Minnesota Cooking: Fried Egg - How About a Horse in a Hole?

Updated on February 3, 2017

Rocking Horse Got Me

My three-year-old granddaughter and I were contemplating what would be really yummy for breakfast, and she thought that a fried egg would be good. I thought it would be good to have a fried egg with toast, just in case the yolk was runny, at which point the bread would soak it up and the flavor would be extraordinary.

I had heard of toad in a hole, which amounts to a hole in a piece of bread, butter in the pan, some heat, seasoned salt, and a raw egg. You crack the egg into the hole in the bread, and when the egg is partially done, you flip the toast and egg over and finish frying the over-easy egg.

I added shredded cheddar cheese to the second side and placed the cut out on top of the cheese.

The Hole Shape

Last week, we had spent time cutting play dough with cookie cutters, and I thought why not make that round hole a little bit more interesting.

So, we choose between shapes like diamonds, circles, chickens, stars, and [drum roll] the rocking horse cutter. The horse won by a length.

The Boring Bread Shape

Boring Bread? Nayyyyyyy!

Butter in Pan on Medium Heat

Butter needs to go in a large frying pan on medium heat. When the butter has melted it's time to place the bread on the butter.

Egg in Hole

Break one egg into each horse shape. Sprinkle some seasoned salt on each egg.

Fry the Cut Out Pieces Too

Yes. I almost forgot about the piece I cut out, but then, I placed them on the butter next to the toast.

Egg White Cooks Solid

Isn't this cool? The egg fills in the hole that the cookie cutter made and there it is... our little rocking horse shape. Now that the egg has cooked on the bottom, the horse has turned white and looks like a solid horse.

Lift Up the Corner of the Bread

Use the spatula and lift up the corner of the bread to see if there is browning. If the butter on the toast shows browning, it is time to flip the entire piece over and cook the other side.

Don't Forget the Horse

Yes. Don't forget to fry the little horse cutout that you made. Might as well cook it as long as you're cooking!

Shredded Cheddar

I sprinkled a little sharp cheddar cheese on the top and let it melt.

I placed the little horse on top of the cheese.

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      • firstcookbooklady profile imageAUTHOR

        Char Milbrett 

        21 months ago from Minnesota

        This weekend, I made some, and waited to drop the egg on it until the bread was browned and flipped. Wow. Big mistake. Have to add the egg right away. That makes sure that the egg white is cooked through. Smile. Love my yolks runny, whites on the other hand, ewwww.

      • VirginiaLynne profile image

        Virginia Kearney 

        21 months ago from United States

        My teenagers love this way of making toast and egg but we usually just use a round cookie cutter. They actually like the circle of bread too! The idea of using a cookie cutter is cute.

      • bodylevive profile image


        24 months ago from Alabama, USA

        Very good! Interesting, I've never tried anything like this before.

      • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

        Chitrangada Sharan 

        24 months ago from New Delhi, India

        Interesting recipe and your presentation is really very helpful!

        I have tried this earlier but with a different shape in the middle. I cut the bread round and heart shape in the centre with my cookie cutter.

        Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!


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