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Can You Make Matcha Without a Bamboo Whisk?

Can you make matcha without a bamboo whisk? Find out whether there are alternative ways to make matcha if you don't yet have a whisk.


Honey Vanilla Matcha Latte Recipe

If you're a matcha newbie, this is the perfect recipe for you to try! It's super easy and delicious.


The Complete Guide to Brewing the Perfect Cup of Tea

From brew times to picking the perfect leaves, this article provides a step-by-step guide to making a fantastic cup of tea.


Seven Perfect Teas to Sample From Oregon Tea Traders

Oregon Tea Traders is a small business that specializes in loose leaf teas and artisanal blends. The teas come in all different types and flavors: black, green, chai, herbal, floral, and vegetal. The company promotes ethical trading and sustainable farming. It also promotes health and wellness.


Refreshing Summer Iced Tea Recipe With English Breakfast Tea

My easy iced tea recipe makes the perfect summer mocktail. Everyone will love this tasty summer drink.


Spicy Tea Two Ways: Iced Summer and Hot Winter Variations

Healthy and delicious, this spicy tea won’t let you down! Enjoy it hot in the winter or iced in the summer.


Immunity-Boosting Chai Masala (Tea Spice Powder) Recipe

Prepare this immunity-boosting tea masala to help promote health. Recipe video included.


Two Masala Chai Recipes: Concentrate and Dry Mix

Fill your home with delicious fragrances and your belly with healthful herbs and spices with these two winter chai recipes.


How to Make Lemon Ginger Tea

Enjoy a refreshing and healthy lemon ginger tea. It's so easy to make and very affordable.


Homemade Chai Masala Recipe (Spice Mix for Chai Tea)

Here is a delicious and healthy mix of spices for chai tea. Drinking this tea in the winter will help boost your immunity and reduce the risk of getting a cold or a cough. Video included.


How to Create Your Own Masala Chai Tea

Ever wondered if you could create your own masala chai tea for a fraction of the cost of what the coffeehouses charge? You can! Find out how easy it is to brew your own chai tea at home.


How to Make Tokyo Tokyo Red Iced Tea: A Japanese-Inspired Drink

Have you ever eaten at Tokyo Tokyo? It's the most popular Japanese food restaurant chain in the Philippines. This restaurant offers a variety of delicious foods and drinks. Learn how I recreated their famous red iced tea at home.


Best Teas for a Chilly Day

With the weather cooling down, a warm, comforting drink is always appreciated. What's more warm and comforting than tea? Not much, I'll tell you that! Here are some of my go-to teas on the days Jack Frost won't stop nipping your nose!


How to Make Grenadine Ginger Tea

Try this delicious recipe for grenadine ginger tea. A truly refreshing tea with a twist that everyone will enjoy drinking, any time of day.


How to Make Chai Tea From Scratch

There's nothing more comforting than sitting near a fire on a brisk winter morning with a mug of freshly brewed chai tea. Slow-brewed from whole spices, this tea will be your new favorite. Read on to learn how to make this tasty tea at home!


How to Make Your Own Kombucha Brewing Kit (and Four Common Issues)

Don't waste your money ordering an expensive Kombucha kit. This exhaustive guide to creating your own will set you up in no time.


How to Gather Rose Hips and Make Them Into Tea

Rose hips are an excellent source of vitamin C. Learn how to identify, gather, and blend your delicious rose hip tea.


How to Make Cold Brew Iced Tea

Learn how to make cold brew iced tea easily and inexpensively at home!


How to Dry Herbs for Herbal Tea

If you've grown herbs for herbal teas or tisanes, the next step is to preserve them. You can dry them easily and make your own herbal teas with them.


How to Grow Your Own Tea and Herbal Tea Plants

Do you love tea and herbal teas but are tired of paying for teas and tisanes that use substandard herbs and spices? You can grow your own herbal tea plants year-round that taste terrific.


A Taste for Tea: Some Facts About the Drink

We may love our java here in the United States, but more Americans are choosing tea to be their eye-opener. The total amount of tea consumed daily in this country is a staggering 1.42 million pounds.


How to Make Honey Pomelo Tea at Home

Learn how to make some delicious honey pomelo tea in the comfort of your own home.


Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Learn more about the history of afternoon tea and the proper etiquette that comes with hosting and attending afternoon tea.


Comparing Tea Culture All Over the World

This article will examine how different types of tea are prepared and enjoyed across seven different countries.


How to Make DIY Bubble Tea (Boba Tea)

Are you craving bubble tea? Learn how to make your own delicious concoction at home. It's easy, and it will save you lots of money, too!


How to Make a Healthy Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte

Starbucks' green tea matcha latte is mostly sugar. You can make a healthier version at home that's cheaper and healthier! I've also included in-depth ingredients research.


Fruity Iced Green Tea Refreshers

This is a delicious and healthy iced tea recipe, made from green tea, fruit, and ice. I included several variations, as well as how to make tea ice cubes and tea slushies.


How to Serve an Elegant Afternoon Tea

Learn British afternoon tea customs, traditions and history plus party planning tips including setting the mood, invitations, menu and recipe suggestions and beautiful tablescapes.


How to Brew and Enjoy Blooming or Flowering Tea

Flowering teas are not only great-tasting and healthful, they are also lovely to look at. It may be right up your alley… in fact, these “blooms” may just end up being your cup of tea!


What Is Bubble Tea (aka Boba) and What Does It Taste Like?

Bubble tea (aka pearl milk tea, tapioca tea, boba nai cha, boba milk tea or just boba) is a tea-based drink invented in the tea shops of Taichung, Taiwan, in the 1980s.


Loose Tea vs. Tea Bags: Is There a Difference?

Teabags might be a little more convenient, but loose leaf green and white teas are bursting with antioxidants and other healthful properties. But how much of a difference is there really? Is loose leaf tea actually so inconvenient to prepare?


How (and Why!) to Make Lemongrass Tea

Learn how to make lemongrass tea. In addition to being delicious, it's also good for your health.


How to Make Homemade Malunggay (Moringa) Tea

Malunggay is a widely cultivated plant in the Philippines. It is also known as Moringa, West Indian Tree, horseradish tree, ben oil tree, drumstick tree, la mu (Mandarin), arzan taiga (Burkina Faso), windi bundu (Niger), among others. Malunggay...


Black Tea Flavors, Brewing Tips, and Cultural Origins

A cup of hot black tea has its origins steeped in culture with relaxing benefits. Whether Ceylon, Assam, or Darjeeling, proper brewing, steeping, and presentation create a perfect cup of hot tea.


How to Make Ginger Tea With Brown Sugar

This recipe for ginger tea with brown sugar is very easy to make, not to mention delicious. Ginger tea is good for helping with stomach gas, bloating, common cold, and nausea. It's a very good health tonic.


Iced Green Tea Recipes

Four great green tea recipes, including a regular iced green tea recipe, a mint tea recipe, a peach tea recipe, and a wonderful diet green tea with citrus juices. Photos and easy instructions included!


How to Brew Fresh Iced Tea at Home With a Drip Coffee Pot

A straightforward article with simple instructions for brewing your own iced tea at home.


Earl Grey Tea and Oil of Bergamot From Calabrian Oranges

Earl Grey tea is a black tea flavored by oil of bergamot. The fragrant oil is produced from the bergamot orange. The best type is produced in Calabria in Italy.


Does Drinking Green or White Tea Make You Poop More?

One of the less welcome side effects of drinking green or white tea is that it can make you go to the loo more. Don't worry. This is actually a sign that the tea is working, and it is only temporary.


Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme: Herbal Tea to Keep You Healthy

It's amazing how much good a little plant can do for our health. Herbal teas aren't just good for you, they are fun to create and they taste good too.


A Complete Beginners Guide to Green and White Tea

Here's a quick and clear guide to green and white teas, from health benefits and warnings to brewing and different varieties. Read this for a whistle-stop tour of the fragrant and delicious world of tea.


Recipe for Fresh Iced Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm is known to calm anxiety, restore depleted energy and its decongestant and antihistamine properties help with asthma and hayfever. Try a delicious glass of lemon balm tea to enjoy and receive the benefits this beautiful herb has to offer.


How to Brew and Prepare St. John's Wort Herbal Tea

This guide will break down how I improved my morning with this tea and provide instructions on how you can too!


Fluoride Content in Black, White, Green, and Oolong Teas

We should be limiting our total exposure to fluoride from tea, based on the potential dangers associated with fluoride exposure and the high levels present in many types of tea. At the same time, incorporating benefits from different types of teas provides a wide variety of benefits.


English Tea: Its History and Preparation

A look at the custom of taking tea and its history. Learn tips on its preparation, and presentation.


The Many Benefits of Tasty, Tingly Ginger Tea

Ginger is one of the most vibrant, delightful, and hardworking spices around, but it rarely receives the recognition it deserves. If you're not familiar with the wonders of ginger tea, dive in.


How to Drink and Appreciate Tea, Plus Facts for the Novice

A must-read for the beginner or the advanced tea drinker, covering the production process, types of leaves, blends, flavorings, and health benefits.


How to Brew and Prepare Valerian Root Tea

Valerian root has been used since ancient times to promote restful sleep. This guide will show you how to brew your own valerian root tea at home.


How to Prepare, Brew, and Steep Herbal Lavender Tea

Learn how to make your own herbal tea at home with dried buds from the aromatic lavender flower.


How to Prepare and Brew Chamomile Tea

A right-to-the-point article with complete and clear instructions on how to brew your own chamomile tea.