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How to Make Drinks That Glow in the Dark

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The Frosted Mummy, Sparkling Boo, and Green Scorpion are delicious drinks you can serve at your day-glo party.

The Frosted Mummy, Sparkling Boo, and Green Scorpion are delicious drinks you can serve at your day-glo party.

Glow-in-the-dark parties using black lights can be tons of fun. But while everyone loads up on the fluorescent clothing and body paint for a glow-in-the-dark party, what most people don't know is that you can also mix up drinks that will glow under a black light.

These luminous drinks will really spark up the party.

Here you will learn about liquids that glow in the dark and get some party drink recipe ideas. You can make a glowing milkshake, a black light-tinted fruit drink, a bright energy-drink mix, fluorescent Jell-O, and even mix up a prank glow-in-the-dark drink.

Glowing drinks are great for family-friendly parties. Kids will love drinking something that glows. They are also wonderful for adult parties. All you have to do is add alcohol, and you will have delicious fluorescent cocktails.

So light up the party with these original glowing drink ideas.

Different beverages glow different colors under black light.

Different beverages glow different colors under black light.

There are several liquids that glow in the dark that you can use to make drinks at your black light party.

  • Tonic water (blue)
  • Energy drinks with B vitamins (bright yellow)
  • Milk (yellow)
  • Vanilla ice cream (yellow)
  • Caramel (golden yellow)
  • Honey (golden yellow)
  • Syrup (golden yellow)
  • Sprite, 7Up, Mountain Dew, and other clear drinks will seem to glow as well because they reflect the light of the black light.

Tonic water and energy drinks have the best and brightest glow, but you may need more options to serve your guests. Mixing these ingredients and adding in other flavors can make some tasty and eye-appealing beverages.

Demonstration of These Liquids Under UV Light

Amp Up the Party!

Petroleum jelly, laundry detergents with whiteners, and some toothpastes also glow under a black light. Use them to write black light messages for the party.

This is a very simple but very tasty drink.

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Basically, it is a vanilla milkshake rimmed with caramel and coconut. The coconut really makes the milkshake much more flavorful.

The drink will have a golden yellow glow when it is near a black light. The rim will also glow yellow, so it is a cool drink for guests to enjoy during the party.

Kids will love to drink this mummy and adults can enjoy an alcoholic version if they are so inclined.

Who Invited You?

Scarab beetles are attracted to black light. They were also used as symbols in ancient Egypt and were carved as decoration on most sarcophagi (burial cases) used to hold mummies. Mixing up the mummy drink and flipping on the black light just might lure in some ancient Egyptian symbols of good luck—the scarab.


  • 2 big scoops vanilla ice cream
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • Caramel
  • Shredded coconut
  • Chocolate chips, optional
  • Gel icing, optional
  • Kahlua and/or vodka, optional for adult parties


  1. Pour caramel onto a plate so that it forms a circle about an inch wider in diameter than the rim of the glass.
  2. Sprinkle the shredded coconut onto another plate so that it forms a circle that is also about an inch wider than the rim of the glass.
  3. Gently dip the glass straight down into the caramel. Turn the glass slightly to make sure that the entire rim is coated with caramel. Be careful not to coat the rim of the glass too thickly.
  4. Lift the glass from the plate and hold it upside down for a few seconds to give any excess caramel a chance to drip off. This will prevent the excess from dripping down the side of the glass.
  5. Carefully dip the glass into the coconut. Rotate the glass slightly so that the entire caramel rimming is lightly coated with the coconut.
  6. Lift the glass from the plate and hold it upside down again to allow any excess coconut to fall off. If a bit goes into the glass, it is fine.
  7. Add 2 big scoops of vanilla ice cream and about 1/2 of a cup of milk into a blender.
  8. If you are making this an adult drink, add in any alcohol.
  9. Mix the ingredients until they are the consistency of a milkshake.
  10. Very carefully pour the milkshake into the glass, trying not to touch the rimming.
  11. Decorate the top of the drink with chocolate chips or gel icing. Make a face or swirls or anything else you want.
  12. Turn off the regular lights and turn on the black light.
  13. Serve the drink and watch as your guests admire the golden yellow glow and delicious taste.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • You can decorate the top of the glass with caramel instead of chocolate chips or gel icing. It will make the drink glow more. You can also add caramel swirls in the glass for even more of a mummy effect (and bonus flavor).
  • Powdered sugar or sugar crystals can be substituted for the coconut rim. You could also rim the glass with just caramel.
  • Honey or even maple syrup can be used instead of caramel to rim the glass.
  • You can mix other things into the milkshake, but it will decrease the drink's glowing effect.
  • Banana or other light colors of ice cream will also have a glow, but won't be nearly as effective as vanilla ice cream.

Tonic water has the brightest glow under a black light, but many people do not like the taste.

You can take advantage of the glow while minimizing the taste by mixing the juice with the tonic water. It will pair best and look the best under a black light if you mix it with juices that have a bitter flavor, such as cranberry juice. But mixing any juice with tonic water will look great—just be sure to experiment with the flavor before serving to guests.

The neat thing about this drink is that it will have several different colors, depending on how the light hits it. The drink is the blue color of tonic water when the black light is directly shining on it. Other times, the drink has more of a purplish glow.

Did You Know?

Ghost hunters use black lights in their investigations. It helps them spot devices used for hoaxes like fishing line and laser lights.


  • Tonic water
  • Cranberry juice (or grape juice or other purple juice)
  • Gin, vodka, or rums, optional for adult parties


  1. Fill the glass about 1/3 to 1/2 full with the juice.
  2. If you are adding alcohol, pour it in.
  3. Add tonic water (or diet tonic water) until the glass is full.
  4. Turn on the black light and flip off the regular lights.
  5. Serve the drink and enjoy the glowing color.

Pro Drink Mixing Tip: The more tonic water in the drink, the more it will glow. Balance flavor (the juice) with the glowing effect (tonic water) to make a drink that both looks and tastes good.

Energy drinks containing B vitamins glow a very bright yellow under black lights.

There is a way to make them glow a bright green as well. You simply add blue food coloring.

You can turn the glowing green drink into a cocktail as well by adding alcohol. Pick one that pairs the best with the brand of energy drink you are serving.

Bright Yellow to Bright Green!

Turn the bright yellow color of energy drinks to a bright green just by adding food coloring.

Turn the bright yellow color of energy drinks to a bright green just by adding food coloring.

Random Fact

Scorpions' exoskeletons will glow a green/blue color under a black light.


  • Energy drink with B vitamins (Rockstar, Red Bull, Monster, etc.)
  • Blue food coloring
  • Rum, whiskey, Jagermeister, or vodka, optional for adult parties


  1. Pour an energy drink into a glass.
  2. If you are adding alcohol, add it into the glass.
  3. Add several drops of blue food coloring.
  4. Turn on the black light.
  5. Mix the drink and watch as it changes from a bright yellow glow to a bright green.
  6. Serve and enjoy! Just don't drink it right before bedtime.

Pro Tip: You can create this glowing green drink without using an energy drink. Just dissolve a B vitamin in a clear liquid. Look for a vitamin with thiamine, niacin, or riboflavin. It will glow a bright yellow. Make it glow green by adding blue food coloring.

Glow-in-the-dark Jell-O is great to serve at family-friendly parties. Kids love it, and luminous Jell-O is so much more enjoyable than the regular kind.

Adults will also appreciate glowing Jell-O that has been spiked.

Making toxic slime is very easy. You just use tonic water instead of regular water. Then the Jell-O will glow a bright green color under the black light.