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What Is Stolle Milk?

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This form of milk is popular in many Asian countries.

This form of milk is popular in many Asian countries.

What Is Immune Milk?

Stolle Milk is a type of milk developed in 1958 by Ralph Stolle, a businessman who owned SanMarGale Farm in Lebanon, Ohio. Stolle studied the work of milk researchers Raul Ehrlich and William Peterson and developed a passion for the idea of immune milk. He developed a method of harnessing, concentrating, and increasing the natural immune fractions in cows’ milk in a way that made it healthier for humans, and it became known as Stolle Milk.

Production Methods

Stolle’s method consisted of administering immunizations to dairy cows that consist of a mixture of heat-killed bacteria from common human pathogens so that cows develop the antibodies which occur in the milk and may be passed on to humans through milk consumption. These treatments greatly increased the natural production of immune fractions in Stolle’s cows’ milk. After the milk was collected, these fractions were removed in a way that left the natural antibodies and micronutrients intact in the milk. Humans that consume Stolle milk reap the benefits of these nutrients and antibodies to help preserve a strong immune system and good health.

Health Benefits

After fully developing his methods, Stolle spent several decades studying the health benefits of Stolle milk to humans. He discovered many benefits including support of the body’s anti-inflammatory response and enhancement of human antibody functionality. Stolle milk is also known to reduce soreness of the joints, strengthen the immune system, improve digestive health and regularity, and assist in muscle recovery associated with weightlifting, cardiovascular workouts, or other strenuous exercise. Stolle milk has been proven to improve athletic performance and ward off disease.

Available Forms

Stolle milk is available in many forms, including as an ingredient in health foods and a concentrated milk protein tablet. Its uses in the U.S. are mainly through fitness supplements to improve cardiovascular performance and recovery time between workouts. Fitness shops and professional trainers recommend Stolle milk to athletes, and several studies have confirmed the benefits of Stolle milk for athletes competing in a variety of cardiovascular and weight-lifting sports. While Stolle Milk is not yet a daily part of the lives of most Americans, it has become very popular in Asia, especially in Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Here, Stolle Skim Milk Powder is used daily by many people seeking its health benefits. This powder is also available in capsule form, making it easy to transport, store, and use.

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