Nutri Ninja Auto iQ Review: Should You Get One?

Updated on March 5, 2020
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The Smoothie-Maker Trend

Buying a smoothie-maker was not on my list of things to do more than a year ago. But that quickly changed when my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. How are the two connected? Well, I quickly learned that when your mother has colon cancer, her child is 50 percent more likely to get it. Scary right? After a colonoscopy and 3 precancerous polyps being found and removed, I thought, "What can I do?"

I read and read and read all about colon cancer and then finally realized that I could possibly prevent a whole host of illnesses by putting the right kinds of foods in my body. I consider myself a healthy person for the most part, but there were a lot of foods I was not getting regularly that would keep my colon in optimal health. Not only that, but these foods would most likely prevent other dreaded illnesses as well. Eating all of these foods each day though, would be very challenging. Kale, broccoli, cucumbers, ginger and so many more. It simply made sense to get a machine that could pulverize these things into unidentifiable juices. See my Health Pinterest board for more information about the foods you can eat to improve your health and possibly prevent diseases.

Of course, nothing is a guarantee, but why not make this simple life change? I'm worth it and so are you! I look at it as a lifetime investment that will reap huge benefits over time. Since deciding to go the smoothie-maker route, I have gone through 3 smoothie-makers and am now on my fourth. Why? Because the first three had major problems. So I am here to tell you, that if you are committed to making smoothies on a regular basis, save some time and money, skip the other smoothie-makers and go straight to the best one in my opinion, the Nutri-Ninja Auto iQ.

Why This One?

Why buy the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ? There are 3 main reasons.

  • It is powerful. You will need a powerful smoothie-maker to grind up all of the frozen fruit and textured veggies that you pour into your small appliance. You will want your smoothie to be smooth, not chunky. But mostly, you will not want it to break within a couple of weeks because it is not powerful enough to do the job it was meant to do. This is what happened to my first smoothie-maker. It cost $25 and looked great! I thought I had found a real bargain. Now looking back, I would never have bought it.
  • It comes with functional accessories that will not break or leak. You want containers that will hold up to continuous use. You want accessories that can be used every day and not fail you. With my second smoothie-maker, the seal on the blade portion of the unit began leaking and then not much later, broke completely. It could not be replaced as it was not available to be purchased alone. Go figure!
  • It is easy to use. While I am not an infomercial junkie, I included the Nutri Ninja infomercial video below because it shows just how easy it is to use this small appliance. Literally with the press of a button, your work is done. By contrast, my third smoothie-maker was very difficult to use. In order to make it work, I had to push the entire unit down with enough force to keep it running for 1-2 minutes. All the while, the intensely loud noise projected from this appliance, shot right up to my ears, kind of ruining my quiet morning routine.

All About the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ

What You Can Expect

When your Nutra Ninja Auto iQ arrives, it will seem light in the box. Once unpacked, it is quite an attractive small appliance. There will be a sticker on the front that tells you what the buttons mean and what their functions are. I was anxious to use mine and had it running within a couple of minutes.

Let's see....I really wanted to test it out so I put several things into it: several baby carrots, a whole tomato, frozen mixed fruit, a handful of broccoli, some apple juice, and some fresh ginger. I selected Yes for Smooth Boost and then Blend. I placed the blade/lid on the cup and screwed it closed, turned it upside down and set it on the base. With a simple turn, the unit was on (it lit up on the small digital screen to show a 0). Then I pressed Blend. The 0 changed to a 60 and the unit began pulverizing. As it counted down, it would pause in its mixing about every 20 seconds, sensing when it needed to rest and then it would continue on. I felt like a rocket was preparing to take off, it was so powerful. I was quite impressed with the ability of this smoothie-maker, and I still am today.

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