Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine Review

Updated on October 16, 2017

Hello. I have a Tassimo coffee maker, and I thought I'd write a little about it for the people that are wondering whether or not to make the jump from instant coffee to an entry-level machine that makes the coffee for you. I have tried a few different machines, various instant coffees, and plunger cafetieres while researching and here are my thoughts on them. I'm not a coffee expert, but I am keen to try new foods and drinks and have been searching for a half-decent coffee.

Instant Coffee: Terrible Flavor

First of all, instant coffee. This is what I used to drink only when I needed a pick-me-up. I didn't particularly like the taste, but didn't know any different. I used to have it with milk and sugar. The bad old days. Then one day, I was visiting someone's house to buy something from them, I can't remember what it was now, a TV or something, and they offered me some coffee. I accepted, and my mind was blown as I tried my first brewed coffee. It sounds daft, but I didn't realize that coffee could actually taste good. The journey began!

Plunger-Style Cafetieres: Splashed Me With Boiling Hot Coffee

I started off with a plunger-style cafetiere. These are used with pre-roasted, ground coffee. They do the trick, and the coffee can taste good, but the problem I found with these is two fold. The first is that you have to let the coffee brew, which isn't a problem, but when you want a quick cup first thing in the morning after shuffling out of bed and down the stairs, you don't really want to be waiting 5 minutes.

They also require some cleaning after use, although this isn't a major issue. A bigger issue is that you have to be careful when pushing the plunger down. I tried a couple of different types of cafetieres, only to find that if you push the plunger down too hard, then the filter part can suddenly slip down the glass and then the boiling hot coffee spurts everywhere. After drenching my arm with boiling water for the umpteenth time, I moved on.

Traditional Coffee-Grinding Machine: Too Time Consuming

The next one was a traditional coffee grinding machine, which used filters and needed beans in the top. The coffee from this tasted good, but the problem here is that I found it a massive, massive pain in the nether regions to go through the filling process in the first place. Then as soon as I've brewed a jug of coffee, I'd have to clean it all out again. This meant that a cup of coffee took about 10 minutes of messing about. I was going to give this machine away, but I binned it instead.

Tassimo: Just Right

Then I found the Tassimo machine! I am not going to say that all of my dreams came true or anything, but this thing does the trick. It uses capsules that you can buy online or from the supermarket. I found that buying them online does save a bit, but not that much, and I am lazy, so I just fill up when I am in the supermarket.

They are very simple to use, which is a bonus. All you do is fill the reservoir at the back with water, put a cup under the nozzle, put a capsule in the top, and press the green button. About 20 seconds later, you have a cup of coffee. The reservoir holds enough water for quite a few cups.

The capsules have a bar code on them that tells the machine how much water to pump through it so you don't have to do anything else. Although you do get the option to add a bit more hot water if you want a bit more.

There are various capsules available, as the machine will do normal coffee, espresso, lattes, etc and will also make hot chocolate. You can get holders for the discs if you want to have them on display as well. These should be free with the machine in my opinion, but they're not. They look alright, if you're into coffee capsules as a display piece in your kitchen.

Tassimo T Disc

Put Them in Here

No Coffee Left? Booze It Is Then.

Nowadays, I don't bother with sugar or milk. I just drink my coffee black, which is how James Bond takes his coffee of course.

The coffee from the Tassimo machine tastes good, at least as good as coffee that you can buy on the high street at most coffee shops anyway. I know there are some extremely expensive coffee machines out there that can cost as much as a used car. The coffee from one of those would probably blow my mind, but the coffee from the Tassimo tastes nice, and it is extremely convenient.

Another good thing as far as I'm concerned is that the Tassimo machine takes very little cleaning. All you have to do is put in the cleaning disc once in a while and press the green button. This then pumps boiling water through the system to clean it out. That's it!

I'm in the UK, and the Tassimo coffee maker costs about £100. It is well worth it in my opinion and makes a good gift as well. The capsules work out to cost about 20p per cup, which is fine as far as I'm concerned. It's not as cheap as drinking instant coffee, but the taste and texture of the drink is way better. In fact, I can't drink instant coffee any more, as I'm now used to the taste of proper coffee and find instant pretty disgusting nowadays.

Treat yourself to a nice drink in the morning instead. It might make facing the day ahead at work a little nicer!

I hope this small writeup helps out the people that are thinking about buying one of these devices and don't know what they're like.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments, please leave them below.

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      • profile image

        Rachel 3 months ago

        Hi, does the tassimo make normal coffee...i.e. nescafé? Thanks

      • profile image

        Ruth 15 months ago

        Thanks very helpful

      • profile image

        Ejh 16 months ago

        Very helpful, thank you

      • Rain Defence profile image

        Rain Defence 5 years ago from UK

        It's not as good as some coffee I've tasted from some of the top end machines. But it's a good approximation, especially as it cost a fraction of what they do. The Tassimo is a good starters coffee machine I reckon, to see if you really like coffee before powering up for one of the big units.

      • dommcg profile image

        dommcg 5 years ago

        That looks like a good machine, I've been looking for one myself. How does it compare to real ground coffee?