Wine Tasting Near Burlington, Vermont

The wine industry in Vermont is growing, especially with the emergence of cold-hardy grape varieties. Each of its wineries offers something unique and individual to its patrons. Here are a few of my favorite tasting rooms near Burlington, Vermont.


What Is Rosé Wine?

Many people are surprised to find out rosé wine is not white and red mixed together. Rosé wine is a wine making process that uses red grapes to make a light blush wine.


Top 10 Wines to Drink in a Casino

What kind of wine should you drink in a casino? Here is a list of ten wines I enjoyed during my time in Las Vegas. I was surprised and pleased to see casinos have really expanded the number of wines they offer since last time I was in Vegas, years ago.


Making Elderberry Mead (Honey Wine)

How to brew your own elderberry mead or honey wine when your elder trees are brimming with fruit. Making mead is easy, and you'll be enjoying it around the holidays. This mead recipe is for a melomel.


Wines of Portugal (The Best Portuguese Reds & Whites)

If you drink a glass of wine now and then or belong to a wine club, most likely you have discovered the wines of Portugal. The country's best wines appear in wine markets around the world and are considered by many conscientiously crafted, delightful to drink, and a remarkable value.


Homemade Cranberry Wine

Winemaking is an easy and ancient art. Nowadays people desiring to try making wine at home don't have to purchase fresh grapes and expensive equipment. All that is needed to get started are some simple household items, a packet of wine yeast and some grape or other fruit juice from a neighborhood grocery store.