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Exploring Beer: History and How to Use It in Your Cooking

The original recipe for beer was never recorded; its advent precedes the written word. Want to learn the history of beer and how to use it in cooking and baking? Keep reading.


Your Guide to Microbrewery Equipment

Who doesn’t always want a cold beer on tap? That is why many people have begun taking on a new hobby: microbrewing. This art has been around since the Sumerians fermented the first hops and found that it kind of tasted good.


How Long Does It Take to Make Beer at Home? (Less Than You Might Think!)

If you’re a beer aficionado, you’ve probably wondered what it takes to make your own beer. Not that long actually. To make a small batch, you’ll need a brewing kit consisting of some essential items for beer making—and a little patience.


Beverages That Use Flip-Top Bottles for Brewing Beer and Kombucha

Why purchase empty flip-top bottles when you can purchase a beverage that comes with one?


Bad Beer Alert: BOXER Lager

I'm usually not very picky when it comes to beer, but after trying the abomination known as BOXER, I felt it was my duty to warn fellow beer drinkers about this noxious brew.


How to Make Delicious Ginger Beer at Home

Ginger beer is a good alternative to ordinary beer for your St. Patrick's Day party this year. Includes recipes for ginger beer (alcoholic) and ginger ale (non-alcoholic).


Beer 101: What's the Difference Between Ales and Lagers?

If you've ever bought or ordered beer, you will certainly have heard the terms "ale" and "lager" used without explanation. Learn what these mean and how they came to be.


How to Clean Beer Bottles for Homebrew

Here's how to clean and sanitize beer bottles for homebrewing using what you (probably) have around the house.


5 Beers You Are "Supposed to" Stop Drinking After Age 25

I recently read an article about five beers men over 25 aren't supposed to drink. Well, I think you should drink whatever makes you happy—including these five beers.


Health Effects of Beer

Beer, in moderation, is a healthy addition to your diet. But you do need to weigh in the negatives before drinking a bottle every day!


Straub Brewery: One of America's Oldest Lager Beers and Home of the Eternal Tap

This brewery makes 100% natural and handcrafted beer with the same process perfected by Peter Straub over 125 years ago. Visit the brewery and experience the wonders of the Eternal Tap in the town of Saint Marys, PA.


The Difference Between a Craft Beer and a Micro Brew Beer

The differences between a micro-brewery and a craft brewery are defined here. Craft beer distinguishes itself from other beers in certain ways. It is easy to confuse the two terms, and this article clearly separates the two.