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Review of the Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine

I was searching for a coffee maker capable of brewing both single cups and full urns of excellent tasting coffee. The Braun KF9170SI, which does not rely on the use of pods, appeared to be the best option.


Review of the TaoTonics TT-CM001 Coffee Maker

I was searching for a reasonably priced coffee maker that could brew several cups of great-tasting coffee at one time. The TaoTronics TT-CM001 appeared to be an excellent option.


Best 3 Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Mugs

Travel mugs enable coffee drinkers to access their favorite beverage anywhere, even on the go. This article lists my top three mugs, along with my reasons and experiences.


How to Brew Espresso Perfectly at Home

My husband and I are avid coffee drinkers, and we enjoy making and drinking coffee at our cozy home. One of our favorites is an espresso to wake us up in the morning. Let me show you how to make a perfect cup of espresso at home.


How to Prolong the Life of Your AeroPress Coffee Maker Plunger Seal

One of the parts that will need replacement in your AeroPress Coffee Maker is the rubber seal (also called the plunger). When taken care of, this part should last two to three years. To prevent premature wear and tear of this plunger, follow these tips.


How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Summer is the perfect time to make cold brew coffee at home. You can save a lot of money by enjoying iced coffee in your comfortable living room or on the porch. Let me show you the best method I've found to make cold brew coffee. You'll love it!


How to Make a Caramel Iced Latte at Home

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy an iced coffee, and caramel iced lattes are a decadently delicious coffee treat.


How to Make Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee is a viral coffee trend that originated in South Korea. Let me show you how to make this foamy and sweet iced coffee at home!


Review of the Oster Prima Latte, Espresso, and Cappuccino Maker

I was searching for an easy-to-use coffee maker that could brew a decent cut of Cappuccino. Oster’s BVSTEM6601SS-033, which is also marketed by Mr. Coffee, appears to be a good choice. This is my review.


Review of the Oster Coffee Burr Mill

I was searching for an inexpensive burr mill that would consistently grind coffee beans to a size suitable for use in an espresso machine. Oster’s BVSTBMH23-033 coffee mill appeared to be a good option. This is my review.


Types of Coffee: Finding Your Flavor

There are countless varieties of coffee and coffee-based beverages out there. Even ordering a simple drink at your local cafe can feel overwhelming when you're presented with so many options. Learn the coffee drink basics here.


How to Make a Cappuccino (Without Using an Espresso Machine)

Want a cappuccino but don't have a fancy espresso machine? Think you have to go all the way to Starbucks and drop $$$ just for your fix? Think again. This recipe will show you how to make a quality cappuccino with nothing but coffee and milk.


How to Make Coffee With Soya Milk Without It Curdling

Learn how to make really great-tasting milky coffee with soya milk without the milk curdling and separating. Non-dairy lattes are firmly back on the menu now that I have solved this curdling conundrum.


What Coffee Should I Get at a Cafe? A Guide

As a barista, I always hear questions like this: What is this coffee? Is this good? What is a flat white? What does Chemex mean? Is it worth trying? So this is a small, friendly illustrated guide for you!


Extreme Diabetes Management: Rise-and-Shine Frothy Morning Latte

Start your day in style by making a coffee latte to kick off your morning! Just three ingredients and a milk frother are needed to create this satisfying boost to your morning energy.


Easy French Press Coffee

Here's a guide on how to brew French press coffee at home. Using a French coffee press is an excellent way to brew a spectacular cup o' Joe. Learn how to make your morning cup better than ever.


Review of the Coffee-Themed Wired Box From GlobeIn

This is my review of the coffee-themed Wired Box from GlobeIn, a subscription site that offers fair-trade, artisanal products.


Which Fast Food Chain Has the Best Coffee?

We all like to get a quick cup of coffee for the road in the morning before work. Who has the best coffee though? I share my thoughts and opinions on the matter with you. Prices listed have probably changed quite a bit since I first wrote this. I know some McDonald's no longer have dollar coffee.


Finding the Best Cold Brew Coffee in NYC at the Hester Street Fair

Don't get the jitters trying to find the best cold brew in NYC! Complete with photos and links, check out the competitors from the Hester Street Cold Brew Competition. Matte black latte, anyone?


A Review of Gerhart's Coffee: A Story in Every Cup

This article reviews Gerhart Coffee Company's "Running Pump Roasting" coffee blends. I was so inspired by the "story in every cup" that I included a fictional short story along with my factual review!


Exploring Coffee: Take It From Morning Beverage to Evening Meal

Coffee has been used for centuries as a beverage to waken and invigorate. But it can be more than a jump start to your day. Learn how to use coffee to provide a luxuriant, earthy flavor to main dishes.


Coffee - The Nectar of the Gods

Coffee: the most popular drink in the world. From bean to brew, discover how coffee affects the economy and environment.


Where’s My Coffee? A History of Our Favorite Brew

Nearly everyone is a coffee drinker, but few know where it comes from. Here's a short history of this magical hot black liquid.


5 Simple Things You Can Do to Get Barista-Style Coffee

Getting that barista-style coffee is simpler than you think. Learn some essential tips to self-brew the best coffee you have ever tasted!


How to Make Your Own Homemade Seattle Freeze Frappuccino

Wondering how to make a perfect Seattle freeze Frappuccino without going to a coffeehouse and breaking the bank? I got you.


How to Brew Dunkin' Donuts Coffee at Home: Insider Tips

Brew up a fresh pot of coffee just like Dunkin' Donuts does it. Trust me, I used to work there, so I know some of the tricks!


My Quest to Learn About the History of Coffee

The history of coffee dates back over 1000 years, and taste for the bean has permeated around the globe. In the style of Proust, each country and city offers a unique taste and blend—and memories.


What's the Best Stovetop Espresso Maker? My Moka Pot Review

Are you looking for a good stovetop espresso maker? This article reviews a couple of the top options around. And don't worry, you won't believe how affordable brewing this way can be!


The 3 Best Espresso Thermometers for Your Home Kitchen

Getting the milk just right for your cappuccino or latte is essential. Here is my top 3 list of the best espresso thermometers currently available.


Starbucks Drink Guide: Flat White

A guide written by a certified barista detailing the Starbucks version of the Flat White.


Bulletproof Coffee Isn't Everyone's Cup of Tea

Advocates of Bulletproof Coffee claim that this miracle potion can give you lots of energy, improve your IQ, and even help you lose weight. Too good to be true?


Breville BES870SL Espresso Machine: Pros and Cons From an Owner

We've owned the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Expresso Coffee Machine for 10 months. This is our unbiased review.


The 3 Best Stovetop Coffee Percolators

My experiences regarding the 3 best stovetop coffee percolators currently available.


What Is the Difference Between Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans?

There are two main types of coffee beans: arabica and robusta. This article explores the differences between them.


Reusing Nespresso U Espresso Machine Capsules When Other Methods Fail

This article is about how to get more use out of your Nespresso U pods when the foil method does not work. I also included a frothed milk recipe that can be made with the Nespresso frother.


How to Make the Best Snickerdoodle Coffee

This snickerdoodle coffee is one of my many experiments. It took days to perfect, but every hour spent was worth it. Now it's time for me to share my amazing creation with you.


Best Tasting K-Cups for Keurig Coffee Makers

K-cups are a great way to make an exceptional cup of fresh coffee with a simple press of a button. Here's a list of the best coffee.


A Guide to Four of the Most Types of Coffee Brewing Methods

The different ways in which coffee is brewed around the world, from Turkish coffee to the French press method, drip coffee and types of drinks based on espresso.


Tasty Starbucks Drinks Without Coffee or Caffeine

Some people just can't handle the taste of coffee. Some actually despise the taste! If you do, don't worry. There are many exciting drinks at Starbucks with no coffee and less caffeine.


Coconut Oil in Coffee: Benefits and Recipe

What better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee? With a cup of coffee with coconut oil, of course! Coconut oil in coffee is delicious, satisfying and great for your health.


How to Make Espresso at Home Without an Espresso Machine

Discover alternatives to using espresso machines for making your own espresso drinks at home or on the go.


How to Make Great Coffee Using an Espresso Machine

"How To Make Great Coffee" sounds so simple, doesn't it? Yet it is a fine art of simplicity and complication. There are four main steps involved in making great coffee. Here I have laid it all out.


No-Blender Iced Coffee Recipe

Iced coffee is refreshing and delicious. This simple recipe is perfect for making your own iced coffee without the use of a blender.


How to Make Homemade Starbucks Frappuccinos (With 5 Recipes)

A Starbucks barista reveals how to make copycat frappuccinos at home.


Smart Drink Choices at Starbucks: Choose This, Not That

It always amazes me when someone points out the calorie count of some basic items at local fast food establishments. Starbucks is no exception. Here I delve into the healthiest choices Starbucks offers.


How to Make the Perfect Cup of Instant Coffee

Sometimes our morning coffee tastes better than at other times, and we may not know why, especially when we stick to our chosen brand—in my case, Nescafe's Alta Rica. Here are some wonderful hints and tips to make sure you make the best cup of instant coffee each time.


How to Brew a Delicious Cup of Chicory With a French Press

Having a cup of chicory can be a perfect way to unwind after a long day or a great treat in the morning for those looking to nix caffeine from their diets. Read on to learn how.


The Pros and Cons of a Keurig Coffee Machine

The pros and cons of the Keurig Machine. Different Models of the Keurig and what they offer.


How to Clean a Coffee Maker: A Necessary Task Made Easy

Directions and tips on how to clean a coffee maker. This is a quick and easy procedure that takes only a few minutes.


How to Fix Your Keurig If It Stops Brewing!

So you push the button and your Keurig does nothing. Well, then check out this guide on how to fix it almost instantly and get that coffee brewing again!