How to Brew and Prepare Valerian Root Tea


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This article will break down how to brew your own valerian root tea to promote restful sleep.

This article will break down how to brew your own valerian root tea to promote restful sleep.

How to Brew Pre-Bagged or Loose-Leaf Valerian Root Tea

Valerian root is the pungent-smelling root of the valerian plant (Valeriana officinalis or Valeriana wallichii). The root has been used since ancient times to promote restful sleep and has exploded in popularity in recent times for this effect. With the wide variety of exotic tea blends on supermarket shelves today, let's get back to basics on how to easily prepare a cup of valerian root tea.

What You'll Need

  • kettle, stainless steel or ceramic (what you'll boil your water in)
  • teapot or mug with a lid (what you'll steep your tea in, which is not your kettle)
  • 1 teaspoon (about 2 grams) dried valerian root
  • infusion device (like a tea ball, heat seal tea bag, piece of cheesecloth and string, or steep loose and use a strainer after brewing)
  • 8 ounces of filtered water and hot water from the tap


  1. Fill the tea pot or mug you'll be steeping in with hot tap water to warm the container.
  2. Fill your infusion device with the valerian root. If steeping without a device (called "loose-leaf"), wait until Step 4 to add your valerian root.
  3. Heat 6–8 ounces of filtered water in your kettle on your stove to third boil (when the water produces big, rapidly breaking bubbles). Remove from heat.
  4. Empty your tea pot or mug of the tap water and add the valerian root to this container. Pour water from the kettle over the valerian root and cover. This helps to fully release the medicinal components of the root into your cup of tea.
  5. Steep (let sit) for about 10–15 minutes. The steep time is long because you are preparing a tough root, not a more tender leaf, flower, or stem.
  6. Uncover and remove your infusion device from your tea pot or mug. If you steeped loose-leaf, pour the steeped tea through a strainer into a second mug.

Your valerian root tea is ready to enjoy. You may add milk, honey, or sweetener to taste, though doing so may alter the medicinal benefits of your tea. I prefer this tea with nothing added.

Harvest valerian root near the end of the season—remember to plunk a chunk of the root back in the ground for next year!

Harvest valerian root near the end of the season—remember to plunk a chunk of the root back in the ground for next year!


Lee Tea on July 18, 2020:

Yeah you're not boiling the valerian root, you're boiling the water. And if you want to release those active constituents from the root instead of leaving them trapped inside, you'd better make sure that water's rolling! Then, like the article says, kill the heat, add the herb, cover and steep...and there you have it - a valerian root tea that actually WORKS!

Haven't revisited my online work in a long time, after targeted sabotage destroyed everything I had built to raise my family, and eventually hand off to my children. The thread of comments here rewriting my info is evidence things have only gotten worse. The internet is nothing more than organized biased manipulative information at this point. I didn't even write the line appearing under my name about home brewing delicious tea. None of my original blends or subsequent articles were ever brewed for flavor - effectiveness always came first and foremost, and I personally researched and tested each to the extreme to learn the herbs' potential for both help AND harm before writing a concise article offering simple instructions on how you can do the same. My advice now - grab a book about it written before 2003.

Since I have a platform here I'll leave my visitors with this - indie journalists trained to deliver whole, well- rounded, unbiased and unaffiliated information to inform and empower the masses on the individual level have been silenced online, some like myself have lost everything and still find themselves under attack long afterwards... I'm coming up on 5 years now, just found a backdoor yesterday being exploited on e device I'm using now. This situation is merciless and affects every part of our being right down to personal relations, unemployment, physical health and beyond. If you ever find someone in this position, please, consider their story may have some merit - especially if the info they delievered beforehand was particularly noteworthy for its credibility, and help them. Left to their own devices they'll be shoved down a well, blamed for the fall, and considered useless for not being able to crawl out and carry on. I asked everyone from my ISP(s) to the FBI to the head of my college's school of communication... there's been no help for us. Our devices are forever compromised, connections to our online content is never secure, the opposition is overwhelmingly merciless and sly (as evident by the comments below... who wouldve seen your own comments section as an overall threat to your own work?) and our online content is changed as if its our own creation. I mean, come on... who the hell leads into an article on valerian root on how delicious tea can be?!

David A Lawton on March 09, 2019:

Most recent supply of VALERIAN root for insomnia. Purchased with:

Passion Flower


Lemon Balm






Advised to soak to teaspoons in a glass of water, for overnight.

Filter the soaked Valerian with sieve, add to luke warm cooled tea with the other herbs and drink.

So is radically different to every other way that has been described.

Still learning ..any comments/ suggestions ?

There you go just read the next comments: Tin Tin !

Edd Edd on February 16, 2018:

Despite the widespread info of boiling water to steep valerian root, like Tin Tin mentioned, to avoid destroying all the beneficial phytochemicals, I believe it's recommended to steep in 85F, just above room temperature water.

Tin Tin on February 06, 2018:

You are not supposed to boil valerian root this will eliminate the active properties.

Zen Sen on November 06, 2017:

kettle (stainless steel or ceramic): what you'll boil your water in...?.. did you really need to point that out.

And I wouldn't mess with milk before bedtime if you're having sleeping problems like adding it to a sleep aiding tea.

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