Pinot Noir Facts, Tasting Notes, and Health Benefits

Red wine has many benefits. With higher concentrations of antioxidants than other reds, pinot noir is the most beneficial of them all.


How to Choose a Good Bottle of Wine Every Time

Choosing a bottle of wine should be an enjoyable experience. But with so many varieties, styles, and regions to choose from, it can be an overwhelming task. Here are some tips to help make your decision easier and a little more enjoyable.


Exploring White Wine (Plus How to Use It in Cooking and Baking)

Learn the origin of white wine and how to use it in sweet and savory cooking and baking.


How to Host a Virtual Wine Tasting Party

While attending a live wine tasting party may not be possible at the moment, you can certainly still host a virtual tasting party. Here’s how to make it a hit.


Wine Gifting Guide: How to Choose the Right Wine for Anyone

With the holiday season fast approaching, thoughts of gift-giving are on the minds of many. If you are thinking of generously giving wine to friends, family, co-workers, staff, or clients, the following helpful tips will help ensure that your thoughtful gift brings joy and warmth to their holiday.


How Long Does Wine Last After You Open It?

How long wine lasts after you open it relies on a few main factors. The type of wine it is, the amount of residual sugar in it, and how it was stored. Sugar plays a huge role in keeping wine fresh because it acts as a natural preservative.


Food and Wine Pairing Chart: Find the Perfect Wine for Your Meal

At a fine restaurant, the sommelier selects the perfect wine to enhance your dining experience. At home, all you need is this handy chart.


Homebrewing Red Wine: Enhanced Grape Juice

Oh, how generations of wine growers weep in agony over the sins of homebrewers who make wine from a carton grape juice.


Exploring Red Wine (Plus How to Use It in Cooking and Baking)

Learn the origin of red wine and how to use it in sweet and savory cooking and baking.


Red Wine Benefits: It's Sexy, Irresistible, and Good for You

Red wine is sultry and captivating. From the curvy glass, the delicious aroma, and the alluring color, red wine is the ultimate date beverage that enhances the romantic mood.


Review of Cloudsley Cellars: Niagara Region Wine Country

Advances in viticulture research and technology have revealed the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada, to be an exciting hidden hotbed of great wine. In this article, I review a wonderful new addition: Cloudsley Cellars.


Top 5 Fun Facts Every Champagne Enthusiast Should Know

No wine beats Champagne. The bubbly liquid stands for celebration and classy events, and it tastes like heaven. Learn more about the exclusive name, preparation and vintages behind this world-famous wine.


Have You Tried 'Chacha'? Sampling the Georgian National Spirit

'Chacha' is the name for the distilled spirit or pomace wine from the winemaking process in the Republic of Georgia. Produced widely in Georgia, the spirit is less well known outside the region. This article introduces the spirit with a few notes on production, taste, and where to find it.


10 Wine Terms for Beginners and How to Taste Wine Like an Expert

There are many wine descriptions and terms that wine experts and connoisseurs use when tasting wine. When you understand these terms you will be able to communicate what particular characteristics you enjoy in a wine. Here are 10 terms to know and how to taste wine like an expert.


Wine Tasting Near Burlington, Vermont

The wine industry in Vermont is growing, especially with the emergence of cold-hardy grape varieties. Each of its wineries offers something unique and individual to its patrons. Here are a few of my favorite tasting rooms near Burlington, Vermont.


My Cheat Sheet for Wine Tasting

This article is intended for beginner wine tasters. Wine tasting is a fun and excellent way to spend an afternoon with a friend or family member.


How to Chill, Uncork, and Pour Champagne Like a Wine Expert

Learn how to choose the best champagne glass, chill your bubbly properly, open the sparkling wine safely and confidently, and pour this classic beverage with minimal foaming for maximum effervescence.


How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew: 10 Methods

Need to open a bottle of wine but you haven't got a corkscrew? This article looks at the different methods you can employ to remove that pesky cork.


What Is Rosé Wine?

Many people are surprised to find out rosé wine is not white and red mixed together. Rosé wine is a wine making process that uses red grapes to make a light blush wine.


Investing in Expensive Wine

Collectors and investors pay thousands of dollars for a single bottle of wine and sometimes lawsuits follow.


A Modern Approach to Pairing Food and Wine

Given our love of international cuisine, perhaps we should update our thoughts on what wine we should serve with our food.


A Guide to Tasting Wine

This guide will break down how to taste wine like a professional!


How to Properly Taste Wine

Unsure about the proper procedure for tasting wine? This article provides a little instruction on how to do it.


The Best Seasonal Sangria Recipes

Whether you prefer white wine or red wine sangria, it's always best to start with fresh seasonal fruit. Find recipes for any time of year!


Reasons Why Wine-Tasting Is a Bit of a Hoax

Wine tastings are the perfect opportunity to observe an insufferable breed of humans who pretend they possess a highly specialized knowledge and that other mortals should bow before their superiority.


Top 10 Wines to Drink in a Casino

What kind of wine should you drink in a casino? Here is a list of ten wines I enjoyed during my time in Las Vegas. I was surprised and pleased to see casinos have really expanded the number of wines they offer since last time I was in Vegas, years ago.


Making Elderberry Mead (Honey Wine)

How to brew your own elderberry mead or honey wine when your elder trees are brimming with fruit. Making mead is easy, and you'll be enjoying it around the holidays. This mead recipe is for a melomel.


Through the Grapevine: Review of Candoni Chianti

A wine review for 2013 Candoni De Zan Chianti wine.


Cork or Screw: The Best Way to Store Wine

What's the best way to store wine? Is it a cork or a screw cap? Find out one clever solution to this wine drinker's dilemma.


A Review of Sweet Moscato and Riesling Wines

This guide will help you transition from the very popular very sweet moscato, to the more balanced slightly less sweet riesling.


11 of the Best Fruity, Sweet-Tasting Wines Under $20

A list of sweet, fruity-tasting, and affordable wines that are perfect for anyone who loves the sweetest, juiciest wines possible, both white and red. Refer to this list when you go to buy your next bottle!


How to Make Simple, Homemade Peach Wine

Country wines are so much fun and perfect for those of us who aren't brewing or wine-making experts! Here's a simple recipe with easy-to-follow instructions for making peach wine from whole peaches.


How to Make Raspberry Wine

A simple, easy-to-follow recipe with instructions for making homemade raspberry wine from whole raspberries.


How to Make Elderflower Champagne (Plus Elderflower Cordial)

Easy-to-follow steps for making delicious elderflower champagne or nonalcoholic elderflower cordial. Just pick your blossoms and combine them with water, lemons, sugar and white wine vinegar. Safety instructions and handy tips for foolproof success are included.


How to Make Bitter Gourd Wine

Learn how to make some tasty bitter gourd wine in this article.


Wines of Portugal (The Best Portuguese Reds & Whites)

If you drink a glass of wine now and then or belong to a wine club, most likely you have discovered the wines of Portugal. The country's best wines appear in wine markets around the world and are considered by many conscientiously crafted, delightful to drink, and a remarkable value.


How to Make Easy Homemade Wine (Red or White)

Want to make some homemade wine? Read on for an easy method of making delicious red or white wine.


Is It Safe to Drink Homemade Wine?

Is homemade wine safe to drink? It should be both safe and wholesome, but there are some dreadful recipes and methods out there on the Internet. Here's how to avoid the shockers.


An Introduction to California Wines

This is a comprehensive guide to understanding California wines.


How to Make Milk Jug Mead (Honey Wine) at Home

This is a cheap and easy way to make your own mead at home. Mead is also known as honey wine, and has been celebrated for millennia as a divine alcoholic beverage.


Easy Homemade Pear Wine Recipe

A simple recipe for homemade pear wine using basic ingredients.


Recipe: How to Make Wine From Tea

Did you know that you can make a delicious wine from tea? It's quick and easy to make (need no for special equipment). Want to know how? Read on...


How to Make Easy Homemade Apple Wine

A recipe and instructions for simple, cheap homemade apple wine .


Goon: Australia's Most Famous Drink. What Is It?

What is Goon? What does it mean to slap it? Which flavours are best? And what can you do with the space bags? Learn about Australia's famous drink here.


How to Make Tuba or Bahalina (Filipino Coconut Wine)

Coconut wine, also known as tuba or bahalina, is a popular drink in the Philippines. Learn about its different variations and how it's made.


“In Vino Veritas”: Quotes About Wine From Around the World

Wine is called the elixir of the gods. Let's take a look at what famous thinkers, writers, and poets have said about wine since the beginning of time.


10 of the Best Cheap Wines That Still Taste Good

A list of my favorite cheap wines that still taste great including brands like Franzia, Lambrusco, Vendage, and Carlo Rossi.


How to Make Wine From Grape Juice

Here's a simple and reliable method for making wholesome red and white table wine from supermarket grape juice, sugar, and yeast. No chemicals and no specialist equipment needed.


How to Make Wine in Just One Week

Got juice, yeast, and sugar? You're set. Let's make wine.


Homemade Cranberry Wine

Winemaking is an easy and ancient art. Nowadays people desiring to try making wine at home don't have to purchase fresh grapes and expensive equipment. All that is needed to get started are some simple household items, a packet of wine yeast and some grape or other fruit juice from a neighborhood grocery store.