Five Ways to Eat Protein in the Morning

Updated on November 29, 2016

Yes, you can eat protein at breakfast!

We all know it's important. We know how much better we feel when when we've had some protein first thing. We know that it gives us fuel for the morning and makes us less likely to binge on donuts. But it seems so inconvenient compared to a bowl of cold cereal or a bagel or a cup of coffee. Here are some ideas to inspire you.


Bacon, once thought to be a guaranteed heart attack, has recently been found to be not that bad for you after all. And it's amazingly delicious! The only problem is that it takes a while to cook.

However, if you are frying up only one, two, or three slices, it's not really that hard. Put them on as soon as you get up. Get them going nice and hot while you, say, make your coffee. Then turn the heat down and monitor them while you assemble the rest of your breakfast. When they are at a color that you like, use a spatula to lift them onto a paper-towel-covered plate, where they will quickly crisp up.

In just a few minutes, you will be able to enjoy protein at its most delicious!

an egg frying in a single-serve frying pan
an egg frying in a single-serve frying pan


Eggs, like bacon, were once considered a heart-disease bogeyman. And like bacon, they have since been discovered to be much better for your blood sugar - and your heart - than previously thought.

The photo illustrates how quickly you can fry up a single egg for yourself in one of those little one-egg frying pans. Make some whole wheat toast, and breakfast is served!

If you prefer boiled eggs, make five or six at a time, stick them in the fridge, and you can just grab one for breakfast.

Of course, there are many other fun things you can do with eggs ... scrambled, omelettes, huevos rancheros ... but this article all about making breakfast easy. Save the fancy stuff for the weekend.


Perhaps "tuna" and "breakfast" have never crossed your mind in the same sentence. If so, prepare to be amazed!

If you like tuna at all, this is a quick and easy way to get your morning protein fix. Make some tuna salad (I like to keep it simple: tuna ... mayo ... that's it) and store it in the fridge. In the morning, toast a bagel (good bagel flavors with tuna include sesame seed, onion, or "everything"). Spread some tuna on the bagel. Add cheese if you like. Fruit on the side. The result is savory, surprisingly satisfying, and so convenient.

plain yogurt topped with wheat germ for protein and texture
plain yogurt topped with wheat germ for protein and texture

Yogurt with Wheat Germ

You have to be a die-hard yogurt fan to enjoy this one. I like sour things like pickles, lemons and Sour Patch Kids, so I enjoy plain yogurt. Sometimes I even stir in a little lemon juice just for fun.

Yogurt has some protein, and wheat germ is high in protein. (I learned this when I was pregnant. Thank you, What To Eat When You're Expecting.) Between them, you can get a breakfast that is decently high in protein, and has no sugar and very few carbs. I recommend you buy the full-fat kind of yogurt, because the low- or no-fat versions often have gelatin added (check the label).

Obviously, you can add whatever you want to your yogurt: fruit ... jam ... chocolate syrup ... Just be sure to sprinkle on the wheat germ when you're done. This is a breakfast that takes almost no time to prepare.

oatmeal topped with brown sugar and almonds
oatmeal topped with brown sugar and almonds


If, like my husband, you have a very healthy and efficient habit of making yourself a bowl of oatmeal like clockwork every morning, an easy way to add protein to your usual routine is just to keep some almonds on hand. Throw a few on top of your oatmeal. The kind in this photo are some roasted/glazed variety, but you can buy any kind you want, including plain.

If you want to work some fruit into this same breakfast, dice up half an apple, put it in your serving bowl, plop the hot oatmeal on top of it, and stir. The result will be crisp-tender bits of apple in your oatmeal and crunchy almonds on top. Paradise.


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