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Product Review of Simple Truth Organic Milk

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Simple Truth Organic whole milk

Simple Truth Organic whole milk

Milk Today Vs. Milk 20 Years Ago

Remember when you were a kid waking up on Saturday morning to sit down in front of the television to watch your favorite Saturday morning cartoons? More than likely, you shared that memorable childhood moment with a bowl of your favorite cereal and milk. I remember those days, and I remember how much I liked that milk.

Fast forward 20 years, and something is different—besides just my age. I thought it was because I was older and maybe just less tolerant of milk. Every time I drank a glass of milk, I ended up with a stomach ache. So I stopped drinking it altogether.

I've since learned about the difference between the milk I drank as a child and the milk that is on the market today. The dairy cows of today are fed a different diet than they were when I was a child. It's common knowledge that cattle are pumped up with antibiotics and fed corn feed (which cows should never eat anyway) and rarely if ever have a chance to graze on pasture. In my opinion, the stomach aches I experience after drinking milk could be one of many unintended results of these changes in the dairy industry. This got me wondering whether these symptoms were the result of a change in my body or a change in the milk itself.

The Q&A on the carton of the 1/2 gallon size of Simple Truth Organic milk

The Q&A on the carton of the 1/2 gallon size of Simple Truth Organic milk

Simple Truth Organic Milk

A trip to the grocery store gave me a eureka moment. Maybe there was something different in the milk, not just me. While walking past the dairy section in the store, I decided to try a different kind of milk to see if there was a way that I could enjoy one of my favorite beverages again.

I looked at soy milk, but soybeans have all been GMO for so long now that I nixed that option really quickly. Coconut and almond milk both just sounded freakish to me. I didn't know you could get milk from an almond, and coconut "milk" is nothing more than the mostly clear liquid inside of a coconut, so how do they make it white?

I found a small section of real cows' milk, so I started reading labels. Simple Truth Organic's organic whole milk had only three ingredients—organic milk, organic skim milk, and vitamin D. This brand of milk is Kroger's store brand, which actually surprised me. It is milk from cows raised without antibiotics that actually graze on grass. It has 150 calories in a typical 8oz. glass, which I think is on target for whole milk. It's been a while since I've seen a label on mass-produced milk.

The price tag was $3.99 for a half-gallon. That seemed a little pricey, but if I could drink it without having the resulting stomach aches, I figured it would be well worth it. It's also available by the gallon for $6.29.

The Taste Test

Later that evening, I decided I wanted to make some chocolate pudding. I used the organic milk to make the pudding. An hour later, the pudding was ready, so I tried it, expecting to hear angels singing and trumpets blaring because I just knew this milk was going to make that pudding taste better somehow. I was wrong. It tasted like the same chocolate pudding I had had a month before, but that's ok because it's the naked test that matters.

I poured a glass of milk to go with the chocolate pudding. The first sip brought a smile to my face. There is a difference in the taste of milk that comes from cows that eat grass and cows that only eat corn feed. What's the difference? There's actually a taste to the milk that comes from cows that eat grass. I had forgotten what really good milk tasted like, and this was really good milk.

So all that was left to do was wait and see what my stomach thought of it. I waited for the usual soured feeling, and nothing happened. There was no feeling of having what I can only describe as a ball of cabbage sitting in the pit of my stomach.

I've changed over to making this milk a permanent refrigerated staple in my kitchen. It is now the only kind of milk I buy. In my opinion, if you are looking for a really nice organic milk that will take you back to your childhood, this one is it—hands down.

Questions & Answers

Question: Is Simple Truth branded milk lactose-free?

Answer: No, it is not lactose-free.

Question: where does the vitamin D3 come from in Organic Truth milk?

Answer: It is fortified with vitamin D. I do not know where the company sources their added vitamins from.