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Is Ellis William Penn One of the Best Coffees? A Review

I drink the Ellis William Penn brand coffee just about every day.

A pack of Ellis WM Penn from my case.

A pack of Ellis WM Penn from my case.

Ellis Coffee Company has been around since the 1800s. They are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They produce coffee for many restaurants and industries in the Pennsylvania and Delaware areas.

I decided to write about this coffee since I drink the Ellis William Penn brand coffee just about every day. I'll admit, I am not a professional coffee taster or "cupper." That said, I do drink gallons of this coffee year after year and hope, as an experienced consumer, that lends me some credibility to do a review.

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The Look

The coffee I buy comes by the case. The coffee is packaged in 1.75-ounce brew packs which is simply the small bags your tear open and pour ground beans into your coffee brewer. We brew our morning (and afternoon :-) cup of joe in a Bunn coffee system brewer with a 64-ounce pot. This pot size is the same size as you'd see in a diner or restaurant or perhaps even at home.

When the coffee is brewed it looks nearly black with brown hew in the brew pot. When poured into your mug, the coffee is not black as tar. You can see 'into' the coffee. It as a nice rich brown, semi-transparent color.

The Aroma

Doesn't all coffee have that intoxicating smell? Even non-coffee drinkers admit that the scent of coffee is just wonderful. The Ellis William Penn coffee aroma does not let anyone down. It has a nice, fresh-coffee aroma that does not overpower the room like other coffees. You'll like the bouquet around the brewer as a pot is made.

The Flavor

Overall, it has a really good flavor. This coffee is not outrageously priced, but some claim that it is good enough to put in any restaurant. I would have to agree with that assessment.

I would describe the strength of this brew as mild to medium, but it is not weak at all. In spite of the mild to medium body, there is a lot of natural coffee flavor in each cup that makes the coffee feel like it is 'fuller' than it really is. The Ellis William Penn easily appeals to both mild coffee drinkers and those who like stronger coffee.

After swallowing a sip, there is a sort of toasty taste left on the tongue. It is good and invites you to have another sip. The mild to medium strength makes it easy to drink. The flavor makes for a very satisfying cup and makes you want more.

Overall Thoughts

This is a good, quality, fresh-tasting coffee. Ellis William Penn coffee can be enjoyed by both the coffee novice and the more sophisticated coffee drinker. I do change up my coffee from time to time, but I don't get tired of the Ellis William Penn.

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