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How to Season Your Cast-Iron Pan

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How to Season a Cast Iron Pan

You should season your pan after every use. You can easily season your pan by following the steps below. Before seasoning the pan, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned it by following these cast-iron pan-cleaning instructions.

Step 1 - Coat the Pan With Oil

Coat the pan in your choice of oil or fat. This might be Crisco, lard, olive oil, palm oil, corn oil, or vegetable oil. Make sure to coat the outside and the rim of the pan as well, not just the cooking surface.


Step 2 - Turn Up the Heat

Set the oven for 550°F. You will need the oven to be very hot. Beware, as the pan will (and should) smoke during the seasoning process.

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Step 3 - Place the Pan in the Oven

Place the pan in the oven, upside down. If you place the pan in with the cooking side up, the oil or fat will gather in one area and you will end up with a sticky mess when you are all done.


Step 4 - Bake It

Bake it. Once the pan has been in for about 45 minutes, turn the heat off and allow it to cool.

Step 5 - Apply Another Coat

After cooling for about 15 minutes, while the pan is still warm, apply another thin coating of the oil or fat to the whole thing, inside and out.

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