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Homgeek 1450W High Speed Blender Review: Vitamix on a Budget

Here is my review of the Homgeek 1450W High Speed Blender.

Here is my review of the Homgeek 1450W High Speed Blender.

Less Expensive Than Vitamix

The Homgeek 1450W High Speed Blender is a powerful smoothie maker with eight speed settings that can mix and crush ice, veggies, fruits, nuts, frozen desserts, etc.

The blender comes with a 68-ounce Tritan pitcher, a motor base with a cup-off safety mat, a tamper to slosh ingredients around, and a 50+ recipe cookbook.

The device is powered by a 1450W motor and it uses eight three-layer stainless steel blades that can spin up to 33000 RPM—excellent for emulsifying tough ingredients and crushing ice.

The container and lid are BPA-free and the pitcher can be self-cleaned with a few drops of liquid soap and water on a medium-speed blend.

This device is just as strong as a Ninja or Vitamix blender at less than half the cost, and it can pulverize nearly anything including nuts, batters, seeds, tough fruits/veggies, and soup.

If you're in the market for a heavy-duty blender and don't mind the noise, then this item is worth a look. If you're unconvinced, then allow me to expand and show you what this device could really do.

Homgeek Product Information

Product info taken from Amazon product page, item box, and user guide

Technical SpecsDescription


$99 with 5% off coupon (varies)


1450W (Max) - 33000RPM


120V - 50/60Hz


7.8 x 7 x 19 inches



Container Capacity

68oz (2.0L) Max

Program Controls

8 Variable Speeds w/Dial

Pre-programmed Settings

4 Preset Modes - Smoothie - Ice Crush - Soup - Frozen Dessert

Types of Blends

Emulsifying - Heating - Whipping - Grinding - Batters - Blending

BPA Free




Stainless Steel Blades


Slip Resistance Feet


Compatible Foods

Cream - Baby Food - Nuts - Soup - Mix Batter - Vegetables - Fruits - Frozen Ice Cream or Yogurt - Ice - Spirits/Liquids/Alcohols

Works With Meats


What's Included

2L Tritan Container - Motor Base w/Cup Off Safety - 2 Part Lid - 50 Recipe Cookbook - Tamper - User Guide - Warranty/Support Card

How Does It Perform?

I've had this blender for several days. Here are a few things I noticed right off the bat.


I tested the blender with a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and ice, and so far so good. I haven't had issues blending each product, and the shakes came out looking silky smooth.

I was particularly impressed with its ice-crushing abilities as the blender could literally turn chunks of ice into snow, making the device terrific for slushies, snow cones, and other frozen treats.

And it mixes fast too; it took less than a minute to liquefy my fruits and there was even a pulse feature when using it to mash ice.

The only downside was the noise levels got quite loud when using the higher speed settings.

Program Controls

The blender comes with four pre-programmed controls for smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, and ice along with an eight-speed dial that can be manually controlled before and during the blending process.

The controls are very easy to figure out, but I would recommend using the dial over the pre-programmed settings. You get more control over how mixed you want your drink to be, and the mixture is much more likely to come out evenly.

I used the pre-settings with ice and frozen desserts and noticed there were chunks left over versus when I controlled the dial during the blending process.

Just be sure to always turn the dial to 0 and flip the left switch to variable before flipping the on switch and after you turn it off.


The item comes with a 50-recipe cookbook, a sturdy two-part lid, a user guide, and a tamper. On the box, it says it comes with a spatula but that's only for the red version.

I should also note that it comes with a detachable safety cup on the motor, which is used to align the Tritan container. This allows you to place the container on top of the motor in four different positions that can be easily removed when ready.

This was very convenient; however, I felt the container could be tipped over if you're not careful because there was no locking mechanism. On the plus side, the weighted motor base has anti-slip feet that firmly hold the pitcher in place during even the highest speed settings.

And with the two-part lid as you could place additional contents inside the container without having to take off the entire lid; the opening was also just big enough to allow the tamper through. The tamper is great for breaking up thick mixtures and heavy ingredients, but you'll rarely be using it as this sucker is more than capable of blending even the toughest products.

Finally, the cookbook was a nice bonus as it contained recipes for frozen treats, drinks, soups, and more. I love how it broke down which ingredients to use, the quantity, and what types of settings work best with them.

The book has everything from amateur recipes to complex concoctions, and I look forward to trying out more soon.

I haven't had this blender for long but I'm very satisfied with what it can do.

I haven't had this blender for long but I'm very satisfied with what it can do.

Homgeek High Speed Blender: Final Review

Who Is This Blender For?

This is not the most powerful blender out there and it doesn't extract the most vitamins like Vitamix does, but it's far more affordable than the alternative. In fact, I think it's a downright bargain considering how well it performs.

So this one's definitely for the budget-conscious consumer looking for something that gets the job done.

Were There Any Negatives?

Upon initial use, I did notice a plastic smell, which still lingers after several uses. I'm told this unpleasant scent will eventually go away.

It's not uncommon for new appliances to emit a smell but that could also indicate a larger problem and a short product lifespan, but we'll see what happens.

Additionally, this is a fairly tall blender at 19 inches, which could be problematic for those with limited kitchen space and low ceilings. This didn't bother me as my previous blender was nearly the same height, but it won't work for everyone.

Also, be mindful if you have pets and/or kids as this blender could topple over if it's not on a stable, secure surface, and please follow the guidelines when mixing soups and hardy ingredients.

Do not overfill the container!

Finally do not use it for prolonged periods as it can overheat; the blender does have overheating protections and will shut off if it gets too hot, but please try to avoid reaching that point.

Oh, and one more thing ... do not use it with meat! This is not a meat grinder.

Final Thoughts

I haven't had this blender for long but I'm very satisfied with what it can do, and I plan on bringing it to my new apartment and use as my go-to blender.

It can emulsify cream, grind nuts/seeds, blend fruits/veggies, mix pancake batters, heat soup, whip creams, and make smoothies, desserts, and drinks (non-alcoholic or alcoholic) for parties, special occasions, or as a personal treat.

I didn't try it with everything but I've been happy thus far with my shakes and slushies, and that's all you can really ask from a blender.

Summer may be coming to an end but the Homgeek 1450W High Speed Blender is here to stay!