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Party Drink Ideas: Create Glowing, Flaming, or Smoking Dry Ice Shots & Cocktails

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Looking for ideas for party drinks? Look no further!

Looking for ideas for party drinks? Look no further!

Ideas for Party Drinks

Make your next party special by serving unique and striking drinks that are simple to create but are sure to impress your guests. Everyone will rave about your drinks, and your party will be a huge success. Here are some ideas and instructions for creating fun drinks, including:

  • Glowing drinks
  • Fog drinks
  • Flaming drinks
  • Ice glasses
  • Other unique decoration ideas

These ideas will surely kick your party up a notch, and your guests will have a blast. Cheers!

Tonic water glows blue, and drinks with B vitamins glow a yellow-green color.

Tonic water glows blue, and drinks with B vitamins glow a yellow-green color.

Brighten Things Up With Glow-in-the-Dark Drinks

Drinks that glow-in-the-dark are one of the simplest ways to light up a party. There are several ways to make them:

  • You can use glow sticks as stirrers or just drop a glow stick into the bottom of the cup. Make sure to sanitize the glow sticks before use.
  • Tonic water glows neon blue under black light because it contains quinine. Simply make your mixed drinks with tonic water; or, if you don't like the taste, make tonic water ice cubes and put them in your drinks.
  • Another option is to put a small cup inside of a larger, clear one. Fill the smaller glass with your drink of choice, and pour tonic water into the outer glass. Use a straw for drinking.
  • Energy drinks supplemented with B vitamins will glow a yellow-green color. Serve in a clear glass for the best effect.
  • You can also just drop a B vitamin into your glass! However, if you don't want a vitamin in your drink, simply use the double glass technique outlined above, filling the outer glass with water and dissolving the vitamin inside.

For Kids, Use Light-Up Ice Cubes

Glowing ice cubes are the perfect solution if you want to have drinks with special effects but don't feel ambitious enough to try some of the DIY techniques.

Light-up ice cubes typically contain LED lights and come in multiple colors. Snag a couple of colors, or use just one color to match your party theme. They are reusable, so they will last for more than one party.

LED ice cubes are also great for children's parties, and the kids will be amazed when their drinks light up. Again, this effect works best if you serve the drinks in clear cups.

LED ice cubes are an easy way to light up your party.

LED ice cubes are an easy way to light up your party.

How to Make Flaming Drinks

Flaming drinks at a party are a hot idea. It's easier than you may think, and it's relatively safe as long as proper procedures and precautions are followed:

  • The most important thing to remember is to put out the fire before you take a drink. The fire will burn you if you try to drink it.
  • Alcohol burns with a light blue flame. Turn off the lights for better visibility.
  • Before you light the drink, close all other bottles of alcohol and move them away from the area. Other sources of alcohol could catch on fire, and things could get swiftly out of control. Keep away from any other flammable materials, such as paper or cloth.
  • Having a fire extinguisher handy is a good idea, and baking soda can also be used to put out any flames.
  • Do not pour more alcohol into an already-flaming drink. It could light the bottle on fire or even cause the fire to spray.
  • Do not let the drink burn too long, and do not leave it unattended. Fire can cause the glass to crack or break and can also ruin the taste of the drink.
  • The higher the alcohol proof, the better it will burn. Cream liqueurs don't burn very well.
  • Heavy, round, and short glassware work best. Thin glass can break easily when set aflame.
  • If you sprinkle cinnamon on the top of the drink, it will sparkle when you light it!

Be Careful

Blow out the fire, then drink. The fire will burn you if you try to drink it.


  1. Warm a glass over a burner on low heat. Do not let the glass make direct contact with the flame. Heat until the glass is warm to the touch. This will keep it from breaking when the drink is lit.
  2. Mix the drink and pour it into the glass.
  3. Move the drink away from you and your guests, and make sure everyone stands back.
  4. Light a match and touch the flame to the drink. Do not let your hand, clothing, hair, or anything else contact the drink. You can use a lighter, but keep in mind that the fluid may contaminate the drink.
  5. When you are ready to drink, extinguish the fire by blowing it out. Make sure the fire dies out completely before drinking.

Making Misty Fog Drinks

Drinks that have a mysterious fog rolling out of them are a great conversation starter at any party and are a good addition to a Hawaiian luau, Halloween, or fire-and-ice-themed parties. Fog drinks are made by using dry ice.

Relax—dry ice isn't poisonous or extremely dangerous. It is just the frozen state of carbon dioxide, the same gas we exhale. However, it can cause a freezer burn if handled with bare skin, so be careful and use tongs or wear gloves when handling it. You can use dry ice to make a fog punch or individual misty drinks.

  • For individual fog drinks, drop a small piece of dry ice into the bottom of a glass. Place regular ice cubes on top, then add the drink. Serve with a straw so that your guests don't accidentally drink the dry ice.
  • If you are worried about someone swallowing the dry ice, pour a small amount of warm water into a large glass. Pour the mixed drink into a smaller glass and place it inside the larger one so that the water surrounds it. Drop a small piece of dry ice into the warm water. Serve with a straw.
  • Use the same technique to create a fog punch: Pour water into the larger bowl and drop in a few pieces of dry ice. Place a small punch bowl into a larger one, and pour the punch into the smaller bowl.
  • Using dry ice in drinks is even easier if you use dry ice swizzle sticks. Place a piece of dry ice into the holder and drop it into the drink. This way, there is no need to worry about dry ice coming in contact with the skin or mouth.
Dry ice gives your drinks a spooky effect.

Dry ice gives your drinks a spooky effect.

Keep Things Cool With an Ice Glass

Help your guests chill out by giving them a glass made of ice. They are great for ice-themed parties or hot summer nights.

  • Buy a mold to make ice shots. Simply fill the mold with water and freeze it. Pop out the frozen glasses, pour the drinks, and serve.
  • Make glowing ice shots by using tonic water in the molds.
  • If you don't want to invest in an ice mold, follow the directions in the video below to make DIY ice glasses using a plastic cup.

How to Rim a Glass

Rimming the edge of the glass is a great visual element that adds a hint of flavor to the drink. It is very simple to do.

  1. Pour the salt, sugar, or another ingredient of choice onto a plate. Spread it out so that the pile is wider than the glass.
  2. Take a slice of lemon or lime and run it around the edge of the cup. This moistens the glass so that the salt or sugar will stick to it. You can also use a wet sponge.
  3. Carefully place the glass onto the plate. Gently turn it so that the edges are completely coated.

Other Decoration Options

  • You can use caramel or chocolate sauce as well. Just pour a thick layer onto a plate and dip the glass into it, making sure that the whole rim is coated. Don't coat the glass too thickly, or else the sauce will drip down the sides of the glass.
  • Colored sugar or Kool-Aid powder can also be used to make the decoration more colorful.
  • Pop Rocks are an especially fun way to add some spark to your drinks. You can either rim the glass with Pop Rocks or sprinkle them on top of the drink for a flavor boost. Sour-apple Pop Rocks taste great with apple martinis, while other flavors, such as strawberry and watermelon, complement cocktails really well.

Other Special Effects for Your Drinks

These extra touches turn a regular drink into something spectacular. The visual aspect is quite important at parties and events, so don't neglect the little details.

  • Use ice molds to turn your ice into fun shapes!
  • Umbrellas, funny drink stirrers, and special straws are an easy way to make a drink look more fun.
  • Buy glasses or cups to match your theme. It's an instant mood-setter.
  • Add fresh fruit to drinks for a pop of color and flavor boost.

On the Rocks

When someone asks for a drink on the rocks, give it to them—literally. Several retailers and party supply stores sell stones that act as ice. Simply pop them in the freezer for a few hours, and then drop them into your guests' drinks.

They will keep the drink cold and make a unique statement. Plus, they are reusable! Plain ice will never have the same appeal.

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