A Review of So Delicious Coconut Milk Alternative Yogurt

Updated on May 19, 2017
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Beverly has been a vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian for 25 years and studied adult, childhood and equine nutrition.

The Quick Summary

I likely won't buy this again, unless it's on sale. It was too sweet and didn't have enough nutrients for me. I definitely prefer soy versions over this. Let's get into more detail!

First of all, I really wanted to like this product.

Those of us who are allergic to cow's milk still like to eat things that mimic the creaminess of dairy, from ice cream to cheese, smoothies, pudding, and yogurt, but finding a quality, good-tasting product is tougher than it should be and if you are also health conscious and concerned about the environment, it may be an even tougher job to find a wholesome, healthy, cruelty-free, earth-friendly product.

Most non-dairy alternatives are expensive. Case in point, you will spend about 89 cents for a cup of dairy yogurt. If you go for high-end brands you may spend up to $1.25 for about a 6 ounce cup. So Delicious Coconut milk yogurt runs $1.79 and up for 5.3 ounces. That's a bit pricey for a product that has a strange artificial fruity flavor, limp, colorless, mostly tasteless fruit and a powdery after-feel and way too much sugar. The good thing is, if you don't like the taste of coconut, you won't find much coconut flavor here. It's edible if you eat it fast enough without thinking too much about the texture and taste, but not worth the high price.

The fruit in the container does not look as good as the fruit on the outside package!

Something this expensive should be a bit more palatable

Let me say, that there are some people who probably love this stuff. I am not one of them. I got them on sale for $1.49 each and used a $1 off two coupon, so paid about 99 cent a piece. I got one raspberry and one strawberry. I love raspberries, but my first bite of the raspberry flavored one made me do a double-check of the ingredients and when I took my first bite of the strawberry flavored one, I had to make sure I wasn't eating another raspberry one. Fruit should ideally taste like fruit. Both of these had an overly sweet, somewhat artificial taste, though if you exhaled toward the top of your mouth after eating them, the fruit flavor (more like cooked or canned fruit, not fresh, came wafting up, still with an artificially sweet flavor.

I seriously thought I had picked up the wrong thing in the grocery store. There was no mention of artificial flavors or sugar, as a matter of fact they even use vegetable juice for coloring, though I could do with less of that and rather miss plain white yogurt with dark fruit swirls and pieces. Still, it did not taste right and was not pleasant. The only ingredient that might have been suspect was "natural flavor", but to me it had more of a pudding and cooked fruit taste than a yogurt taste and the sweetness was distributed equally so your taste buds could not get a break from the sameness unlike regular yogurts where the sweet fruit cut the tart taste of the yogurt itself.

The good stuff

The coconut milk and the sugar are both organic. Natural vegetable coloring is added. It has fairly high levels of calcium, vitamin D and B12, so if you are trying to get more of these into your diet or the diet of a child who cannot consume dairy, that's a good thing.

They use pectin and locust bean gum as well as rice starch (not organic). This may not sound like a plus, but many people who claim to have adverse reactions to carrageenan, a thickening agent made from seaweed, that some studies have linked to cancers of the gastro-intestinal tract are thrilled to have this ingredient removed.

The fruit, which is also not organically sourced but not GMO, is okay. You can't expect fruit floating in yogurt to be fresh tasting, but when you can't tell what fruit it is by the flavor on initial bite, that is your clue that it could be a bit better, but there is plenty of it.

The yogurt itself is thick and not watery like some soy yogurts on the market that pour out and have to be halfway frozen and stirred to have any thickness to it at all. At first bite, it appears creamy and close to a real yogurt texture, but after it sits on your tongue, it has a bit of a powdery, astringent taste and then the aftertaste of what appears to be artificial fruit flavor hits you, yet there are no artificial ingredient listed.

The plastic cups are wide and even at 5.3 ounces they fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth. They stay fresh in the refrigerator and hold up well in a lunch box or cooler and are easy to open though may spit at you when you first pull the aluminum top off the container.

Ingredients are healthier than most, but contain a lot of added sugar

The final verdict

At 15 grams of sugar for the strawberry and 18 grams of sugar for the raspberry, these things are way too sweet. We suspect they would not be palatable if they did not put so much sugar in. There is less than one gram of protein, no iron and no vitamin C. Since 6 ounces of raspberries contain about 44 grams of vitamin C, about 70 percent of the daily recommended amount, that gives you an idea of the "freshness" of the fruit!

It does have live active cultures and the fruit is non-gmo grown. It is processed in a dairy free facility, so cross contamination with dairy is not an issue and it is certified vegan and gluten free, but they do use the same facility for soy and nut products. If you are not anaphylactic to either, you are in good shape.

Citric acid is added to give the fruit its tartness and it is fairly low in sodium. There's about two grams of fiber and 4 grams of fat. The only other complaint is that the cups are not listed as recyclable and they don't tell you what materials they are made from so that organic coconut (really, why would coconuts need pesticides anyway) may be negated if the cup is made of chemical laced plastics, but, that's another matter!

Final verdict, if you are looking for a really sweet treat with not a lot of nutrients and a funny aftertaste that is a cross between artificial fruit and sugar and leaves the top of your mouth and tongue feeling like you painted them is some sort of dental coating material and you don't mind the powdery astringent aftertaste either, then have at it!

Would I buy this again?

If it were on sale for under a dollar, I might try another flavor or the plain variety and add my own fruit, but the soy versions of this yogurt are much better, despite being less creamy, they have a more natural fruit flavor.

If you are deathly allergic to milk or have a strong intolerance to soy and nut-milks, then you might find this a good alternative. I have spoken to a few people who really love the taste and okay with the texture and if you don't like coconuts, again, that is not a problem as you do not taste the coconut flavor at all.

If they cut down on the sugar, used higher quality fruit, skipped the vegetable color and got rid of the powdery feel, it might actually be good, but at the price of nearly $2 a cup, it is not worth it. You'd be better off buying the ice cream version and would probably get the same amount of nutrients and sugar.

Oh! At 140 calories a serving (the entire tub), it is not too bad and comparable to other yogurts, so does have that going for it. I suppose if you are desperate for yogurt, this stuff is okay, but it is not something I would recommend unless you absolutely could not do any of the other non-dairy yogurts on the market. It could use improvement.


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