenya

Olive Wood Coffee Spoon From Kenya

This gorgeous little spoon was a great surprise in this box. I hadn't looked too closely at it in the preview photos, but it really is a beautiful, delicate piece. The spoon is a beautiful olive wood, incredibly smooth, and the handle is wonderfully carved in what I believe is bone (but don't quote me on that—the little booklet that came with the box didn't specify). We haven't had a nice-looking coffee spoon in the house before, just the cheap plastic variety, so I look forward to being able to use this instead in the future!

Overall Impression

I was quite pleased with the contents of the Wired Box, as pleased as one can expect someone who doesn't drink coffee much to be with a coffee box, anyway. And what more can you ask for, really?

The mishap with the sugar bowl lid, which I assume happened during transport perhaps as the result of a packaging mistake, didn't bother me very much. After all, I've received so many packages from GlobeIn, and this is the first time something like that has happened. In addition, the customer service staff were so quick to help me and replace the product. And hey, it was only the lid that was chipped—I can still use the bottom half as a cute little bowl!

© 2018 Emma Lindhagen

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