Minnesota Cooking: How to Change a Deep Fryer's Oil

Updated on April 5, 2017

It Is Time

Clean Oil is Best

I deep fry quite a few home-coated foods in my deep fryer, and sometimes, a person has to pour the old oil out, wash the fryer bowl, clean the immersion heater, refill with oil, and start with fresh oil.

I looked at my fryer oil and decided it was time. There was a overbearing smell when you put your nose close to the fryer, and the color was a deep brown color. There was a lot of sediment in the bottom of the fryer; pieces of coating that had fallen off and settled to the bottom. All those pieces of sediment were getting deeper and deeper, and the heater was heating them up and adding flavor to the oil.

Yep. Time to dump it out and start over.

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In Sink is Helpful

Since all the parts of my fryer are removable, I remove the basket and the immersion heater and place them in the sink. They need to be cleaned off and I'll do that after I change the actual oil.

The immersion heater usually has a layer of brown slime that can be wiped off with a paper towel. The basket has a little bit more things embedded in the screen. If you really wish to get it clean, use a brush. After you clean it, dry it off with a paper towel.

To clean them, I use a dish soap made by Dawn. Be sure to rinse the residue off with water.

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Call it Crud

The sediment in the bottom is referred to as crud. It will add flavor to your oil. Usually a burnt flavor, which does not enhance the flavor of your deep fried foods.

See how brown it is.

Many times, I will dump out the fryer and I will remove the extra sediment and will reuse the same oil. Some people suggest cutting up a raw potato and deep frying it in the brown oil, since a potato will absorb the 'bad stuff'.

I hardly ever use a potato any more, since a gallon of oil is about $7 and is well worth the money spent to have clean oil.

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