How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Summer is the perfect time to make cold brew coffee at home. You can save a lot of money by enjoying iced coffee in your comfortable living room or on the porch. Let me show you the best method I've found to make cold brew coffee. You'll love it!


Types of Coffee: Finding Your Flavor

There are countless varieties of coffee and coffee-based beverages out there. Even ordering a simple drink at your local cafe can feel overwhelming when you're presented with so many options. Learn the coffee drink basics here.


Easy French Press Coffee

Here's a guide on how to brew French press coffee at home. Using a French coffee press is an excellent way to brew a spectacular cup o' Joe. Learn how to make your morning cup better than ever.


Which Fast Food Chain Has the Best Coffee?

We all like to get a quick cup of coffee for the road in the morning before work. Who has the best coffee though? I share my thoughts and opinions on the matter with you. Prices listed have probably changed quite a bit since I first wrote this. I know some McDonald's no longer have dollar coffee.


How to Make the Perfect Cup of Instant Coffee

Sometimes our morning coffee tastes better than at other times, and we may not know why, especially when we stick to our chosen brand—in my case, Nescafe's Alta Rica. Here are some wonderful hints and tips to make sure you make the best cup of instant coffee each time.