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Jesco Master Cut 2 Knife and Garnishing Tools Review

Master Cut 2 knife set

Master Cut 2 knife set

I was out one day shopping in a large department store when an announcement came over the loudspeaker. "Today, shoppers, we will be doing a giveaway away in aisle four, across from the kitchen department. There will be a free gift for all that stop by. Be sure to come by and pick up your free gift."

Normally I can't be bothered standing and listening to someone trying to sell me a product. They always say free when in fact you know darn well it's going to cost you more than what the free product is worth. This one day I wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere, and I did have some time to kill, so I thought, "Why not?" The fact that it was in the kitchen department did pique my interest.

The tool on the top is a spiral tool and the one below it is the food decorator tool.

The tool on the top is a spiral tool and the one below it is the food decorator tool.

Garnishing Tools

Right off the start, a representative from Master Cut has us all gather around his workstation, which is a very large cutting board. He hands everyone the food decorator tool and proceeds to show and tell us what this tool is capable of.

I'm very excited about this tool as I love to make fancy vegetable and fruit trays that are full of pizzazz. Not only can you make fancy radishes but you can create baskets out of melons, make tomato bowls to hold dips, and so much more. The list is endless, and if you like to play with food you can get so creative with this one tool.


The Spiral Tool

The second tool he shows us is a spiral tool. This one he does not hand out to us as it will be part his sales pitch to get us to purchase the entire Master Cut 2 Promotional Value Pack and I'll tell you later on what exactly this all includes.

  • With the spiral tool (looks very similar to a screw) you can create potato chips by simply inserting the tool into the potato, and with a twisting motion slice the potato into perfect rounds.
  • Vegetable curls can be easily made and used to decorate a platter.
  • You will want to use this tool with solid vegetables such as: potatoes, beets, and carrots. It can be used on cucumbers and zucchini as long as they are fairly firm.
  • The spiral is not only for vegetables but can be used for fruit as well, and is excellent for making banana chips.

Promotional Value Pack from Master Cut 2 US Jesco International Ltd., Inc.

The set that I purchased included:

  • 2 carve and serve knives
  • 2 garnishing Tools
  • 1 chef's knife
  • 4 steak knives
  • A book of garnishing secrets

The knives are made from triple-tempered surgical stainless steel. If these knives ever become damaged in any way you can return them to the manufacturer, and they'll be replaced at no charge to you. This is an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Note: New sets of these knives no longer seem to be available on Amazon. You can, however, find them on ebay.

Master Cut 2 Knives

I've have many different types of knives, but I have to say that these knives are by far the sharpest tools in my block.

  • Chef's knife: Never before have I been able to slice a tomato so thin. Chopping vegetables used to seem like a chore, but not anymore with this chef's knife. I can line up five or six large carrots in a row and chop them all at the same time with very little pressure. No more tears with onions as they're chopped in no time at all.
  • Carve and serve knife: Carving meat is a breeze as the knife glides through the meat. This knife cannot be matched to any other I've ever used when it comes to slicing through fresh bread.
  • Paring knife: No knife set would be complete without a paring knife. Although I've not had time to try making tomato rose yet, I'm sure that with this knife it would be easy with some practice. If you've never seen these made, I've included a video on how to make a rose. They are simply beautiful.

Questions & Answers

Question: Where may I purchase Jesco Master Cut knives?

Answer: You can purchase them on Amazon.

Question: Where am I able to purchase Jesco Master Cut 2 knife? I have some and love them.

Answer: You can purchase them on Amazon.

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