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Updated on November 26, 2018
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Finnegan is looking for good day trip spots, delicious food, nice cafes and great literature to write about.

Not the healthiest

Even though some recent studies have indicated there may be certain unwanted side effects to consuming that caffeinated beverage, it's something that most of us do. We all enjoy a good cup of coffee.

And with so many choices, it is sometimes hard to decide.

Aside from the well-known coffee shops, there are choices such as McDonald's or 7-Eleven.

I'm going to offer my opinions on this topic and would like to hear from you too. This will probably be a constantly updated page, since the number of places you can get coffee is unlimited.

The Candidates: Limited availability depending on location

Cost (in dollars)
Value Overall
$1.89 (16 oz)
Carl's Jr.
$1.00 (8oz)
Burger King
$1.00 (8 oz)
$1.00 any size
Circle K
$1.69 (12 oz)
Jack in the Box
$1.00 (8oz)
$1.69 (12 oz)
Ratings: 1 = Poor / 10 = Excellent


Cost: $1.89 (16 oz)

7-Eleven has pretty good coffee and they offer it in a variety of flavors. I always go with the Regular Exclusive Blend. If I want a flavor added, I'll use one of the creamers they provide. Some of the other choices - Hazelnut, Turbo, Colombian, are a little intense and not quite as pleasant as their standard.


Most stores have this coffee available fresh - they are supposed to change it every four hours. It's always available and there are variety of flavored creamers you can use.


It is sort of expensive for a cup of coffee - the small ones start at $1.69 and the large one - the last time i checked - was $2.19. The price has gone up steadily over the years - quite a bit.

Carl's Jr.

Cost: $1.00

I believe Carl's Jr. uses a coffee company known at Seattle's Best which has its own coffee chain. Their beverage is very strong and aromatic and has a bold taste. If you like strong coffee's, this is your choice.

One dollar for a cup of coffee is pretty pricey considering it's basically flavored water and if you decide to purchase a snack item to go with your coffee, it can start to get expensive.

A lot of times their coffee is touch and go and it's dispensed from one of those plastic devices that you push a lever down on. Sitting there could probably take away some of the freshness and there really isn't any way of determining the cleanliness of their receptacles.

Usually their coffee taste fresh though and its nice when you want a heavier cup of java.

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a small cup for $1.00  (free refills)sometimes i like coffee in my cream
a small cup for $1.00  (free refills)
a small cup for $1.00 (free refills)
sometimes i like coffee in my cream
sometimes i like coffee in my cream


$1.00 any size

With the one dollar, any size drink options at this chain, why not go with the largest?

McDonald's coffee has a unique taste and is strong enough to satisfy distinguished palates but tame enough to avoid being distasteful.

One of the conveniences is that if you like sugar and cream in your drink, they will mix it in with the coffee before serving it.

Often though, the taste of their coffee depends upon location and some areas will have access to better water - and it affects the flavor of the coffee. Some restaurants purify their water first as opposed to just taking it out of the tap and you definitely can detect those locations.

Overall a good deal.

McDonald's "McCafe" style

What is your choice of beverage in the morning?

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Burger King

$1.00 (8 oz)

Well, personally one of my favorites usually. I like BK much better than McDonald's.

The coffee has a nice underlying vanilla/nutty flavor that adds a nice touch. The coffee is filling with a pleasant after-taste.

It's really hard to describe, but out of them all, it is probably my personal favorite, although your opinion might differ.

The company even decorates the cups with BK Joe, the casual colloquialism befitting of the perfect morning drink

BK Joe

Circle K

Cost:$1.69 (12 oz)

Well one of the nice things about Circle K is that they have a variety of flavored coffees you can choose from: Colombian, Hazelnut, Light Roast etc.

The coffee is hot and full of a bold flavor. It's quite strong actually and has a nice kick to jump start your morning.

The smallest size they had was a 12 ounce cup. Like 7-Eleven they provide a nice selection of flavored creamers to add to your drink. I much prefer these than adding sugar directly.

A nice value for coffee that is almost gourmet - however, not as cheap as the fast food restaurants.

Circle K

Winter Time is a Great Coffee Time!
Winter Time is a Great Coffee Time!


Cost: $1.00 (8 oz)

Well sometimes this place is pretty good and sometimes not. You have to get it when it's fresh.

For the most part though, their coffee doesn't compare to their food - which is usually pretty tasty. The coffee is sometimes a bit flat and the creamers you are provided are ordinary. You have to add your own sweetener as well.

The coffee sometimes tastes like flavored water - with a murky, underlying aftertaste. I realize that basically coffee is a flavored water, but Jack's misses some of the aroma that comes along with the other candidates in the survey.

I would probably get my coffee at a competitor's station and then move over here if I wanted the food.

At the end of the day, I would pass on this one.

Jack-in-the-Box Coffee


Cost: $1.69 (12 oz)

Well a pretty good coffee, with a strong flavor. There were a variety of flavors available, I choose the Special Mixed Blend. In addition to a decaf, there was a Cinnamon and a Pumpkin Spice.

There were flavored creamers available as well.

Although a little more expensive, this is a good coffee to pick up if you're on the go and happen to stop by one of the gas stations. It really tasted like a coffee and was hot and delicious. A nice aroma accompanied the fleshly brewed taste.

For a few cents more, you can get a larger size. (I don't think they offer free refills though).

Recommended if happen to stop by, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to obtain this beverage because of its price.


Do you agree with my opinions?

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      • wpcooper profile imageAUTHOR

        Finnegan Williams 

        20 months ago from Cheyenne

        thanks for the positive feedback robin. Yes flavored coffees are the bomb!

      • RobinReenters profile image

        Robin Carretti 

        20 months ago from Hightstown

        Well, I am a coffee Barista lady. I love coffee and what would be better to drink it near a sunset or sunrise in the early morning its a goldmine so many flavors to choose you can not go wrong it definitely plays a sipping role in my heart Mcdonalds is a great price for what you get also Panera I love can be pricey thanks for the interesting read

      • wpcooper profile imageAUTHOR

        Finnegan Williams 

        22 months ago from Cheyenne

        thank you Coffee Queen. Yes McDonald's is pretty good.

      • Coffeequeeen profile image

        Louise Powles 

        22 months ago from Norfolk, England

        It's surprising the difference in price depending on where you get a coffee. I quite like the coffee McDonalds do.


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