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Cooking With Kids: Felicita Sala's "What's Cooking in Flowerville?"

"What's Cooking in Flowerville?," by Felicita Sala, is filled with large and colorful pages of delicious recipes for young chefs to prepare.


8 Cookbooks to Dip Your Toes Into the African Cuisine

Get a taste of what the Motherland has to offer with these eight African cookbooks.


13 Cookbooks Inspired by Popular Novels

If you want to get a taste of what your favorite characters savored during their adventures, these 13 cookbooks based on novels will not disappoint.


15 Cookbooks Inspired by Popular Video Games

Inspired by your favourite on-screen realms, these 15 video game cookbooks will introduce you to the finest gaming cuisine.


"Mary Berry's Favourite Recipes" Cookery Book Review

This book is a collection of Mary Berry's favorite recipes all in one place. This article includes her "Extraordinarily Good Double Fish Pie" recipe from the book.


35 Cookbooks Inspired by Popular TV Shows and Movies

Whether you want a taste of Bon Temps cuisine or wanna see what's cooking in Red's prison kitchen, these 35 cookbooks got you covered.


Recipes and Memories From a Vintage Cookbook

This is a review of the vintage cookbook "Golden Memories" by radio homemaker Billie Oakley. Sample recipes include jello cookies, doughnut muffins, meaty potato cakes, and apple toss salad. These are all Midwest country recipes.


Canadian Farm Cooking: 5 Recipes and Cookbook Review

Five recipes from "Our Favorite Recipes," by Jeffrey and Joy Weir: hearty hamburger supper, cheddar-topped cauliflower, cocoa almond pudding treat, meatloaf, and fudgy bottoms.


Community Cookbook From Duck Hill, Mississippi

Here are recipes and a review of a community cookbook from Mississippi. Recipes for black-eyed pea salad, Rotel cheese grits, spice pie, and fig preserve cake are included. All are family favorites.


Cookbook Review: Kansas Family Recipe Collection

Review of a cookbook written by a Kansas family to share and preserve their favorite dishes for future generations. Recipes for sour cream raisin bars, San Francisco chops and champagne shrimp pasta.


Household Goddess Mrs. Beeton: A 19th-Century Martha Stewart

Before Martha Stewart, before Betty Furness promised that we could “be sure if it’s Westinghouse,” and before Heloise gave us her hints, there was Mrs. Beeton. Learn why she is still important today.


Vintage Cookbook Collecting Isn't Just About the Recipes

Vintage cookbook collecting is a hobby enjoyed by many. And, I'll let you in on a little secret: it's not just about the recipes. Let's uncover the mystery of this copy of Farm Journal's Country Cookbook.


How to Write Recipes

A well-written recipe is more than a list of ingredients. A recipe should be informative, interesting, and enticing. Above all, it should be easy to understand.


My Review of Missy Chase Lapine's "The Sneaky Chef"

Getting the picky eaters in your house, whether they are kids or adults, to eat healthy foods can be a challenge. Should you resort to being a sneaky chef?


10 Best Food Books That Aren't Cookbooks

Give these 10 great non-cookbook food-themed books as a gift or read them yourself.


Recipe Plagiarism: How to Avoid It and How to Credit Recipes

Determining when and how to credit recipes we share online is not always easy. Here are a few guidelines that can help us avoid plagiarizing.


10 Tips for Writing Your Own Original Recipes

Whether you want to write a cookbook, publish your original food recipes online, or share recipes with friends, use these 10 tips to make your recipes easy for others to follow.

Recipe Received from Aunt Jane

How to Use Published Recipes on the Internet

Wondering if that recipe you want to post up on the Internet on your blog is going to be flagged for copyright violation? Here are some easy-to-follow and succinct rules on what is fair use when it comes to published and recipes wanting to be published on the Internet.


How to Easily Make a Family Cookbook From Scratch

I'll take you on a culinary journey here, teaching you how to compile your own homemade cookbook filled with all the things you love! This is a great way to try new recipes while also bonding with your family.