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Review of the Surfit Sous Vide Cooker

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The Surfit Sous Vide Cooker

Surfit's Sous Vide Cooker ($99.99) is an intelligently designed smart cooker that makes your food taste better and healthier due to the exquisite sous-vide cooking method.

Under this method, food becomes evenly cooked due to the heated, circulating water that flows through the machine and your food. This means you'll never have to deal with dry or burned steak again.

The cooker itself is very elegant with an easy-to-view LED screen where you'll be able to set and see the temperature/time. The time and temperature can be customized or preset based on the recipe you're making.

I've used the product to make steak, chicken, and fish with the simple recipe programs, and it resulted in flawless, exemplary meals each time. I even tried to customize the settings after performing a quick Google search to see what temperature and times worked best; I did this when making chicken.

And since it's WiFi-enabled, I was allowed to use the Smart Life app and set the time/temperature away from the device (works with 2.4GHz connections). The Surfit cooker is also compatible with the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT. More detailed instructions regarding internet setup are available in the user manual.

Worried about electrical damage?

Well, don't be, because this item is ETL, FCC, CE, and RoHS certified, and it contains built-in temperature sensors and dry burning resistant protection. Furthermore, it's IPX7 waterproof, which allows it to be partially submerged underwater without any issues.

Still not convinced? Well then, let's explore sous vide cooking further and find out why I've come to realize that the Surfit Sous Vide Cooker is a product I can't live without.

Surfit Sous Vide Cooker Product Information

Product information taken from amazon product page and user manual

Product specs.Description

Rated Power

1100 Watts

Input Voltage/Power

120V, 60Hz

Min/Max Temperature

+68F (+20C) to +203F (95C)

Min/Max Bath Size

2.6 gallons (10 liters) to 4.0 gallons (15 liters)

Pump Volume

2.25 gallons/minute (8.5 liters/minute)

Minimum Water Depth

4.25" (11cm)

Temperature Stability

Minus or Plus 1%


2.54 lb (1.15 kg)

WiFi Connectivity

2.4 GHz

What's Included

Surfit Sous Vide Cooker - Adjustable Screw Bracket - User Manual

Safety Certifications




What's Sous Vide Cooking?

Sous vide cooking is a high-quality way of making scrumptious meals that are thoroughly cooked and packed with moisture.

When done correctly, it'll enhance the food's flavors, it'll make it healthier, it will never overcook or undercook your meals, and it won't lead to chewy or burnt foods ever again.

But how does it work exactly? Let's take a look...

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Step 1: Sous Vide Cooker Setup

The first thing you'll want to do is attach your Surfit cooker to a water-filled pot with the adjustable screw mount. This will ensure your product is stable and perfectly placed when it's time to cook.

Quick Setup Instructions

  • Attach screw mount to the side of the pot and screw until it sits tight.
  • Slide the cooker into the ring.
  • Fill with water to a level between the min and max water level indicators (Caution: Adding food bags will increase water levels).
  • Plug the power cord into the outlet. An acoustic signal shows the device is ready to use.

I had trouble attaching the screw mount at first due to the pot I used, and you definitely want to aim for a pot that's over 4 inches deep. Once I switched to a larger pot, the setup proved to be far less difficult.

Next, set up the smarts of your cooker by connecting it to the Smart Life app. Step by step instructions will be shown inside the app until it's connected. You can also manually adjust the settings to your desired level.

Finally, you may select a pre-programmed recipe from the UI interface and press the "heating" button to start cooking.

The cooker interface made my experience so much easier, and I liked how smooth the controls were. From there I matched the settings to what I was making, steak, and I moved on to the following step.


Step 2: Food Preparation & Sealing

As the cooker heats up the water, you'll next want to prepare your food.

To do this, thoroughly season your meat, fish, or vegetable accordingly and place it into a sturdy, vacuum-sealed ziplock bag or specially designed sous-vide bags. If you want more flavor, then marinate and place in the fridge before you begin cooking.

I used bread crumbs, spices, and various seasonings to fully coated my steak until it was ready. Marinating isn't for me, so instead, I just focused on ensuring the meat was flavored to the max.

Finally, once the water is heated to the adequate temperature, you may immerse the bag inside the pot and clip the two ends to the side of the pot.

I had safety clips and attached the bag without worry while partially dipping the steak under the water.

I watched a sous vide YouTube video prior, and they noted that you should open up the sides of the vacuum-sealed bag to relieve pressure and avoid pressure build-up, so that's what I did.


Step 3: Timed Cooking & Searing

Now for the easy part: just sit and relax until the timer goes off.

If you connected your cooker to the Smart Life app, then you'll get a notification when the Surfit has finished cooking your meal.

I was able to watch TV and not worry about leaving the meat in too long, and I got a push notification that told me when my meal was done.

After it's cooked, take the food out of the bag and place it on a pan or grill to either sear it, grill it, or broil it. The meat should have a crispy, golden surface before you bite into it. You can also add additional flavoring during the grilling or searing process.

I like a very crispy, grilled surface so I put my steak on the grill for longer than required (personal preference) until it looked charred on top. I also added extra seasonings/spices because I love moist, flavorful steaks; cayenne is my favorite.

And there you have it, a deliciously cooked piece of food that you and your family will enjoy.


Tricks, Tips, and Safety Information

Whenever you're dealing with electrical appliances or hot materials, there's bound to be some dangers that come along with it.

Below are some important tips and safety guidelines that you should know.

Safety Warnings

  • Use mitts or tongs when handling heated elements.
  • Do not immerse cords/plugs in any liquids and don't touch cords with wet hands.
  • Adult use only.
  • Do not fill water over the MAX mark of the pump housing (water will rise when food bags are placed).
  • If the cooker falls into the water, immediately unplug it from the AC power outlet and let it fully dry.
  • Unplug the cooker when not in use.
  • Don't use extension cords. Plug the cooker into a nearby, grounded AC outlet only.
  • Always check unit and power cord before operating, and do not use if damaged.
  • Don't attempt to open or modify the device.
  • Don't expose the cooker to excessively high temperatures or near heat sources like stoves/direct sunlight.
  • The cooker requires a deep pot that's at least 4.25 inches deep with a minimum capacity of 2.64 gallons (10 liters).
  • The cooker is designed only to heat/circulate water.

This cooker was very easy to operate, and if you follow these guidelines, there shouldn't be any problems.

My only mistake was not using a deep enough pot, though I did also misjudge how much the water level would rise when the food bags were included. If you're a sous-vide beginner like me, it will take some time getting used to.

How to Clean

As with any appliance, you'll want to make sure it gets cleaned every so often.

To begin, first turn the pump housing clockwise to unlock from the cooker body and remove it. Then clean the housing in a sink or dishwasher.

Use dish soap and a soft toothbrush to clean the heating coil, pump shaft, and sensor with only the metal being exposed to water (upper portion of the cooker shouldn't be exposed to water) and rinse them out.

Let everything dry before reassembling.

The cleaning process was the easiest part for me. Disassembly took seconds, and it took me about 5–10 minutes to clean everything, longer once you factor in drying. I primarily used dish soap and washed all the washable parts in my sink.


Pros & Cons of Surfit Sous Vide Cooker

This cooker was truly state of the art, and in my opinion, well worth the cost. But is it perfect?

Top 5 Pros

  • High quality and durable product
  • Excellent temperature calibration and accuracy
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Cooked foods perfectly
  • Intuitive to use

Top 3 Cons

  • Initial setup can be tricky
  • WiFi is lackluster
  • Burn risk

There are far more good things to say than bad, and I was extremely pleased by just how well the food was cooked. The steaks that I made were done to perfection, and a lot of that was due to the extremely accurate temperature calibration and intuitive design.

I'll admit that at first, I found myself overwhelmed with how to set everything up, but that's because I've never used a sous-vide cooker before. If you have any experience with sous-vide cooking, then you'll have no issues here and even I got the hang of it quickly.

Additionally, I was impressed by the product quality (it's very durable) and how easy it was to clean. The company put a lot of thought and effort into this cooker, and it's quite a tall, efficient piece of kitchen hardware.

Unfortunately, I was less than pleased about the WiFi setup and controls. Connecting via the app was simple enough, but the accuracy and connectivity were lacking a bit though a software update or two could help clean this up.


Final Review

So far, I've thoroughly enjoyed my sous-vide product, and the stuff that worked really exceeded my expectations.

I would give the Surfit Sous Vide Cooker 4 out of 5 stars.

The main purpose of this product is to cook your food to perfection and it did just that. As far as other positives go, the product materials were durable, cleaning and maintenance were effortless, and I could see myself using this item multiple times a week.

The downside is that the promised connectivity still needs some work, and I think a more dedicated app or a software update could do the trick.

As is, I would highly recommend this to all kitchen aficionados and lovers of high-quality food. With the Surfit cooker, you no longer have to worry about burnt or under-cooked meat, and with some added smarts, it's the perfect kitchen product for millennials and their families.

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