Kitchen Tool Reviews: Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Spinning Stainless Steel Utensil Stand

Updated on April 6, 2018
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Cynthia is a foodie who enjoys cooking and testing out new kitchen tools and storage solutions.

When it comes to kitchen tools and utensils many come in sets but they offer no storage other than tossing them in the dreaded kitchen drawer. You know the one, the drawer that catches everything but the kitchen sink! Ring a bell? No worries, your not alone. Having a home built in the 1800's my kitchen is extremely small in contrast to many modern updated floor plans. This makes cooking and finding room for all my tools and gadgets a mind boggling task.

I love to cook and test new recipes and create new dishes in my tiny kitchen. For space saving kitchen tools right now I own several Pro Chef Kitchen Tool items and they are quickly becoming a favorite of mine for solving storage space issues while providing a quality kitchen tool and optimum functionality.

The battle for free space in my kitchen is continues daily with small victories every now and then. My dining room often doubles as a prep area for cooking due to the lack of space in our kitchen, especially when I make homemade bread. I always get really excited when I find a a kitchen tool or gadget that is a quality item and helps to elevate some stress of dealing with my small space issues. That is exactly what I found in this Spinning Stainless Steel Utensil Stand.


What is Included in the Set

I consider this Pro Chef Kitchen Tools 6 Piece Stainless Kitchen Utensils set a super great buy for the price you literally get one of everything you could need for preparing pretty much any dish you can image. This set includes:

  • 2 spatulas (different styles)
  • Pasta Spoon
  • Soup ladle
  • Large Frying Slotted Spoon (Deep Frying etc.)
  • Basic Spoon
  • Spinning Storage Rack
  • 2 Polishing Cloths

The polishing cloths are very handy for any stainless appliances you may have at home as well as buffing out any water spots that show up on these kitchen utensils. The spinning rack is the ultimate convenience in my opinion. Instead of trying to remember where I put my tools they are conveniently located on top of my counter, and with a simple spin I can find anything I need.

Being a southern family we do make a great deal of fried chicken, fritters and well lots of other unhealthy fried foods. The large frying slotted spoon has been heaven sent. Especially when preparing fried chicken for gatherings.

Sometimes without adequate tools it leaves you fishing in oil to try and get your chicken out. With a large amount of chicken going in the fry at once, you usually end up with a few pieces a tad overdone by the time you get them all out. This large spotted spoon makes quick work of dipping out any items your frying, all when they reach that perfect golden brown crispiness!

I use each and every utensil in this set all the time. I used to have plastic utensils and some silicone and I now much prefer using the stainless tools I have to any plastic ones I used in the past.


Initial Impressions

My first impressions were how easily I was able to assemble the spinning rack and get it set up. It arrived well packaged and included a small pamphlet on how to care for the stainless steel cooking tools.

This set of kitchen tools is very sleek and modern. Perhaps a miss -match for our laid back country decor, but I concern myself more with function than matching decor in our spaces. The spinning rack takes up very little space, a plus for me since I am very limited on space for anything in my kitchen. Our 2 foot butcher block gets a lot of use, so I need something that suits our needs without eating up our prep space.


A Practical Product

This set of stainless steel tools is both multi functional and practical in my opinion. Storage is taken care of, no longer having to fumble in that mess of a drawer to find the correct tool I need for the recipe at hand. These tools are large and very durable. These double as our grill tools. With the spinning stand we are able to take the entire rack out to the grill area and have our tools remain organized as we prepare our meals. During the summer this old house get's very hot so we almost exclusively grill during those months unless we have unseasonably cool weather or storms roll in.

This set is practical. It offers tools for almost all dishes you would prepare, and all stored neatly on a spinning rack. If you are just starting out in your first home, or maybe your first apartment I do highly recommend this set. The set is stainless steel so it is built to last. Instead of investing in cheap plastic kitchen tools, it is worth struggling for a bit if you would need to save up to splurge on this set.

There was obviously some thought put into the overall design, The holes that go on the hooks over the rack are never going to break, so you will never have an issue with not being able to store them away. I much prefer this set to a plastic one as well. Ever melted a spatula? I have and more times than I care to admit. Not that I am not paying attention when I cook but stuff happens sometimes in a small cramped kitchen like mine. With this set you do not have to worry that leaving a spatula close to the stove is going to result in a plastic melted goo mess.

Stainless Steel Spinning Utensil Stand in Action

Final Rating 5 out 5 Stars

This 6 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Set by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools is a great buy for function and space saving storage option. I have had it for a few years now and still use it daily with no complaints. It is dishwasher safe, and the cloths make buffing out any water spots a breeze.

A great buy for anyone looking to eliminate that crazy drawer in their kitchen, or to make the most out of a small kitchen. Even if you are just looking for some great grill tools this set makes a great choice as they will withstand extreme temperatures without any integrity issues. I highly recommend this set as an investment into a quality kitchen tool. It is not a tool you will have to replace, they were designed to last and last.

This set has you covered for cooking as well as all your serving needs. The sleek modern design integrates seamlessly into most kitchen designs. The spinning rack is small enough that you can even keep it in the smallest of corners in your kitchen, or in a cabinet if you prefer. This busy Mom who loves to cook rates them a 5 star product all the way.

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      • Larry Fish profile image

        Larry W Fish 10 days ago from Raleigh

        A great item for the kitchen. When you have limited space like we do, my wife would be happy with that stainless steel stand with the utensils.