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Dairy & Eggs


Make New Batches of Yogurt With Expiring Yogurt

Do you have that tub of leftover yogurt that you think you may not be able to finish by its expiry date? What about that half-finished carton of milk? Extend your food's shelf life by turning it into fresh homemade yogurt!


The Mysterious Origin of Eggs Benedict

The pinnacle of Sunday brunch is a dish whose genesis is murky.


Review of 7 Cheeses From Cheese Brothers (Mail-Order Company)

Cheese Brothers is a Wisconsin-based company that makes a variety of cheeses with unique and delicious flavor combinations. In this review, I take a look at seven of their most popular cheeses. I'll also teach you some cheese terminology to enlighten your palette.


How to Host a Cheese Tasting Party: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to set up a successful cheese tasting event that pops with flavor!


7 Easy Goat Cheese Recipes: Pizza, Salad, Pasta & More

Goat cheese is wonderful on a cracker, but it's also great in recipes for pizza, pasta, salad, and much more. Enjoy!


How to Make Thick Dahi (Curd or Yoghurt) From Cream-Removed Milk

Try my tips and recipe to prepare thick dahi (yoghurt) with cream-removed milk at home. Recipe video included.


How to Make Greek Yoghurt (Hung Curd) From Regular Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt (also called hung curd or chakka) is easy to prepare at home. Try it and you will never buy it from a store again. Recipe video included.


A Quick and Easy Summer Recipe: Tasty Curried Egg Salad

Egg salad doesn't have to be boring! Add a little curry powder or chilli powder and hey presto... we have a plate of tingling, tasty stuff going on!


Perfect Egg Salad Plus 10 Spinoff Recipes

Egg salad is a simple, humble food of the United States, invented about a century ago. Here you'll learn how to make the perfect egg salad and then explore 10 spinoff variations.


The Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwich Spread Recipe

Augusta's Masters Golf Tournament is back! Celebrate with their Southern-style homemade pimento cheese sandwich spread.


Delicious Spinach and Goat Cheese Soufflé: Easy Recipe

Using a basic soufflé recipe, my husband and I tweaked this one using spinach and goat cheese for the savory flavor components. It turned out great.


Interview With Fromager Andre Derrick: Certified Cheese Expert

Certified cheese expert and Niagara local Andre Derrick discusses becoming a fromager and the Canadian cheese industry.


Cooking With Cream: What Is It and What Are the Different Types?

Cream is an important ingredient in a wide variety of dishes and recipes. There are numerous kinds of cream that come in different types, flavors, and textures.


Tomato Egg Omelette Recipe

This is a deliciously easy way to make a tomato egg omelette. I've also included a recipe video to show you how to do it.


Exploring Cheese Fondue: History, Fun Facts, and 8 Recipes

Let's dig into the cheese fondue pot, discovering the history of this fun party dish and finding authentic and innovative recipes.


Frittata Recipe With Mushrooms, Baby Spinach, and Cheese

Making a frittata using ingredients on hand makes a delicious meal that is quick, easy, and delicious. Read how mine came together in just a few minutes of cooking time.


How to Make a Cheese and Onion Frittata for Lunch

I know some people like to make frittatas with the leftovers in their fridge, but for me, a frittata isn't just about leftovers. It's about a tasty, filling lunch after a busy morning.


No-Fail Homemade Yogurt Recipe for Everyone

Yogurt is a delicious snack (or meal) full of probiotic cultures. It's no doubt it's healthy, but high-quality yogurt can be expensive. What if I told you that you could make your own easily and inexpensively? Check out the simple recipe below!


Egg Burger: A Tasty Vegetarian BBQ Option

This egg burger is a fantastic vegetarian option for your next BBQ or cookout. Your friends and family will love it!


Two Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Recipes (Easy for Kids)

Learn how to make two different breakfast recipes: eggs in a cloud and eggs in a nest. Either one would make a perfect choice for breakfast in bed on Mother's Day!


The Secret to Making Perfect Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Really good scrambled eggs are light and fluffy and taste delicious. They are a quick and easy snack. Here are my tips for making the best eggs ever.


Step-by-Step Homemade Yogurt in a Thermos

If you love yogurt like I do and appreciate healthy homemade treats that are easy to make and taste great, you might love this easy, convenient, and extra detailed recipe for homemade yogurt in a thermos! Created with love for those who need simple but detailed recipes, like me.


How to Make Queso Blanco With Yogurt Culture: An Illustrated Guide

Queso blanco made with yogurt culture is particularly good for slicing for sandwiches, frying into delicious cheese snacks, or chopping into chunky omelettes, hashes, and soups. Learn how to make this semi-hard pressed cheese at home (photo guide included).


Easy Dairy-Free Egg Salad

Egg salad is a quick and easy make-ahead snack that works well as a topping for romaine lettuce, crackers, or whole wheat bread. This dairy-free recipe is great for those participating in Paleo or Whole30 diets.


A Fresh Egg Primer

Fresh eggs, cage-free eggs, free-range eggs, grade A eggs, brown eggs, white eggs: What's the difference? Here's a primer on egg quality and how raising your own eggs—or buying them locally from a hobby farmer—can put a tastier egg on your table.


Loving Leftovers: How to Use Extra Egg Whites

Have you ever found yourself with leftover egg whites? Perhaps you made a rich custard or sponge cake. I can't bear to throw away perfectly good food, so let's rescue those leftover whites and use them in imaginative (and tasty) ways.


What Is Mascarpone Cheese? History, Etymology, Recipe, and Uses

Ever wonder what mascarpone cheese is or how to use it in baking or cooking? Here is everything you need to know about this rich Italian cheese.


All You Need to Know About the Magnificent Parmesan Cheese

The real deal, called Parmigiano-Reggiano, can legitimately be made only in the region stretching west and north of Bologna, Italy; but fakes swamp the market.


What Are Good Substitutes for Heavy Cream?

What can you use instead of heavy cream? This article offers some suggestions for substitutes.


Perfect Poached Eggs in the Microwave

Yes, you can poach an egg just like the fancy restaurants do, simply by using a microwave. In fact, that's probably how the fancy restaurants do it, too. Here is a tried and proven, step-by-step procedure to poach an egg quickly, exactly to your liking.


Loving Leftovers: How to Use Extra Egg Yolks

Have you ever found yourself with leftover egg yolks? Perhaps you made meringue or 7-minute icing. I can't bear to throw away perfectly good food, so let's rescue those leftover yolks and use them in imaginative (and tasty) ways.


Cheesy Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Scrambled eggs are an awesome way to start the day, especially when you have a yummy recipe that's both straightforward and delicious! Customize this recipe with your favorite toppings or sauces to start your day on a good note.


How to Create a Perfect Cheese Board

Cheese is not just an appetizer or a garnish on your burger. Learn how to create a cheese course as a dessert, the end to a special meal.


How to Make a Spicy Sardine Omelet

Sardine omelets make a delicious and nutrient-packed breakfast.


How to Make Eggs Florentine With Longanisa and Mushroom

Do you enjoy eating eggs as part of your breakfast meal? The most common egg preparations are fried, scrambled, and omelets. To reduce the use of cooking oil, why not try eggs Florentine? This is my recipe for eggs Florentine with longanisa and mushroom.


How to Cook an Ostrich Egg

You never know when a piece of bushcraft is going to come in handy. Learn how to cook an ostrich egg with this guide.


How to Make Special Eggplant Omelet With Ground Chicken

Do you love eating eggs for breakfast? Eggs give me the energy I need to start my day. I enjoy making omelets because they are endlessly versatile and fun to make. This is my special eggplant omelet with ground chicken.


How to Make Water Spinach and Mushroom Omelet

Do you love omelets for breakfast? I do! They're a great source of protein, and they're so delicious, too. Today, I will teach you one of the most popular omelet recipes that I make onboard our cruise ship.


How to Make Amazing Soft-Boiled Eggs

If you're craving a soft-boiled egg that is cooked to perfection, this easy recipe is for you. The eggs are cooked so that the yolk is runny, but the egg white is still firm. They're easy to peel after sitting in an ice bath, and they make for a quick breakfast on busy mornings! Enjoy!


All About Goat's Milk

Goat's milk is great for drinking and so much more.


How to Make Mawa at Home From Milk

Mawa, also known as khoya or khoa, is a concentrated form of milk that is common in India.


How to Make Egg Salad With Vinaigrette Salad Dressing (No Mayo!)

Do you love eating a salad before starting your meal? This quick and easy egg salad is made with a vinaigrette instead of the traditional mayonnaise.


Recipe: How to Make Fried Deviled Eggs

A guide to making the best fried deviled eggs


How to Make Cheesy Omelet With Chorizo and Spring Onions

The creaminess and saltiness of the cheese, the sweetness of the chorizo, and the pungency of the spring onions add exciting flavors to your favorite breakfast meal. Try this easy to make recipe at home.


How to Make Buttermilk From Dahi or Homemade Yogurt

Traditionally, real buttermilk is prepared from dahi, which is homemade yogurt. My recipe describes the traditional way of making it as substitutes abound all around.


What Is Caspian Sea Yogurt (aka Matsoni)?

What is Caspian Sea yogurt (aka matsoni)? How did it get from Eastern Europe all the way to Japan? Find out one of the newest secrets to Japanese longevity—and the tastiest!


The Easiest Ever Tortilla de Patata (Spanish Omelette)

For expats and Spain-lovers alike, this Spanish omelette recipe will not disappoint. It was created by my husband after realizing how cumbersome it is to make a tortilla de patata. This was such a success in our family that I decided to share it so you can satisfy your cravings with half the work.


Are Brown Eggs Better Than White Eggs?

Understand the misconception behind why brown eggs are thought to be more nutritious than white eggs.


Actress Julie Harris's Recipe: How to Make a Cheese Souffle

If you're looking for an easy cheese souffle recipe, Tony Award winner Julie Harris had her own personal favorite. This cheese souffle for two is quick and easy to prepare. Give this a try and eat like a movie star!


How to Hard Boil Eggs for Easy Peeling

How to make easy to peel hard-boiled eggs in the comfort of your home.