20 Grilling Times for Cooking With Your George Foreman Grill

Updated on March 8, 2020
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Kathryn studies and writes about health, nutrition, and food safety.


Your George Foreman Grill cooks food quickly. This is due to the fact that the electric grill is designed to cook from both the top and the bottom at once after you've closed the lid over your food.

But just how quickly will food cook? The following twenty cooking times will tell you how long it takes to cook specific foods, giving you an approximate guide to cooking times for other foods that aren't on the list.

Be sure to adjust cooking times to account for variations in thickness and size of the food.

Quick Look: Cooking Times of Popular Foods

Time to Cook (minutes)
Other Notes
Bell Peppers
Time for a fully thawed, boneless, skinless chicken breast. Add time if frozen or very thick. Pound it to make it thinner and reduce cooking time.
For slices approx. 3/4'' thick
For filets approx. 1/2'' thick
For pre-cooked ham steaks to fully heat through
Hamburger Patties
For 1/2'' thick hamburger patty to be cooked to medium
Hot Dogs
2 (4 if not pre-cooked)
Lamb Chops
Large, steaky mushrooms will take longer
Pork Chops
For chops that are approx. 3/4'' thick
Pork Tenderloin
For a tenderloin between 1/2'' and 1'' thick
5 (after boiling for 5 min.)
For potatoes sliced 1/2'' thick
2 (if pre-cooked)
For slices 1/2''–1'' thick
For a steak between 1/2''– 1'' thick to be medium done
For slices 1/2''–1'' thick

More Detail for Cook time


This is a popular vegetable to grill on the George Foreman. That's due in part to the fact that it grills so quickly, taking only about three minutes to be fully ready.

Bell Peppers

You can slice bell peppers in half or in slices and grill them for 4 - 5 minutes. This is great when you're making fajitas!


It takes approximately five minutes to properly cook a fully-thawed boneless chicken breast. It takes a minute or two less if you pound the chicken before putting it on the grill. It takes about twice as long if the chicken breast is frozen when it goes on the grill.


It generally takes 4–5 minutes for eggplant to finish cooking. If you have cut it in slices thinner than 1/2'', then it may take less time. If you cut it in slices thicker than 1", then it may take a few more minutes.


Fish fillets that are about 1/2" thick will take about 3 minutes to cook. They are ready when they are flaky. Fish steaks will take a little bit longer. Thicker fish fillets take a few minutes longer as well.


Steaks of ham take approximately four minutes to cook if they are pre-cooked and just need to be warmed up. This is a common breakfast food that you could cook on your George Foreman.

Hamburger Patties

The length of time that it takes to cook your hamburger patty depends on how thick it is and how well done you want it. An average-sized hamburger patty with about 1/2" thickness takes 5–8 minutes to be cooked medium done.

If you want it rarer or more well done, cook for a shorter or longer amount of time respectively. If the patty is much thinner or thicker than 1/2", then adjusting your cooking time down or up is needed.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs generally only take 2 minutes. If you have purchased fresh hot dogs that have not been pre-cooked, then you need to warm them in a skillet before putting them on the grill and it will take about 4 minutes to finish cooking them.

Lamb Chops

It should take approximately seven minutes to grill lamb chops. If they are thinner than 1/2" then it may take only about 5 minutes. If they are thicker than 1", then it may take a few extra minutes.


These veggies taste like grilled onions when you make them on the George Foreman. They only take 2–3 minutes and they're ready to use.


These take 2–4 minutes on the grill depending on the type of mushroom and the size of the mushroom. For example, large slices of portobello mushrooms would take closer to four minutes whereas small slices of white mushrooms would take closer to two minutes.

Pork Chops

It should take approximately seven minutes to grill pork chops. If they are thinner than 1/2" then it may take only about 5 minutes. If they are thicker than 1" then it may take a few extra minutes.

Pork Tenderloin

It doesn't take much longer to cook pork tenderloin than to cook pork chops. However, it may take a minute or two longer so expect for it to take about eight minutes for a pork tenderloin that is 1/2" to 1" thick.


Grilled potatoes are so yummy on the George Foreman! First, you need to boil them for about five minutes. Then you can put them on the grill for another 5 minutes or so and they're ready. This varies depending on the thickness of the potatoes. This cooking time is for potatoes that are sliced about 1/2 inch thick.


Sausage generally takes about two minutes to cook if it was pre-cooked when you purchased it. Otherwise, you may want to cook it in a skillet and then grill it for a few minutes to finish. Thicker pieces of sausage may take an extra minute or two to cook completely.


It typically takes about three minutes to cook shrimp on the George Foreman Grill. This depends on the type and size of the shrimp but it should always take between 2 and 4 minutes.


It only takes 3–4 minutes to grill squash. It should be cut into slices that are 1/2"–1" thick. Thinner slices or thicker slices will have shorter and longer cooking times accordingly.


Grilled steak takes varying amounts of time depending on how rare you want it. Steak grilling times also depend on the thickness of the steak. A medium steak that is 1/2"–1" thick takes 7–9 minutes.

If you want it rare, cook it for a few minutes less, or if you want it more well-done then cook it for a few minutes longer. If it is thinner, cook it for a few minutes less and if it is thicker then cook it for a few minutes longer.


This will be the quickest vegetable to cook. It only takes about 1 minute for them to be ready to use.


It only takes 3–4 minutes to grill zucchini. It should be cut into slices that are 1/2"–1" thick. Thinner slices or thicker slices will have shorter and longer cooking times accordingly.

© 2010 Kathryn Vercillo


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  • Rhonda Bland profile image

    Rhonda Bland 

    13 months ago from Ashland

    My more pointed question was how long it would take to grill sausage patties from raw, I know it can be done, but wasn't sure of the time frame or temperature, my George Foreman grill has settings for 325 to 425 and has a sear button that takes it to 500. What would be your recommendation?

  • profile image

    Ronald Elrod 

    5 years ago

    @Valerie The George Foreman grill I have only has two settings...on and off. I hope this helps!

  • Alecia Murphy profile image

    Alecia Murphy 

    7 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

    I have always grilled meat and fish on my foreman but really haven't tried veggies. This gives me some new ideas. Thanks for the tips!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    What setting are these times based on? Full temp...medium....this is my first time with this grill. Indoor / Outdoor....TY in advance

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    agreed. Never seen a teflon wash off so easily before

  • loves2cook profile image


    9 years ago from Portland, OR

    Thanks so much for this handy guide. I LOVE my George Foreman -- the fat drips right off, and the plates are some of the best non-stick cookware I've ever used. It's super easy to clean. So far I've only used it for chicken and burgers, so this hub is very helpful.

  • BanjDog profile image


    9 years ago from Travel Around

    I love George Foreman and his products. Nice hub, btw!

  • johnshade profile image


    10 years ago from Pandora

    where would i be without my foreman, if anyone doesn't have one i suggest you buy one. NOW^^^

    Nice hub


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