How to Buy a Vitamix for the Best Price

Updated on March 5, 2020
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I am a proud owner of a Vitamix blender. While it was expensive, it really does get the job done!

My Vitamix blender in my kitchen
My Vitamix blender in my kitchen | Source

My Experience

Regardless of the reason you decided to purchase a Vitamix blender, the reality is that buying a Vitamix is not cheap, in fact, it's practically an investment of a small fortune!

I know when I made the decision to eat a plant-based diet I knew I needed a blender and after much consideration, I decided on a Vitamix blender. I wish that I had done more research into finding one for the best price because I'm pretty sure I overpaid for the blender I ended up buying. I would definitely purchase a certified reconditioned model next time and in this article, you will see why.

It is my hope that this article points you in the right direction and gives you some options to think about at the very least. Happy hunting!

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Vitamix Models

The details about why one model is better than the other and all the various differences is beyond the scope of this article. If that is the kind of information you are looking for I highly recommend the link I have posted below.

What is the Best Model?

The straight answer: the one that will work best for you. A bigger price tag doesn't mean it's better, it just has different features.

3 Vitamix Model Groups:

For the purpose of finding your Vitamix for the best price, I have categorized them into three groups (as listed on the Vitamix website) for the sake of simplicity and easy cross-referencing. There are three groups of Vitamix models listed on both the US and Canada websites.

USA Groups:

  • The Ascent Series (New for 2017)
  • The Legacy Series (Contains the C- Series and G-Series)
  • The Personal Series (Contains the S-Series)

CANADA Groups:

  • The C-Series
  • The G-Series
  • The S-Series

*The Ascent series is not yet listed on the Canadian website and is not available elsewhere at this time.

USA Vitamix Series and Models

Ascent Series
S-Series (Personal Series)
C-Series (Legacy Series)
G-Series (Legacy Series)
5300 (G-Series sold on
TurboBlend VS
Creations Elite
TurboBlend Two Speed
Creations II
Pro 300
TurboBlend Three Speed
Creations GC
Pro 750
Pro 200
Pro 500

CANADA Vitamix Series and Models

S-Series (Personal Blenders)
C-Series (Classic Blenders)
G-Series (Next Generation Blenders)
TurboBlend Two Speed
Total Nutrition Center (same as the 5200 US model)
Pro 750
Super Total Nutrition Center
Pro 500
Total Nutrition Center 3
Total Nutrition Center Ultimate

Pros and Cons of Buying a Vitamix Blender In-Store (US & Canada)


  • Get a better idea about the model you wish to purchase before buying
  • Less chance of buyers remorse
  • You get to home with it the same day vs having to wait for your parcel to arrive
  • You can personally talk to staff and get their opinions/advice
  • Less ambiguity about the return policy/warranty (as in they are not third party sellers)
  • Loyalty program points if the store has them!


  • Many of these retailers carry only one model, may not be the one you want
  • Cannot use coupons in most cases (Bed Bath and Beyond for example, excludes Vitamix from its infamous 20% off coupon)
  • Cannot make use of online cash-back programs such as ebates, swagbucks, etc.
  • May have to drive a fair distance just to get to a retailer (costs you time and gas $)
  • Depending on the model, it may have a shorter warranty (such as the Creations models sold by QVC at a 5-year warranty instead of 7)

Pros and Cons of Buying a New Vitamix Blender Online vs Reconditioned (US & Canada)


  • More stores to shop from (larger selection of models to choose from)
  • Ability to use cash-back websites for your purchase depending on where you shop online
  • Longer warranty than re-conditioned (7 years vs 5 years for the Pro 500 for example)


  • Have to check to make sure you are covered by the Vitamix Warranty if not purchasing directly
  • More expensive, even with cashback websites and online sales by at least $100 or more (as shown in my chart below)

Which Is the Best Price?

In the table below I have 3 categories from which many people buy their Vitamix that best shows the price differences; New In-Store, New Online and Reconditioned Online. I have not included "used" from online classified sites such as Kijiji or Craigslist as the prices may vary from State to State (or Province to Province), there is no warranty and you get what you get (who knows what they blended in it...). Enough said.

I chose 2 of the most recommended Vitamix models the 5200 (or the Total Nutrition Center for Canada) and the Pro 500.

You will see that all things considered (warranty, price, etc.,) that purchasing a reconditioned Vitamix blender online will give you the best price and the most bang for your buck. I will explain why after. Here is the chart:

Finding the Best Priced Vitamix Blender Online

New In-Store Model
Cash Back
Total Cost (before taxes)
Vitamix 5200 (US)
Sam's Club
7 Years
Vitamix Pro 500 (US)
Best Buy
$490.00 (SALE)
7 Years
Vitamix Total Nutrition Center (CAN)
7 Years
$499.99 (Cdn)
Pro 500 (CAN)
Best Buy
$549.99 (Cdn)
7 Years
$549.99 (Cdn)
New Online Model
5200 (US)
7 Years
3.0% via
Pro 500 (US)
7 Years
2.0% via
$579.00 (Cdn)
7 Years
3.0% via
$561.63 (Cdn)
Pro 500
$549.99 (Cdn)
7 Years
none offered
$549.99 (Cdn)
Certified Reconditioned Online
5200 (US)
5 Years (free) 7 Years ($75 extra)
Pro 500 (US)
5 Years (free) 7 Years ($75 extra)
$399.00 (Cdn)
5 years (free) 7 Years ($99)
$399.00 (Cdn)
Pro 500
$429.00 (Cdn)
5 years (free) 7 Years ($99 extra)
$429.00 (Cdn)

The Big Savings $$

As you can see from the chart the biggest savings for the same models listed are close to $100 or over $100 when you buy a certified reconditioned model instead of new online.

What exactly do you get with a certified reconditioned Vitamix blender?

The recertification process takes place at the Vitamix factory, and any sub-par parts are replaced with new ones. The Certified Reconditioned Vitamix 17-point checklist includes both function and aesthetics—that is, everything is guaranteed to work as good as new and not look beat-up.

The following parts are replaced on every reconditioned machine, regardless of condition: the pitcher, lid, and tamper. If the shrink-wrap on the cookbook or DVD is broken, those are replaced as well.

One thing that might not be immediately obvious is that the blade assembly is not necessarily brand new. Technicians remove the blade; if it does not show any wear it is high-temperature washed and sterilized, and then placed in the new container.—

So certified reconditioned does not mean that some old beat up blender gets packaged again and shipped back out if that eases your mind, I know this explanation helped clarify things for me and made me realize that it's definitely worth it to at least consider purchasing a reconditioned Vitamix blender.

Even if you were to invest in a fair bit of time and check out every possible online store that sells Vitamix blenders that are brand new, you won't find savings as significant as this, even if you were to deduct any cashback amounts you would get. So save yourself the time and get a certified reconditioned model if you are truly looking to get the best price for a Vitamix blender.

Awesome Value: Vitamix 5300 Blender, Black

Vitamix 5300 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black (Renewed)
Vitamix 5300 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black (Renewed)

I love that there are more options on Amazon for refurbished Vitamix blenders because you get a much better deal price-wise and still get a healthy 5 year full warranty as if you were buying from Vitamix directly.

This particular model has a shorter container (it's 64 ounces) so it will fit under your cupboards in the kitchen unlike mine (see photo earlier in the article) which does NOT fit under my cupboards

It has a cool-running motor (no need to worry about motor burn out) and the handy variable speed control dial which I like so you have perfect control of how fast you want to blend something. I find it useful for blending thicker foods because I don't have to use the tamper tool (I call it the push stick, but same thing) as much.

As with all refurbished Vitamixes, the container is brand new and the blade must be less than a year old and is sanitized. There is also a standard 30 day guarantee which I like in case you change your mind and decide you'd rather have a different blender.

Finally, don't feel like you're missing out if you don't get the dry blend container (it usually comes with the complete nutrition center version usually sold by Costco) because you can process pretty much any grain into flour with the regular container just the same.



Obviously there is a possibility I may have missed out on something and if you have a better solution or suggestion on how to get the best price on a Vitamix blender, please feel free to let me know and I will update this article as needed!

Thank you for reading!

© 2017 Carolyn Dahl

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    • renegadetory profile imageAUTHOR

      Carolyn Dahl 

      8 months ago from Ottawa, Ontario

      No problem, enjoy your Vitamix! :-)

    • lizmalay profile image


      8 months ago from USA

      Omg, this article is very helpful! I was eyeing the Vitamix blender for a while but, the price always a set back for me. Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I have a different blender but have eyed this blender without looking at the price. Whoa! Your article is helpful and correct about it being an important investment.


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