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Milk & Cream


Cooking With Cream: What Is It and What Are the Different Types?

Cream is an important ingredient in a wide variety of dishes and recipes. There are numerous kinds of cream that come in different types, flavors, and textures.


What Are Good Substitutes for Heavy Cream?

What can you use instead of heavy cream? This article offers some suggestions for substitutes.


All About Goat's Milk

Goat's milk is great for drinking and so much more.


How to Make Mawa at Home From Milk

Mawa, also known as khoya or khoa, is a concentrated form of milk that is common in India.


How to Make Buttermilk From Dahi or Homemade Yogurt

Traditionally, real buttermilk is prepared from dahi, which is homemade yogurt. My recipe describes the traditional way of making it as substitutes abound all around.


How to Use Sour and Spoiled Milk

I feel bad dumping out spoiled milk, but I always just assumed there was nothing to be done but feel a little guilty and buy a new jug. It seems I was wrong! Here's how you can use spoiled milk.


Product Review of Simple Truth Organic Milk

Organic milk can be expensive. Is it worth it? I purchased Simple Truth Organic Milk and gave it a try. This review will let you know if it is worth the extra money to buy organic milk.


An Experiment Comparing the Taste of Cow's Milk to Human Breast Milk

Have you ever been curious about how breast milk tastes? I was given cow's milk and human breast milk to compare without knowing what types of milk they were. Read about the results!


Evaporated Milk vs. Sweetened Condensed Milk: What is the Difference?

Evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk are completely different products but tend to look a lot alike. I hope you find this article on what I learned about these canned milk products is helpful!


10 Whipped Cream Recipes for a Whipped Cream Dispenser

Here are 10 delicious and varied whipped cream recipes for your whipped cream dispenser.

Guernsey Cow Left and Jersey Cow Right.

Do Guernsey or Jersey Cows Produce Better Milk?

Who does it better? The debate rages on: Is it Guernsey cows or Jersey cows who make better milk?


What Is Stolle Milk?

Stolle Milk is a type of milk developed in 1958 by Ralph Stolle, a businessman who owned SanMarGale Farm in Lebanon, Ohio.