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How to Make a Baby Guinness Shot

John loves making tasty drinks that combine different flavors.


The Baby Guinness Shot

The baby Guinness shot is a special shot that tastes like a candy liqueur shot and is great. This shot is meant to look like a Guinness draft after coming out of a tap with a white layer on top. Below, I will explain how to get this effect.

The main items that you will need are Patron XO Cafe and Bailey's Irish Cream. The Patron is a must, but the Bailey's can be substituted with any Irish cream, but if you order a baby Guinness at a restaurant then you will get that with Bailey's. I have yet to hear someone say they dislike this shot, and this truly does taste great.

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  • 4/5 shot Patron XO Cafe, poured in
  • 1/5 Shot Bailey's Irish cream (or similar), drizzled on top ( explained below)


  1. First off, you need to chill the Patron. This can be done in one of two ways. You can either keep your bottle of Patron chilled, or you can put the Patron in a shaker prior to adding it to a shot glass. Either way is fine, the only difference is by adding the Patron to a shaker you will dilute the Patron with a little water, although this is not enough to alter the drink.
  2. Now add Patron to your shot glass, and fill the glass about 3/4–4/5 of the way to the top. Your main goal is to leave room for the Irish Cream, but also enough to have this about 75–80% Patron.
  3. Now the Bailey's. You do not have to have your Bailey's chilled, and this is not a necessary element. Your goal here is to add the Bailey's very carefully without pouring in, or you will not have a layer on top.
  4. The way that you are going to get this effect is with a spoon. You put a spoon up side down over the shot glass and very carefully and slowly pour the Bailey's into the glass. This will allow you to get the layer effect that will give a look similar to a Guinness Draft beer.
  5. Time to enjoy. Remember this is not a sipping drink. This shot is meant to be drunk completely in one gulp. You want to naturally mix the alcohol when it goes in your mouth for the full effect. If you try to just sip the alcohol then you are not going to get the Baby Guinness effect, but a Bailey's drink to start, and Patron to Finish.
  6. The shot itself is a great after-dinner drink, or a pregame drink. Either way, this does not have a strong taste of alcohol, and you will thoroughly enjoy every bit of the drink and may feel the need to have another one. If so just re-follow all the steps.

© 2012 John Reid-Roberts

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