How to Make Honey Pomelo Tea at Home

Updated on November 9, 2014

The Materials You Need

Materials: A pomelo, 20g edible salt, appropriate amount of water, 500g honey, 200g rock candy

The Making Progress

1.Washing the pomelo carefully to make sure it is clean enough to eat and use a piece of kitchen towel paper to dry it. Spread some salt on the pomelo and use it to scrub the skin of the pomelo over and over again.

2.Wash off the salt and use a piece of kitchen towel paper to dry the pomelo. Cut off the top of the pomelo and expose the white bast of the it.

3.Cut 8-10 cutter marks on the pomelo with a fruit knife then peel off the pomelo skin along the marks with your hand.

4.Remove the white bast from the pomelo skin because it tastes very bitter. Tear apart the flesh and remove the kernel.

5.Wear a pair of meal-using glove and squeeze the juice out of the flesh as much as you can and put the juice into a container waiting for use.

6.Do not throw away the flesh and cut the remain of the flesh into pieces or throw them away if you do not like the beverage tasting a little bitter.

7.The skin of the pomelo you peeled before is useful now. Further cut off the white bast from the skin.

8. Cut the skin into strips which width between 1-2 millimeters.

9.Put the strips into the saucepan and pull into some water to make them spill over the strips, stewing the strips until the water is boiling.

10.After the water is boiling then turn down the fire and keep stewing. Remember to rake the strips over at least two times during this progress.

11. pull the small pieces made in step 6 into the saucepan and keep stewing.

12. Half an hour later, checking the water volume and at this time there should be many bubbles on the surface of the water and the mixture will become more and more thick.

13.When there is little water in the saucepan then pull into the juice you made in step 5, if the juice is too thick then add some water and keep stewing.

14.Put the rock sugar into the saucepan and stir them evenly.

15.When there is little water in the saucepan then turn off the fire and till it cool down to about 50℃ then pull into the honey.

16. Stir the tea evenly and then put it into the container then wait it to cool down.

How to Preserve the Honey Pomelo Tea You Made?

When the making of Honey Pomelo Tea is finished, you can drink it immediately with pulling some water in it. But the best way is to seal it well and put it into the refrigerator for more then a week and then enjoy it after pulling some water to dilute it. If you keep it in the refrigerator more than 10 days, the bitter taste of the tea will disappear and the fragrance of pomelo will become more deep.

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      • Elizabeth Li 1991 profile image

        Danyang Li 3 years ago from China

        Actually the more bitter the honey pomelo tea tastes the better its effect, so do not throw the flesh away after squeezing it if you can handle with a litter bitterness.