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Different Ways to Drink Stovetop Moka Pot Espresso Coffee

Espresso is a dynamic drink. Learn different ways you can drink it!

Espresso is a dynamic drink. Learn different ways you can drink it!

Moka Pot Tips!

A moka pot makes delicious coffee, and the brew you get from it is just the start of a coffee adventure. You can make all kinds of wonderful drinks from it, so here’s how to transform your "moka espresso" into Americano, latte, and other coffee drinks, using equipment that you already have in your kitchen.

Different Ways to Drink Espresso Coffee

  • Espresso (Straight up)
  • Americano
  • Latte
  • Flavoured
  • Mocha
  • Irish Coffee

A Closer Look

  • Espresso—straight up, as it comes, just pour your coffee from your moka pot into your cup and drink it. Espresso is a short, strong and bitter drink, so if you like a milder taste or a longer drink, use a ‘shot’ of espresso from your moka pot to make it into one of the following coffee house classics. A shot of espresso is about 50 to 100 mL of moka pot coffee–though the amount you use in the mixed drinks below depends on how strong you want your coffee to taste.
  • Americano—Pour a shot of espresso from your moka pot into a mug, and add hot water from your kettle almost to the top, and then depending on your taste add some milk and, if you have a sweet tooth, maybe some sugar.
  • Latte—Heat up about three-quarters of a mugful of milk. How you heat your milk will affect the taste of the coffee a little–heating it in a pan on the hob will result in a rich latte with some natural milk froth on the top; heating it in the microwave will give you a frothless latte, or for a real coffee house taste you can buy a milk steamer and/or a ‘frother’ that will give your milk a lovely rich head of foam. Pour a shot of your moka espresso into your hot milk, and enjoy!
  • Flavoured—if you want some variety, you can get all kinds of flavoured syrups to stir into your coffee: from hazelnut to fruit-flavoured, and just add a small amount to your Americano or latte to taste.
  • Mocha—this is a variation on a latte. Stir a teaspoon of cocoa powder into the milk after heating, to give your coffee a seductive chocolate taste. If you’re feeling extravagant you can place a couple of marshmallows on top of the finished drink, and stand a chocolate stick in it. Mmm . . . chocolate.
My morning moka pot of coffee and latte

My morning moka pot of coffee and latte

  • Irish Coffee—made in a glass to show off its layers, this is either straight espresso or espresso with some hot water added to it, with some Irish whiskey and a teaspoon of brown sugar stirred into it, and then thick fresh cream floated on top. To float the cream, hold a teaspoon tilted down so that its tip is just above the surface of the coffee with the curved ‘back’ of the spoon face up, and pour the cream slowly down the back of the spoon. As you pour the cream, keep raising the spoon a little so that the tip of the spoon never comes into contact with the surface—if it does, your cream will mix with the coffee instead of floating. Getting the cream to float can be a bit tricky, so much so that even some restaurants ‘cheat’ and use spray or whipped cream instead of fresh. If you can float fresh cream on top, though, you will be rewarded with a most luxurious and sophisticated drink. The hot coffee is sipped through the cream, not mixed with it.
Irish Coffee.  Public Domain Image by Anette B.

Irish Coffee. Public Domain Image by Anette B.