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How to Make Quick and Delicious Pancakes From Scratch

Updated on March 17, 2016
3.5 stars from 482 ratings of Pancakes

Do you want a quick and inexpensive way to feel totally superior to people?

Make pancakes from scratch. The money you save combined with the gloating you can do are well worth the extra 2 minutes it takes to whip this batter together. You probably already have all the ingredients anyway. So, the next time someone in your household gets a hankering for pancakes, you don't have to run out to the store to buy the inferior pre-made batter (or worse still, the frozen kind -- why do you hate your family?) Just pull out these seven ingredients that are just taking up space in your fridge and pantry and show off some culinary, pancake love.


  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3 1/2 tsps baking powder (Quick Pro-tip: If this stuff has been sitting around too long, you'll get flat pancakes).
  • 1 scant tsp salt *
  • 1 tbs granulated sugar
  • 1 1/4 cups Milk (Note: I use whole milk, but 2% works as well. I've never tried this recipe with 1% or skim, so I don't know if the much lower fat content has any effect)
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tbs butter, melted

* The recipe calls for a full tsp, which needs to be measured exactly, otherwise the pancakes can be too salty. So, to err on the side of deliciousness, go just under a tsp. But don't cut it down to 1/2 tsp or your pancakes won't be as fluffy. Salt helps make the insides fluff. Science!


  1. In a large mixing bowl, sift together all the dry ingredients -- the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Or, just dump everything in there. Lumps in the batter actually make for better pancakes.
  2. Mix the dry ingredients
  3. Make a well in the center and pour in the milk, egg and melted butter; mix until just combined. Don't worry about lumps (see above).
  4. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat.
  5. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Note: If you want a lot of little pancakes, use about 1/4 cup of batter per pancake. If you want fewer large pancakes, use about 1/2 cup of batter per pancake. Or use any amount in-between or above or below. They're your pancakes. Go nuts (But don't put nuts in them. Are you a monster?)
  6. Cook the first side until bubbles have formed uniformly over the top surface. Flip, and cook the 2nd side for about 2 minutes.
  7. Make sure both sides are lightly browned and serve hot.

Enjoy your food!


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    • CarNoobz profile image

      CarNoobz 3 years ago from USA

      Oh, I love homemade pancakes. Have you ever used lemon juice in them? My mother in law makes them with a little lemon's not bad.

    • DIYmommy profile image

      Julie 3 years ago

      This recipe looks delicious, I am looking forward to trying it out. Homemade pancakes are SO much better than store bought!

    • bubbles 3 years ago

      how many do it make

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 3 years ago from Texas

      Hi, Bubbles. This recipe makes 6 to 8 thick pancakes, depending on how big you make them. I suppose it could make one really big one, or loads of tiny ones, but I doubt that's what you're going for. I hope you enjoy!

    • Manuela 3 years ago

      this is the best recipe ever! thank you!

    • Sam 3 years ago

      Hi is the sugar just normal sugar? And what can you use instead of butter?

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 3 years ago from Texas

      Hi, Sam. It's just granulated sugar ( like what you put in tea or coffee). You could use margarine or shortening instead of the butter, but the consistency won't be quite the same.

    • 3 years ago

      Used this recipe, made pancakes from scratch for the first time and boy, did my family love them! I will continue to use it until I know it!

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 3 years ago from Texas

      Z, I am so happy that you and your family enjoyed these pancakes!

    • Jay 3 years ago

      I tried these twice and I or my family could not eat them. They had a bad after taste. Ill be looking for a better recipe.

    • Jay 3 years ago

      Sorry just figured out we used baking soda not powder....uggg

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 3 years ago from Texas

      No worries, Jay. I hope you all will enjoy these. I know they make for happy breakfasts at my house. :-)

    • haddijatou secka 3 years ago

      the recipe looks delicious i am going to try it right now

    • Karl 3 years ago

      This recipe did not work. Well done

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 3 years ago from Texas

      Karl, I'm sorry these didn't turn out for you, but the recipe is sound. It's the basic recipe for pancakes. If you let me know what went wrong, I can try to trouble shoot for you. Have a nice day!

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      Cool yummy

    • Breanna 3 years ago

      I Can't Wait to try It...Sounds Very Delicious

    • nykea 3 years ago

      I LOVE...MY FAMILY LOVES...ITS JUST A WONDERFUL RECIPE!!!!!.....I ve made these maybe about 10 times and they get better and better with each bite.

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 3 years ago from Texas

      I'm so glad you and your family enjoy these pancakes! :-)

    • Miss K 3 years ago

      Delicious, fluffy and with just the right amount of sweetness - my one-year-old gobbled them up like it was going out of style. I tried this recipe when I finally admitted the Martha Stewart one just wasn't cutting it. Thanks so much!

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 3 years ago from Texas

      Miss K, I'm so glad you like these. My daughter has been eating then since she was around a year old, too. She just loves them. :-)

    • anamarie 3 years ago

      they were just great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if u add choc chips yumm.

    • Jen 3 years ago

      I made these pancakes and substituted white sugar with brown sugar and a about a teaspoon of olive oil instead of butter and they turned out so fluffy and delicious! I will never buy pre-mixed mixes again! :) Thanks for sharing the recipe! ;o)

    • SilasOtoko 3 years ago

      They taste great! Much better than store bought!

    • Allens2001 3 years ago

      Made these pancakes for my family and they LOVED them and they were so easy to make. Thanks!!

    • James 3 years ago

      I just made this recipe on a gas stovetop in Brooklyn with a skillet big enough for one six-inch pancake at a time and it was AWESOME! Thanks so much for my great breakfast!! Made 7 delicious pancakes!

    • nick 3 years ago

      how about butter milk

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 3 years ago from Texas

      Nick, I've never tried this recipe with buttermilk. Please let me know how it goes. :-)

    • Bird 3 years ago

      Great recipe! First time making pancakes from scratch and I love them. Thank you.

    • Irocgirl92 3 years ago

      These turned out alright. I think next time I'll use a little less salt. Plus adding a pinch or so of brown sugar also gives them a little bit of depth too. Overall a good recipe. Thanks :)

    • DC 3 years ago

      this recipe worked very well I used for a project. I got an A!!!!

    • Connie 3 years ago

      Tried this recipe for first time, I must say they are delicious! This recipe is a definite keeper!

    • misskate 3 years ago

      Hello, I'm french and Iwas looking for a homemade pancake recipe instead of using a mix for years. I was so surprised it went so great. Thanks a lot.

    • Pamela 3 years ago

      I tried your recipe this morning, and added a dash of cinnamon. You really can't taste the cinnamon in the finished pancake, but they were great! Thanks for posting an easy-to-use recipe!

    • Erin 3 years ago

      Just made these with whole wheat flour and turned out fabulous! I never knew that homemade pancakes were so easy! Thank you!

    • samuel t 3 years ago

      for some reason ive been having homemade pancakes on my mind and its my 1st time makin homemade pancakes and i gotta turned out pretty good....i burned the last one though lol but thanks...i got what i wanted now im more than satisfied...and the kids are 2.

    • M Fox 3 years ago

      The first time i made these, I used buttermilk, and they were DELICIOUS!!! My family LOVED them!!! I'm making them again this morning, and Buttermilk Is what I'm using!!! It put IHOP to shame!!! Actually, the batter seemed a little thick, so i thinned it out just a little with whole milk. (Used all my buttermilk)....and it was fine!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • matt 3 years ago

      when you ay melted butter do yo mean let it sit out or just melt it?

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 3 years ago from Texas

      Matt, I melt mine in the microwave. You want it to be liquid so it is absorbed all at once. Since pancakes cook quickly on the stove top versus more slowly in the oven like biscuits, the fat needs to be completely incorporated into the batter.

    • granpa dan 3 years ago

      throw in some honey too....yum

    • Walter 3 years ago

      The batch I made taste completely like flour and have no flavor. Seems like how hard I try every home made pancake recipe I make always tastes like flour and not like pancakes. I followed the directions to the tee and same result. Maybe my palate is sensitive?

    • Pond 3 years ago

      So, I made these yesterday, as a first stab at making pancakes from scratch. Thought I was going to do really bad, but they actually turned out really fluffy and delicious! Great recipe! Thank you for sharing!

    • puppy 3 years ago

      i am going to try them!!! wish me luck!

    • Amie 3 years ago

      My first four pancakes came out extremely salty! That's when I realized oops I forgot the sugar! lol. Once I realized my error and added in the sugar these were delightful! Fluffy and tasty. It's perfect too since it's a basic batter recipe the possibilities are endless! I'm thinking blueberry buttermilk next time. Or maybe blueberry whole wheat. Ooo or banana! see what a mean?

    • ree m 3 years ago

      The recipe was very helpful and my pancakes came out so delish! Thanks for posting this!

    • crystal 3 years ago

      i don't have any baking powder is there any substitute for it?

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 3 years ago from Texas

      You can substitute 2 parts cream of tartar with 1 part baking soda. But, I have never tried this, and pancakes don't have a lot of room to hide unwanted flavors, so I can't guarantee how these would turn out with the substitute. If you substitute, please tell me how it goes. Good luck!

    • Indya 3 years ago

      I wanted to use buttermilk instead of reg milk. Is that recommended?

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 3 years ago from Texas

      I am not a fan of buttermilk, personally, so I have not used it. However, several people have said that they used buttermilk, and the pancakes turned out great. :-)

    • Amanda 2 years ago

      Worst pancakes ever . Came out to be so nasty

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 2 years ago from Texas

      Amanda, I am so sorry that your pancakes did not turn out. However, this recipe is sound, and the vast majority of those who try it and follow the instructions properly, agree that the pancakes taste quite good.

    • Lindsey 2 years ago

      These were sooooooooooooo good especially with blueberries yumm thanks for the recipe:)

    • Keisha 2 years ago

      This recipe is AWESOME!!! Me and the family addicted. Never will buy pancake batter again. If you say they're just alright or it didn't work then it's the chef not the recipe. Love these pancakes.

    • Pegasus 2 years ago

      Interestingly enough I was looking for a basic pancake recipe and in looking at these ingredients, they can be made paleo or diabetic friendly. Sub-out Flour for Almond Flour, Quinua, Millet or Amaranth. Use Almond Milk instead of Cow's Milk. Sub the Sugar for Stevia. (I highly do *not* recommend Aspartame, Splenda or any of that ilk. All other ingredients should be the same (might have to experiment a little). Thanks for the posting.

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 2 years ago from Texas

      Pegasus, I would love to read about your results. Please post!

    • Jr 2 years ago

      I am trying this now i wanted pancakes lol hope these turn out!!!!:-)

    • First Timer 2 years ago

      Saltiest pancakes I've ever had. Although ver fluffy. So I added more sugar. Next time, I'm going to add just a tiny tiny salt.

    • Ashlie 2 years ago

      Going to try for the first time today so fingers crossed

    • Lisa 2 years ago

      Normally I try a recipe and it turns out horrible. This recipe was great. I actually made yummy tasting pancakes. My husband is actually trying to make them right now because he liked them so much!

    • Fala 2 years ago

      It didn't work

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 2 years ago from Texas

      Fala. I'm sorry to hear the recipe didn't work out for you. If you could be more specific, I would be happy to trouble shoot for you.

    • Conceited 2 years ago

      Can I mix the dry ingredients and store it? If so, how long will it last?

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 2 years ago from Texas

      Hi Conceited. You can mix the dry ingredients and store them in an air-tight container for probably a month or more. All those ingredients are long-lasting shelf-stable.

    • Conceited 2 years ago

      Yaay thank you

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 2 years ago from Texas

      You are welcome.

    • Robin 2 years ago

      This recipe was great and I was quite pleased with the results. I wanted to try something new plus make them from scratch so I gave it a shot. and they were delicious. Believe me, I will using this recipe again.

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 2 years ago from Texas

      Robin, I am glad these turned out well for you!

    • Sharnice 2 years ago

      Made my pancakes salty thanks for the advice *sarcasim*

      Sorry if this was harsh I'm serious about this part but they were salty

    • Sharnice 2 years ago

      But considering the other comments ill try again with much less salt maybe you should change the ingredients to less salt

    • Ryan 2 years ago

      No doubt the best pancakes I've ever made :) leave the haters hate :) they where amazing

    • angela 2 years ago

      Delicious. Only made 2large 4 small in 1 batch

    • Justin Souter 2 years ago

      I have made these a couple of times according to the recipe and they turned out very nice. Today I tried them with some Bob's Red Mill gluten-free flour and they tasted really good. Also I had just a splash of vanilla extract. Actually half my batch today was with rice milk and the other half with regular whole milk. Each one had its own flavor both were quite good.

    • Frankly My Dear profile image

      Frankly My Dear 2 years ago from Texas

      Sharnice - perhaps you measured incorrectly. When measuring for baking, you must be sure to use level teaspoon/tablespoon/cup amounts. I made these yesterday with my 2 year old, and when she held the teaspoon for me to pour the salt, she moved it and extra salt went into the mix. It was just a dash, but the pancakes did turn out salty.

      Or, perhaps you are more sensitive to salt than most. At any rate, I hope you find better pancake success in the future.

    • mirna PĂ©rez 2 years ago

      My kids love the pancakes they don't whant to go back to store brand box mix pancakes,we love you recepy even my 16 year old prep the mix to make his favor pancakes thank you :-)

    • Maestro Kucinero 2 years ago

      Frankly My Dear..This recipe is good as is...following the directions works well and is EASY to follow..Since we don't use regular or 2% milk in the family, we used Almond milk and the pancakes came out fantastically well, fluffy and light...thank you for the recipe...better than the mix in a heart beat....

    • Tania 2 years ago

      Hi! I want to make these for breakfast. Mornings are really rough, any way I can make the batter the night before and use in the morning?

    • Olivia 2 years ago

      They were definitely very fluffy and pretty. However, they were too salty for pancakes.

    • Betty 2 years ago

      I love these. I could eat these everyday. What syrup do you suggest?

    • noelle 2 years ago

      they are good

    • Kimmie 2 years ago

      Wonderful recipe! My first one fell apart, but I hadn't let the pan fully warm up. SUPER TASTY! SUPER EASY!

    • Refiloe 2 years ago

      Turned out great am having breakfast as in now

    • keiona 2 years ago

      I love these pancakes THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Ellen 2 years ago

      My husband surprised me and made these pancakes. They were delicious and fluffy.

    • Kym 2 years ago

      My son said they were better tha ihop haha Thanks!!

    • Jo 24 months ago

      I substituted gluten free flour blend- these were the best pancakes! I've tried many homemade GF pancakes and these are the best!!

    • JANET 17 months ago

      I tweaked the recipe a bit by adding vanilla extract. My family live them My husband says they are the best pancakes he has ever eaten. Refuses to eat them out. Thank you.

    • Jess 13 months ago

      I have tried tons of homemade recipes and they were all pretty good, but these are fantastic!!! Im about 2 months pregnant and woke up this morning with nothing but pancakes on my mind and I can't say how happy I am to have found this recipe! This will be our new pancake recipe in the house!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Dakota 9 months ago

      These pancakes turned out great, minus the salt like flavor they had. I did just as the directions say but only added 1/2tsp and still had a salty taste to them. I would recommend no salt but otherwise turned out great.

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