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Through the Grapevine: Review of Candoni Chianti

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2013 Candoni De Zan Chianti wine

2013 Candoni De Zan Chianti wine

2013 Candoni De Zan Chianti—Wine Review

There are many "budget-friendly" Chianti wines available to please the pallet of the casual "wine with dinner" drinker, and even the more serious wine enthusiasts who enjoy sampling lesser known varietals. The 2013 Candoni De Zan Chianti fits the bill for both tastes!

Tired of drinking the same old Classico Chianti, Bolla Chianti and the ever popular Bellagio Chianti in the straw basket, I was searching for something "different", but with the same flavorful Chianti taste I had grown to love over the years. As my eyes scanned the shelves of my local supermarket wine section, the bright tan and orange hand-painted label of Estruscan dancers on a bottle of Candoni De Zan Chianti caught my attention (not to mention the sale price on the sticker below it!). Having the two main elements I required of a good grocery-store wine (it was a dry, red Italian wine, and it was on sale) was enough for me to put it in my cart and never look back. But, looking back now, I'm glad I did!

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About Candoni De Zan

I always like to know a little bit about the company/region behind the wines I drink—even the inexpensive grocery store brands, so I did a little research on Candoni De Zan. While their website is chock-full of delicious facts and photos, I was mostly impressed by their mission statement and the history of the Candoni's and the De Zan's (both being a family business since the late 1800s). As with many great Italian wine families, it is their common passion to make a great wine, which was very evident to me as I took the first sip of this Chianti. You can read more about the origin of their wines, and the family members involved in the business on the website, and through it, gain an appreciation for Old World family values and the sound business practices that have made the Candoni De Zan name a thriving wine empire.

It's also worth mentioning the unique bottle labeling of the Candoni De Zan wines. Each painted Candoni bottle features a unique piece of artwork, silk-screened directly onto the glass, known as serigraphy, and render a beautiful indelible reproduction of artistic paintings. The inspiration for some of these are the ancient Etruscans, an advanced and flourishing civilization of ancient Italy, until the rise of the Roman Empire. The Etruscans are portrayed singing, dancing, feasting, swimming, playing and just enjoying life to the fullest—and enjoying copious amounts of wine!

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The Chianti Wine Region

The rich, rolling hills of southern Tuscany, Italy, filled with abundant sunshine and rich earthy soil, is the perfect paradise for growing the distinctive and prized grapes used in this Candoni Chianti D.O.C.G. Well known by visitors and wine lovers all over the world, Tuscany is the "mecca" of the Chianti wine world, filled with acres of flourishing vineyards, plentiful olive groves and picturesque countryside homes. You truly cannot appreciate a good glass of Chianti such as this Candoni Chianti without appreciating the beautiful chianti wine region of Tuscany, Italy!

Chianti Wine Region


Taste Results

The Candoni Chianti is infused with two of my favorite flavors - light, nutty almond and ripe, luscious blackberry! I noticed the light almond scent as soon as I poured my first glass, and the rich taste of ripe blackberries took me back to those hot, summer days when I would gorge on wild, succulent blackberries found at the edge of the woods. The velvety, smooth flavors of this Chianti teased my tongue and left a sweet, but dry and flavorful taste in my mouth as it traveled smoothly down my throat. I was pleasantly pleased that each sip afterwards was just as good as the one before. The perfect blend of Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes, this flavorful Chianti goes well with a hearty, homemade lasagna, or enjoyed alone with a fresh fruit plate and chunks of sharp, aged cheddar cheese. With a modest alcohol content of 12%, you can enjoy a tall goblet of Candoni Chianti after dinner, and sleep like a baby at bedtime!

Price and Availability

I found this 2013 Candoni Chianti at my local Harris Teeter Supermarket, on sale and reasonably priced for $10.99 for a 750 ml bottle. I did look for this at the local Food Lion grocery store but did not find it at either location in my area. A quick search on wine search did not show any other retailers in North Carolina that carry this particular wine, but I will definitely buy it again at my local Harris Teeter!

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